[Blah blah blah. A lot of people posted to the Random Game this week. Blah blah blah. Actually, a few people account for a lot of the lot of posts this week. Blah blah blah. Some of those people won tokens this week. Blah blah blah.]

[Some people won 10 tokens this week. These would be those people: ]

Subj: Happy Little Random Thoughts Floating Thru My Head
From: Krazyk242

The color red makes people horny.

1 out of 3 people can't read this, you stupid schmoo.

Bob Dole has asked me to write a random thought that he could read. Sorry, Bob, this was the biggest size.
When words are in bold and are underlined, it makes people with homicidal tendecies really nervous.

the color of insanity

not suitable for small children or flying rodents.

* * * *
Subj: Please do not give me tokens for this, I do not deserve it.
From: VicFirth00



Bill Clinton,
3 questions:
1. What do you want to do about the Economy
2. What do you want to do with Hillary
3. What do you want on your big mac

Newt Gingrich,
2 questions:
1. Do you like being hated by most americans?
2. Do you hate it when people say "do you own fig newton?"

Hillary Clinton
4 questions:
1. What do you want to do with Medicare (Bill said ask you)
2. What do you want to do with Bill?
3. Have you considered eating pennys to save economy?
4. What do you want on your salad.

Secret Service Alien Agent # 1332
Screen name "BillClintonLikesGirls@CompuProdonline.com"

* * * *
Subj: Yo-Yo
From: TheTick729

You know what I think, I think that if I were the Trix Rabbit, I would be sick and tired of taking all that crap from those annoying, pesky, bothersome, and downright stupid kids. Is Trix trying to say that people should tease animals, or treat them bad, or say that we are better than them. I mean, in every commercial lately, he gets the Trix, then those darn kids take them away. If I were him, what I would do is this, hide behind a bush,
wait for the kids to come, jump out, and just start wailing on them, give them the beating of their life. Either that or GO TO THE FRAKIN' GROCERY STORE YOU DUMB BUNNY!

NiCk SoApDiSh

* * * *
Subj: Swizzle sticks and straws
From: Nyello

When I was little, I would go and get one of my dad's swizzle sticks and try to use it as a straw. What a painful experience. I also used to confuse sugar and salt. When I was five, I ate a handful of salt. It didn't taste too good. When I was
two I ate a fly. I had always thought that pencil erasers would taste good if you ate one. Last week, I found out that the truth was the exact opposite.

"My brautwurst has a first name, it's N-Y-E-L-L-O. My brautwurst has a second name, it's G-O-M-E-R . . . . ."

[Nobody won 15 tokens this week. But, here are two more 10 token winners.]
Subj: Check Your Local Listings...
From: PJzaBruin

Kansas City, MO

There's a new cable TV show in Kansas City. It premiered Sunday night at 7:35.

The name of the show is "Name That John."

On Sunday nights, the Kansas City police will be showing photographs of all men arrested for soliciting prostitution on "Name That John." This is a new development in the KCPD's attempts to crack down on prostitution in that city.

Each man's photograph is shown, and underneath the photograph are words to the effect of "This man has not been convicted of any crime, and is presumed innocent until proven otherwise."

Overnight Neilsen ratings for the show are not available... but I bet it's popular among the wives who find themselves asking their husbands "How did you get arrested going to 7-11 to buy a Slurpee?"

* * * *
Subj: Re: Check Your Local Listings...
From: USAmen

>>On Sunday nights, the Kansas City police will be showing photographs of all men arrested for soliciting prostitution on "Name That John." This is a new development in the KCPD's attempts to crack down on prostitution in that city.

* * * * *
You mean that's all I'd have to do to get on TV?? Cool. You know what they say, any publicity is good publicity.
Gone to KC.

[In fact, USAmen wins an additional 10 tokens. It might be because of this following post. Or, it might be because he changes his signature each time he posts.]
Subj: The State Fair
From: USAmen

I went to the Pennsylvania State Fair tonight (or what passes for one in a big city) and they had these cows there that you could feed. They sold this stuff (it looked like bird seed to me) in little white cups for 25 cents apiece to feed them. I bought two bucks worth. Not wanting to get cow spit on me (by pouring the feed onto my hand and letting the cow lick it off like everyone else was doing), I
just fed the entire thing to the cow, cup and all. The cow ate all 8 cups. Do any of you hayseeds out there know if this cow's going to get sick from that? And if not, how many more would I have to feed her before she would get sick?

