The Doleful Time

Well, I'm going to be nice this week and spare you all my ramblings...I've just been too tired and down lately to even think about putting you through that. You see, I'm in this phase in between a cold and a full-blown illness... Oh, I'm rambling. Moving on.

The first winner this week is Miss Aimee, whose cartoon will not be reposted for a third time. You can consider this an act of courtesy to anyone with a modem speed under 56k. But, so it was worth her while, she gets 20 tokens for it.

Next, 25 tokens to MC792. I don't care if these are or are not original. He obviously took a lot of time to type them in, unless he copied them from a web page or has a scanner that...rambling. Well, this at least proves I read that whole thread, unless I randomly picked...moving on.

Subject: Re: 1st Grade Report Cards of the Rich and Famous
From: MC792
Snow White:
Comes to school feeling Sleepy
* * * *
Subject: Re: 1st Grade Report Cards of the Rich and Famous
From: MC792
Paula Jones:
So observant! Notices everything!
* * * *
Subject: Re: 1st Grade Report Cards of the Rich and Famous
From: MC792
Kathy Lee Gifford:
I wish that all the children worked as hard as she does!

10 tokens to Bloodguilt for her choice in friends. (Genius!--I found a way to give tokens to Bloodguilt without making Khaleth feel like she's less loved.) Oh, and uh 10 tokens to these other people, too.
Subject: Re: A story about my ear
From: Bloodguilt
>>>Really though. Are you sure it wasn't a piece of your ear?>>

One of my friends had a piece of silly putty stuck in her ear for about 12 years. She put it in there in kindergarten and forgot about it.
* * * *
Subject: Re: A wee nip from the Random bottle.
From: SkaBasser
>>The Capuchin
Just your average friendly little monk
"I guess I just blew my own cover"<<

I Once Tried To Blow My Own Cover.

I Am Still Seeing The Chiropractor.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Jl's not-so-random stuff
From: Jlbkwrm
There're some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's blackmail.
* * * *
Subject: Re: If Soda Had No Taste
From: MitchRK
>>If books had no words, would you read them?>>

If a Playboy magazine had no words, would you notice?

15 tokens to Snipes and TyleredOne. I stopped using LOL and ROFL a long time ago, because I never actually laugh out loud at a screen (care to insert your own "Random Game" line here) but this first post is as close as I get to doing so.
Subject: Re: One Little M
From: TyleredOne
>>I've tried that, but those stuck-up nursing home people seem too frown upon bowling for senior citizens.
Petey Snipes<<

It's not worth the bother,anyway.You finally get them all standing in a triangle,and by the time you walk down the hall and grab your ball,they're all wandering around confused again.
* * * *
Subject: Re:
"Never hire a ferret to do a weasel's job."

I'm filing that one under "Life Lessons Learned From Super Bowl Commercials."
* * * *
I was reading my 2-year old son a book yesterday, and it had a picture of a potato in only it's underwear. I just don't know what to think about all this nudity in children's literature these days. I mean, when was the last time you saw Barney wearing clothes?

Realizing it's been a long time since a real long, non-script post has won anything, 10 tokens goes to XFoTwenny. 10 tokens to the short posts that follow it, as well.
Subject: Bean dip, or lack thereof
From: XFoTwenny
Driving down around aimlessly last night--after several coffees and having no desire to return home just yet--I realized I was in a snackin mood. For some reason, there were no 24 hour convenience stores within easy reach. This distressed me, as lack of available munchies often does. Then I remembered I practically live out of my car. Pulled over to the side of the road, rummaged around in the back seat, tossing green-striped calf socks (I don't know, I don't want to), books, old newspapers, empty bottles of Yoo Hoo, half full bottles of Yoo Hoo, memos from work, spare sweatshirts, and sundry other useless items aside, I came upon a bag of Cheez Puffs. Boy, did I ever feel lucky! And somehow, they had remained fresh! Well, at least that explained the definite eau du frommage that had been pervading my car despite at the trees I had hanging from the rearview. So, happy now, munching away on Cheez Puffs on the side of the road, I figured I'd dig a little deeper to see what I may come across. In retrospect, that was a bad idea. I found an empty can of bean dip (I hate bean dip, I have no idea what that was doing back there), my cat (poor Wolfgang), 3 half eaten stuffed animals (he was hungry, I guess), 2 hats I never knew I owned, and a coffee. In a Denny's
mug. 2 creams, 2 sugars. Still warm. Well, what was I to do but drink it? I've never been one to pass up a coffee, in whatever condition it may be (except, of course, black). It wasn't all that bad, til I got to the chunks. Turns out, it wasn't warm cuz it was fresh, it was warm cuz it was under the cat. Man, oh man....I sprayed coffee all over the inside of the rear window, wiped my mouth, then ate some Cheez Puffs to get the taste out. Worse idea. I found out where the bean dip went, although not why. I also found out the Cheez Puffs weren't fresh, they were petrified. As a result of all this I'm now the proud owner of several new and exciting gastro-intestinal disorders and a nasty disposition.

The moral of the story? Never venture more than 15 minutes from a 24 hour convenience store, and for Bob's sake (not you, Bob), make sure the cat comes in with you!
* * * *
Subject: Re: MagiAlex's Magic Tricks
From: MagiAlex1
Do you think you should learn from your mistakes or memorize them so you can recite them to your friends for a good laugh?
* * * *
Subject: Re: Snot
From: Astronia
If ya newbies are gonna tell pointless stories at least make up a subject line that MIGHT covince us that this isnt a newbie post.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Chris's little thoughts
From: Chriskolak
The Random Game: God's way of saying "asg bafgjk"

Finally, 30 tokens to LndonSleep because I couldn't find anyone else to give them to this week.

Subject: Re: Miss Aimee's underwear drawer
From: LndonSleep
>>Hey. Did anyone notice that they switched "Duke boys" on the Dukes of Hazzard? What's up with those guys? Did they think we wouldn't notice?
really likes Bo Duke.>>

i used to think that the orange car in the dukes of hazard was the car that brought new babies home to their parents. needless to say i was pret-ty surprised at catholic school in 7th grade when they taught us about the stork.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Stotan's House of Amish Furniture
From: LndonSleep
>>Thr Random Game is on the main Interactivities board. The icon next to it? A trash can. That sure does say a lot.

that trash can next to the random game icon must mean that we really know how to clean up our acts and get rid of all that garbage in the world. We should rename the Random Game the Give a Hoots. We could call ourselves Hooters.
* * * *
Subject: Re: (lndonsleep's thread)
From: LndonSleep
When in doubt, post it on the Random Game and see how people react.
* * * *
Subject: Re: (lndonsleep's thread)
From: LndonSleep
The Random Game reminds me of that squirrel we trapped in a wire cage when i was 9, when we had a squirrel problem. It kept banging its head against the sides of the cage until all the skin came off its head.

And on that note, I think I'll sign off now and bang my head repeatedly against the wall until it makes me forget about my sore throat, ringing ears, and runny nose. I figure, even if it doesn't work, I should be able to get on some better medicine than this Sinutab crap.