Well, folks, here are the latest batch of winners picked by the brand new patented exclusive Random Game winner-selection hardware (yeah, right...)

Anyway, from now on (until folks complain or I get tired of doing it this way), I will give 10 tokens to 2-3 folks who I personally have kept up an either high quality-level of entries over the weeks prior, a high quantity-level of entries over the weeks prior, or both (it helps if you fall into the latter, but it's not necessary). Anyway, purely on my judgment, 10 tokens go out each to Mr Onliner, Shilorider, and Tocadisco for their entries as a whole over the prior few batches. Samples of their entries are listed below to lend you an idea of what got them to this high and hallowed spot in Random-dom...

Will give you a free rectal exam for tokens.
Will pet your ferret for tokens.
Will prank call Steve Case for tokens.
Will refrain from knocking the crap out of you for tokens.
Will throw a diaper at you for tokens.
Will eat really old dead things for tokens.
Will have someone "bumped off" for tokens.
Will promise not to abduct your children at a stoplight for tokens.
Will hit my computer with a big ole' pumpkin for tokens.
Will break a bunch of things that look expensive for tokens.
Will become addicted to several hallucinogenic drugs for tokens.
Will do something highly illegal for tokens.
Will ask Geena Davis to go out with you for tokens.
Will type the word "ejaculate" over and over for tokens.
Will eat a worm sandwich for tokens.
Will ask Pamela Anderson Lee if "them thangs is real" for tokens.
Will pretend to have a conversation with a pair of bunny slippers for tokens.
Will stick a thumbtack through my eye for tokens.
Will sing "lova me, lova me SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME!" for tokens.
Will laugh like a big ole' fat guy at a John Candy film festival for tokens.
Will tell Dr. Dre that his momma B-stank for tokens.
Will bite a moving bike tire for tokens.
Will eat a printer ink cartridge for tokens.
Will hawk a luggi on an old woman for tokens.
Will head-butt a mailbox for tokens.
Will yell at my toes for tokens.
Will tear up a picture of the pope for tokens.
Will eat a flaming Tickle-Me Elmo for tokens.
Will unleash an army on Canada made entirely of Origami swans for tokens.
Will punt the head of the Venus Di Milo 90 yards for tokens.
Will demand that my dog brushes her teeth for tokens.
Will go to the mall and spend all your money for tokens.
Will sell you a black-market kitten for tokens.
Will you just hurry up and give me the damn tokens.
Will type exactly 2050 letters in my entry for tokens.
Will give you rabies for tokens.
Will contemplate suicide for tokens.
Will promise not to do this anymore for tokens. (Mr Onliner)

My modem's got three lights. FOUR LIGHTS! ITS UP TO no, It's down to three again. Yep. Watchin the modem li FIVE LIGHTS! FOUR LI FIVE LIGHTS! AAAANNNnnnd down to three again. Hooboy. (Mr Onliner)


i'm gonna bake christmas cookies soon...and make chex mix. then i have to shop. maybe i'll just give cookies this year. (Shilorider)

no, what am i thinking? the cookies are mine! (Shilorider)


we made vials of crack in science today. i don't think that was the point of the experiment, but we've always done things our own way. my friend is a crack queen. we'll give her a crown and she can rule the crack kingdom. all bow to the queen of crack. (Shilorider)

author's note...my friend is not really on crack, nor is she a queen. Ni! (Shilorider)


By the way, I have a patent on all binary code jokes, so i'm afraid i'm going to have to sue you, Mr. Boldletterwriter. You have to be pretty BOLD to write in binary. (Tocadisco)

Yuck!! If you have ever dated a girl with peanut butter breath, you'll know what I'm talking about (Tocadisco)

What's the point of a buddy list if none of your buddies can get a working access number. What's the point of a buddy list if it never works? (Tocadisco)

But now, to keep up the Random nature of the game, I have also selected several entries totally at random (essentially, I "numbered" the entries and picked them via dice roll) to keep the notion that anything can win at the Random game...The following folks (PodrazaR, Croaker34, G Strait71, ISmileyman, ToddG03, and TroubWLW) each earn 5 tokens apiece.

You know, I was at wrestling practice today, and we were doing these moves called high-crotches. It's not a sickening move, but it does involve ramming the arm around someone's upper thigh. So, were did a couple, and after one that we did, I heard someone go, "Oh, God, my nuts!" We were all laughing a lot.

True Story

The moral to this story: wear tighty-whities instead of boxers to wrestling practice. (PodrazaR)


I find Dante303's anger with Dante101 having a similar screen name to be quite comical. I wouldn't be surprised if there are over a 1000 screen names using the name Dante. It's not like it is very original. (Croaker34)


how does one respond to something just asking for a response...our education
system has not prepared us for such ridiculous nonsense as this...when will we ever need to really think and not react...maybe i outta go to college to learn
to drink...i mean think (G Strait71)


Give me tokens or face the wraith of smiles. (ISmileyman)


Tokens.....Ha who needs 'em anyway... (ToddG03)


See, digital art sucks (TroubWLW)

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for playing the Random Game! (Note: these winners cover the entry batches "Popcorn Is The Sexiest Food (Pt. 1)" to "Let's Leave, The Bold Letter Guy's Talking"