Cuarto de Mayo

Happy belated Cuarto de Mayo. That's "May 4th," right? I don't speak spanish. Either it says that or it says "Hold the Mayo." Well, AOL wasn't worried about correct dates this week, so I'm not going to worry about my spanish.

It's a quick, low totals week; so I'll be quick, too. First, the winners of 15 tokens:

Subject: Re: Carc's Colorful Cache of Comedy
From: Carcazoid
In order to ensure my place in the annals of history, I have decided to change my name to Lewinsky Manson Hanson Buttafuoco.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Frontal Nudity
From: Carcazoid
>>I'll probably have more brains than you'll ever have!<< (boat-anchor)

Grave-robbing is a felony, you know, and just plain icky.
* * * *
Subject: Re: The Ramblings of A Random Game Addict
From: InsaneInOR
My life is a made-for-TV-movie.>>

You life is a boring, pathetic, semi-true, 2-3 hour waste with almost (but not quite) real sex and lots of gratuitous violence that probably stars Lindsey Wagner?
Here ~~~~~~> Have some thorazine and sit a spell.
* * * *
Subject: Re: DOH!
From: InsaneInOR
I've been told that beauty is only skin deep. After much experimintation I'd have to agree.
* * * *
Subject: Re: (lndonsleep's thread)
From: Odaeyss
>>OKay, I'm really sick of this winter dairy princess business. My friends have started mooing at me in the hallways. >>

You better watch out, they might start milking you next.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Dumb band names
From: Odaeyss
>> My friend Gershom is a Communist, and I find it ironic that he's in my Constitutional Law class. Go figure.>>

Ya know, people named Gershom probably have a reason to be Communists.
* * * *
Subject: Re: 21st century detective and the evil Shadow.
From: IGiveIn
{I think the game would have been much more interesting if Shamus had read a little Jung.}

Unless he's being a Freud, he's still Jung at heart...
* * * *
Subject: Re: My First Time
From: IGiveIn
{How would you role play Titanic anyway? }

You just pretend it's Cyber and go down a lot...

And now the 10-token winners:

Subject: Re: FUR BALL
From: The Kat 4u
kat's observation on stuff:

that gal who gave a BJ to the president is going to make a lot of money. i bet paula jones is now upset that she left that room...
* * * *
Subject: Re: Hey! Ho! XFo!
From: XFoTwenny
I am a man of my own free will. They were handing them out at Barnes & Noble as a promotional gimmick.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Stotan's House of Amish Furniture
From: Stotan9876
I know you're all sick of SeaWave IMs, but I have no choice.

SeaWave98:bye!! QUIT IMIMG ME! Unless u want cyber!
Stotan9876:because you nude models looooove to cyber
Stotan9876:even though you can get the real thing right?
Stotan9876:well let's get it awn then
Stotan9876:take off ya clothes
SeaWave98:ok. u too
Stotan9876:no no, youfirst, I like to watch
SeaWave98:ok. I have them off.
Stotan9876:::takes a picture, runs away:: HAHA
SeaWave98:not funny!! Do you want to or not?
Stotan9876:I'm slowly pouring tar over you
Stotan9876:now I'm dumping feathers, slowly and sexily
* * * *
Subject: Re: The Random Ramblings of a newbie poster-child
From: Decupcak
This evening I went to brush my teeth just like I always do, and I accidentally used the toothbrush I use to scrub all the mildew off of my shower. I noticed the color of the toothbrush and quickly spit and rinsed and brushed again with my regular toothbrush. However, I did learn that comet gives you much whiter teeth.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Random, Schmandom
From: Mikey30413
They say - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach -. Is that anything like taking a jagged piece of broken glass and slashing through his abdominal flesh and muscle, reaching in and grabbing his heart with your bare hands? Ohhhh - how violent!
* * * *
Subject: Re: Brian's attempt at a thread
From: BrianJ718
A doctor called my family yesterday to say that our uncle was in the hospital. Apparently, he had been involved in a car crash while under the influence. The good news is that he won't be needing surgery. The bad news is that's he's dead.

That's it this week. But, one clarifying note: the 10 tokens for the IM post go to Stotan even though it was probably SeaWave98 who made us
laugh the most this week.