Likes Cows
Medium Rare.

[Jami, you made me laugh. 25 tokens to add to your impressive token total (well by Random Game standards.) ]
Subj: ......................
From: JamiJR

Here's the story- of the Ramdom Gamey! Which was stuck on AOL. All of the players, were nerotic, the youngest one just hurled.
Here's the story- of HO Myrrhy! Who was busy- with dark fonts of her own- She's a lone HO, keeping us all together, but she's all alone!
Till the one day the Gamey's format changedy- and we knew now, that the Random Game stunk, Mr Onliner ran off crying- so we're left with the New Random Bunch!
The Random Bunch!
The Random Bunch!
So we're left here with the New- Random- Bunch!

Jami JoAnne Russell
(^_^) <---Yes, that's still a mask.
(And all you bullies who pick on my spelling can just bite me!)
(DJCDace is SO sweet!)

[Sarcasm or not, Tansa knows the easy way to win 20 tokens.]
Subj: random = king of all games
From: Tansa

i would just like to say that random is god!!! i became bored one day and having had my fill of random )about ten hours) decided to explore the other worlds of hecklers online. i have one thing to say . . . . . YUK!!! i was extremely unhappy with each and every one of them. the only one i found tolerable was antagonist trivia, and evn that wasn't up to the random standard. so i have one question for you. how do the other games survive with
random as competition? are they played only by brainless idiots with nothing better to do than name colors? and figure out stupid slogans and bulbz? what kind of person, with any self esteem at all would lower themselves to the level of those . . . those games? it's crazy i tell you just crazy! okay so maybe that was more than just one question, but who can blame me, i'm a curious person!

( but you can call me Master

[Sometimes you get what you ask for; sometimes you get the opposite. 30 tokens go to MitchRK this week for fulfilling one of those conditions with the following replies.]

Subj: Re: huh?
From: MitchRK

>>I think it should be a requirement for Random Game posts to at least make sense.
Can we please do that?
Thank you,
The guy who swears he's management, but he's just the janitor.>>

Belt sander with cheese and a raccoon.

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* * * *
Subj: Re: I like Kix.
From: MitchRK

>>I like Kix with milk, but never with orange juice.>>

Silly rabbit. Kix are for trids.


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Subj: Re: Rosie O'Donnell causing me convulsions
From: MitchRK

>>weel, wei awl missspel sumtymes>>

I don't mean to nitpick, but you didn't capitalize the first word and you forgot to put a period at the end.


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[Repeatr621 also gets tokens this week for posts which doubled as replies. But instead, he gets 20 tokens; hey, it's a respectful amount.]
Subj: Re: Yo-Yo
From: Repeatr621

The Trix Rabbit can't buy Trix in a supermarket because they have his picture up behind the counter on a sign that reads like this:

Do not sell to this rabbit.

So now you see why he tries to steal the Trix. He's a little theif, that's why they mistreat him. If he did that to me, I'd make him listen to Hootie and the Blowifsh for hours on end.
What else do you expect? Intelligence?
(Your screen name here)

* * * *
Subj: Re: return and enter
From: Repeatr621

The no return-enter rule dates back to the 16th century, when in Italy it was illegal to press enter or return on Tuesdays. It was passed down the 17th century England, where only the king was allowed to press enter on posts. The colonies then said "Give me returnity or give me death!". That's why the Revloutionary War was fought. The 8th Amendment speficially states that "You shall be allowed to press
return or enter on your posts". But this was overturned in 1925, with the Antireturnenter Act of 1925. This stated that "...posts were no longer allowed to use return or enter...". But with the invasion of AOL 3.0, this law was systematically broken by the other clauses such as "...there shall be no such games allowed that are totally random..." and a clause stating "...any attempt to cause a sexual act over a phone line system that does not use
voice communication...". So, in 1996, The Returnenteroverturn Act overturned this law, over Congress' veto. Newt Gingrich vowed his revenge. He said, "When I take over the world, there shall be no Returns or Enters...anywhere! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". So, that is why that is there. They were too damn lazy to change it! Just to show them,

(AHHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! They got me pressing enter!!! AHHH!!! Save yourself!!!)
What else do you expect? Intelligence?
(Your screen name here)

[Calm is nice, but I think I already miss the War.]