The Earth Day

Earth Day? I say it's Earth Day *all* week long. . .not month though,
because that's pushing it.

This week will be the whole "lot of winners, most of them 10 token-ones" thing.
You know the drill. Here's a bunch of 10-token winners to start things off.

Subject: Re: ::fanfare:: The Maple Festival!
From: MephistoM
I forgot to mention the crazy guy who sets up a tent every year and sells jewelry and wedding rings. He's eighty years old, has a Confederate flag on his wall, and periodically shouts "THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!". Prices are negotiable.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Miss Aimee's brand spanking-new thread
From: PiaAdams
>>after spending 2 hours in a church packed with cute priests, I have decided to join a monastary...>>

>>you go quasimoto!>>

Well, as long as she gives good hump...
* * * *
Subject: Re: I'm a newbie ... or AM I?
From: CowKosmo
(Runs with scissors&)>>

Runs with scissors? Is that your indian name?
* * * *
Subject: Re: Just wondering
From: Chacro
>>So who is the FATHER of invention?>>

on the next Montel Williams
* * * *
Subject: Re: Brian's attempt at a thread
From: BrianJ718
I can't see more than three feet in front of me right now. I'd be worried except that there's a wall in front of me.

Now, I know the disabled don't like to be treated any differently, and so I assume that goes for the temporarily disabled as well. So, I'm not going to give Goo any special treatment because he broke his ankle. Goo gets 30 tokens this week...
Subject: Re: Newstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!
From: SGood42
You's true when they say that, "no man is an island" But I bet if you got a bunch of dead guys together they could make a pretty good makeshift raft.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Newstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!
From: SGood42
I wish I could have taken a video of the experiences that I had this weekend on my deep-sea fishing excursion I had this weekend. Alot of old people were invloved. I could have sold this video to FOX under the guise of 'When Alzheimer's Attacks!!!!" a little excerpt:

Old Woman: "hey look everyone! A Dolphin!!"
Me: " No Miss..That's a piece of driftwood"
::time passes::
Old Woman: "Hey look everyone! A Whale!!"
Me: "No Miss...That's also a piece of driftwood"
::time passes::
Old Woman: "Hey look everyone! A piece of driftwood!!"
Me: "no actually Miss...that's a dolphin"
Me:" Ok..I think I'm just going to jump off now and swim it in from here ok?"
* * * *
Subject: Re: Newstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!
From: SGood42


That's the smell of electrically charged ion particles.

10 tokens to Stotan for this post, because it seems like he gets in trouble every time he says something about the Random Game. And, here's some other winners of ten tokens.
Subject: Re: Stotan's New Thread
From: Stotan9876
I was going to make a post like "The Random Game: A handful of bored AOL users can't be wrong." But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that they probably could.
* * * *
Subject: ZYX's ABCs
From: ZYX
Gloria Steinam is speaking here at Stanford. I'm in charge of distributing tickets at the box office. I was planning on going, 'cause I figured she'd say some interesting stuff. Than I noticed that not one guy had picked up a ticket. And wasn't in a getting-sacrificed-by-a-large-group-of-super-hard-core-feminists. But hey, I still have two days to decide!
* * * *
Subject: Re: Newbie
From: CurlyAnnT
>>Everyone who uses or is associated with the word newbie is gay.>> (OMacheteO)'re gay. I don't like you. What if I'm gay? What if I know someone that's gay? What if MY DAD BECAME GAY AFTER THE DIVORCE AND STOLE MY BOYFRIEND AND ALL MY MONEY AND MY SKIRTS?
* * * *
Subject: Re: The Jerry Lewis Soup-A-Thon Thread.
From: SoupEater
>> So when I take the test tomorrow, I'm going to try to convince him that all the action of the play happened because Norway and Denmark were having sex with each other.>>

>> Whoa... ::creepy music plays:: talk about deja vu. I wrote my final Hamlet essay with that exact theme. Really.<< Ozma22

You're not going to tag me, though, are you?

15 tokens to TyleredOne and Bumppis, coincidence? Nah, KRinger331 gets 15, too.
Subject: Re: Sometimes you feel old school.
From: KRinger331
>>I'm still reeling from the evil eye he gave me<< (Integral46)

All my grandfather ever gave me was his glass eye.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Life's Little Irritants
From: KRinger331
>>You rub on hand cream and can't turn the bathroom doornob to get out.<< (PJzaBruin)

Oh well, might as well make the most out of the situation. Oh oh ahhhhhhh!!!!
* * * *
Subject: Re: genius
From: KRinger331
>>Genius is one percent inspiration, and ninety-nine persperation>> (AntFire5)

Well, at least you smell smart.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Palindromes
From: Bumppis
>>Don't tell me someone else has a copy of Uncle John's bathroom Reader ! (Or maybe not.....)>>(TyleredOne)

>>Yep... it's my dad. But he's got you beat... he has editions one and two.<< Jaime

