[I'm not sure what these entries are a throwback to, but the concise nature of many of these winners does imply an earlier time of this game's existence. And in honor of the Earlier Years, I'll be brief, too. I can hear you applauding already.]

[First 15 tokens to Tocadisco for his entry in the Oldstyle thread.]

Subj: Re: Oldstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!!
From: Tocadisco

It's not often that a hot girl walks up to me and asks for sex. There's no witty punchline to this post, i'm just saying that doesn't happen often. (Tocadisco)

[Tokens to Dante303 for her entry in the Oldstyle thread as well. But, seeing as how the entry is many entries in one--25 tokens to her.]
Subj: Oldstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!
From: Dante303

:::tapping monitor::: Hello? Is this thing on? (Dante303)

Dante303: for hair so healthy it shines. (Dante303)

I once knew a guy who had a third nipple. He was confused about his sexuality. His name was Ray. He left. I guess that's not very funny, except for the nipple part. (Dante303)

Hey! Nipple rhymes with stipple! Draw your own conclusion. (Dante303)

The virgin Galahad died in ecstacy at having found the Holy Grail. He would have been alive if he wasn't a virgin. Let this be a lesson. (Dante303)

"The Random Journey: From Nowhere to Nowhere."
I smell Pulitzer with this one! (Dante303)

"Absolut Roswell: One hell of a conspiracy vodka." (Dante303)

This old format makes my mind so fertile, I could till vegetables in it! (Dante303)

Until we meet again, Bobbalouey. (Dante303)

[One more winner from the Oldstyle thread--Khaleth. She has two posts displayed here, so 30 tokens to her.]
Subj: Re: Oldstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!!
From: Khaleth

(insert long, spammy IM conversation with Bloodguilt here) (Khaleth)
* * * *
Subj: Re: Oldstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!!
From: Khaleth

I tried to stalk someone once. I didn't work very well. He just kept wondering why he kept finding celery. (Khaleth)

[On to the Cavalcade of Whimsy threads. 4 winners from those threads--20 tokens to each.]
Subj: Re: MagicClams' Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: USAmen

I was born on the same exact day as Woody Harrelson, which may explain why I like the movie Natural Born Killers so much. Or it could just be my old fantasy about killing a diner-full of people and then having sex with Juliette Lewis.
Car Sex Is Good
* * * *
Subj: Re: Mr Onliner's Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: Mr Onliner

I bet if I made a movie called "Alright, Siskel & Ebert, this is a Robbery!" I'd get "two hands up"!



* * * *
Subj: Re: MagicClams' Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: BabyLamms

>>WHO's your Daddy!?!?!? That's right! Magic is your Daddy!>>

>>Corn's not my daddy? Wow. I feel so...wronged.>>
Yeah Lav, We just told you that Corn was your daddy, because your real daddy is a drunk.
Uh, sorry Clammy.
* * * *
Subj: Re: MagicClams' Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: MagicClams

I hope my grocery store starts carrying illegal drugs soon, because the fat-free potato chips and cough syrup just aren't killing me fast enough.

Less is more. Old is new. Man is woman. I am cool.

[Now onto other short and sweet entries, which each get 10 tokens. I thought it might have been in bad taste to give Caie Mac tokens for her post; but seeing as how she wasn't killed, I think it's safe. You have to admire that commitment, although I can't endorse her actions.]
Subj: Fun fact!
From: Caie Mac

I'd just like to share that there is a tornado warning out now for my county, so I am, in a way, risking electricution and possible death being on here posting stuff. If that isn't commitment then I don't know what is.

-Caie Mac
I got serious mental damage to my brain area.
* * * *
Subj: what a life
From: Conade

I called a company and asked to speak to Mark. The lady who answered said "Mark is on vacation. Would you like to hold?"

Conade - aka Splinky.
I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control!
* * * *
Subj: Re: Wordz to live by 3
From: KzintiCat

Man who farts in church sits in front of me

[The last two winners this week show that Short and Long can together in unison. Well, maybe they don't exactly show that; but, they do each win 15 tokens.]
Subj: Re: i really have no life
From: Diva Pooh

Ganjaa69 writes:

>>>I am Not gay<<<<

You know Ganjaa, I do not mind straight people, as long as they act gay in public.

The Diva
* * * *
From: Krazyk242

Our bodies.
You either love it or you hate it. Or you might just want to be friends. But big or small, we are stuck with our bodies until that fateful day when we are called to the great beyond- the plastic surgeon's office. Our bodies reveal things about us, things we hope to god no one will ever know. Let's examine our bodies and see what is revealed about us. I see some of you guys have already had a head, (so to speak), start.

The head is the source of all enlightenment. It houses the brain, or, for some of you, that empty cavity which should house the brain. A wise man or woman is distinguishable by the high, pert nose, focused eyes, and the mouth is engaged in discussing quantum physics. However, a man or woman of clearly low IQ has the broken nose from last night's bar fight, glazed over
eyes from too many tequilas, and the mouth is engaged with bringing up that skunky beer and pretzels.

The torso is the area from the shoulders to the beginning of the thigh area. This is a crucial area for men. It is the only area recognized by the National Men's Association as "A really cool place because that's where a girl's jugs are." Indeed, this the the area which contains the sex organs. These sex organs are our most vulnerable yet dangerous weopans and reveal the most about our intimate lives. A
girl who tries to hide her small bra size is insecure. A girl who is confident of her bra size, even though the guys have nicknamed her "Flatcakes" is either extremely confident or has a lesbian girlfriend who has what she lacks. Women with extremely large breasts can be happy at first with her charms but soom learns that the only guys who give her any attention are the horny drunken guys we come to know and love on the Random Game. She soon
becomes disgruntled and either becomes a lesbian, or a regular on the Jerry Springer show. Now men are extemely proud when it comes to their own Mr. Happyman. The size and girth make or break their whole sexuality. Those who come up a little short usually has low self esteem and end up being postal workers. A confident man has the right length and width and his pride is noted by the way he sizes up his women or sends nude pics of himself even to
men to display that his manliness is better than their manliness. Call it staking out their territory. Or sick. Now the guys who are over the crucial 12 inch marker are either liars or had the aide of some rope, a 100 lb. weight, and a cliff. But every now and then a little boy wakes up to find that he now has 3 legs. Though it may be the fantasy of every man to have their jonson the size of the woman they want to please, it is considered
inpolite to poke someone in the eye with that part of their anatomy. It's the curse of society. Of course, the same rules apply to the butt, except that it is an age old wisdom that " the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'. "

This region, containing thighs, legs, and feets are not as interesting as the torso area, but is a nice place to stroke.

Now that we have explored our bodies, what does your's say about you? Well, don't look down in shame yet- there is still hope that you can get laid....if you believe in reincarnation.

Mr. Happy wants to play.

[Congrats to this week's winners. Okay, the 90's have now borrowed from every decade, including its own. Where's the new innovations? Are they going to come from the Random Game? ::shudder:: ]