Would someone please share their copy with me? I'm tired of reading Civil War & W.W.II chronicles...I've also memorized the back's of Ultra Brite toothpaste, Body Vive shampoo, and other miscellaneous toiletries. I've been sick this week. Too much chocolate.
* * * *
Subject: Re: My CHILD-ish thread...
From: Bumppis
Driving on the Taconic Parkway at a rather fast clip, I got pulled over. It's times like this I'm glad I have kids. I knew I was gonna get nailed for speeding, but as I rolled down my window to give the Trooper my license, my two year old son let out his patented high C scream, my four year old started to cry that he had to go to the bathroom & the dog barfed on the front seat. The Trooper looked at the chaos surrounding
me and said: "Nevermind. Just TRY not to KILL anybody."
* * * *
Subject: Re: Seasons of Wither......
From: TyleredOne
My father in law : "'ve bought a house way out in the country. Where's the closest hospital ?"
me: " I have no idea."
"Where's the closest fire department?"
" Who cares...I don't have a clue."
" How far to a gas station ?"
" What's the difference ?"
" Will you still have a local number for AOL,or will you need to add long distance charges ?"
" OH DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN...I bet it's long distance !...What have I done ???"
* * * *
Subject: Re: I am a mouse.
From: TyleredOne
>>From: ANT VEIL
I'm a mouse. I wish I was a hawk so I could swoop down and eat little mice.<<

I went to school with a genius named Gavin Veil...he was so smart ,that in the 4th grade he took apart and put back together a telephone for a science project. He made models of body organs out of plaster as a hobby,and later became a doctor.I think it's a safe bet that you're not him.......

10 tokens to an honest newbie. They're so cute when they are naive; but just wait, a few weeks, and he'll be arrogant. Not that I'm inferring that MitchRK or MissAimee are arrogant... 10 tokens to all three.
Subject: Re: abreviations
From: GeshemMer
>what does this stand for "A.R.E.F.H.V.B.C.S.X.S.I.G.T.F.E.W.R.F.F.V.F.R.B.W.G.">

A really elegant fly has very brown cows so xenophobic sometimes I get taciturn, forgetting everything with relevance, feeling fragile, vomiting freely, resting bravely with gangrene?

Hey, it may not be funny, or random, but it took me awhile to think of, so....
* * * *
Subject: Re: Miss Aimee's brand spanking-new thread
From: Miss Aimee
I think bowling is the game of the gods. But not the dignified, Olympus-dwelling gods like Zues and Hera... I'm talking about Larry the overweight, chain-smoking God of trailer parks and tube tops.
* * * *
Subject: Meating of the minds
From: MitchRK
If I say something that you don't understand, it means I'm a super-brilliant literary genius whose works are years ahead of their time, and you just aren't getting it.

Or maybe I'm just a big doofus-head.

I'm leaning toward the second explanation. Less responsibility.

25 tokens to Dante303. She's been here since the beginning, she's seen it all. I'll give you my personal guarantee, that it's worth it. . .as if my personal guarantee is worth anything.
Subject: The Inferno Institute
From: Dante303
What's a newbie?

What's random?

Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

Do I get tokens for this?

I'm sure many of you have asked these and a plethora of other questions during your stay at the Random Game. We here at The Inferno Institute for Newbie Education (TIINE) want to help make this game a better game for all. Our program includes:

Emag Modnar Eht: Random Game do's and don'ts.

HAPSO?: A guide to the lingua randoma.

Who the !@#$% are you?!: A comprehensive listing of the major Random players.

I NEED TOKKENS!: All about those wonderful intangible objects that shape our lives.

Beware the Dragon: Special Random guidelines.

Myrrh? Isn't she a Spice Girl?: Know your HO!

Founded five minutes ago by Dr. Inferno, Ph.d, A.D.D, B.V.D., P.D.Q., and Dr. Mephisto, Ph.d, B.S.S, N.R.A, A.S.W, The Inferno Institute for Newbie Education wants to help YOU. Become a better Random player! Sharpen your Random skills! Start today! Just send $50.00 and your immortal soul to:

The Inferno Institute
P.O. Box 666
Intercourse, PA 69690

Or call us at: 1-800-INFERNO. Operators are standing by with their scalpels and stethoscopes, STAT!

Finally, the last of the ten tokens winners. Not only does LKiller get ten tokens, but he learned that Garlic and Oregano aren't spices (The Random Game: It's as good as an education!). . .but he didn't reply with "How is Sporty? Or is Scary better?" and that's worth the tokens in my mind.
Subject: Re: The proper ussage or lack there of of TAGs, HAPSOs, and Freaking Nipples
From: LKiller007
>>Be Creative with your TAG: Nobody likes to just read TAG add flavor and spice to your TAGs<<

How is Garlic? Or is Oregano better?
* * * *
Subject: Re: The proper ussage of Nipples
From: Odaeyss
>>(Fredrick Von Winklemehem I GOT YER TAG RIGHT HERE!!!) >>

Hey, you say that all the time... TA -- wait, I remember hearing I shouldn't do that!

Thanks to The School of Proper TAGGING, even I can now TAG properly. Thanks, TAG school!

Additionally, Chriskolak gets 10 tokens, not for his instruction on TAGs, but for...for, um...well, two people won for replying to his thread, it just seemed like the
right thing to do. That's all this week.