Welcome to the Prosaic Age. It was a tame 7 days this week in the Random Game, wasn't it? Tocadisco, USAmen, and others have been enjoying their non-Random commitments this week, such as pursuing a real life. Of course, we still had many people playing. Carcazoid played, but don't tell him that. Others who posted seemed to have other things on their mind, as well. I'm no mind-reader, but I'd wager that the token deadline was one of those things. Preoccupation with newbies could've been another. Preoccupation with Sammy3Nuts could've been another. Boredom could've been another.

Due to my preoccupation with trying to determine your preoccupations, I had little time left on my hands to name this age. So, I stole the name from Conade and am giving her 25 tokens total as compensation. (Her post ain't bad either.)

Subj: I wonder...
From: Conade
I wonder if I should rename my page "Free Beanie Babies! Free Pathfinder pictures!" Then I'll be guaranteed 100,000 or more hits a day..

Next, some 10-token winners. Wow, three of them. Ya think I could have chosen more considering you'll lose them next week anyway.
Subj: Re: Random Arrows
From: AlterArrow
Remember when you were six and all you wanted to do was to swing over the bar on the swing set but no one could? I remember one time a kid did it. Well, he didn't make it, but his swing did. He just got stitches....
* * * *
Subj: Re: Relationship Tip!!
From: BaldGhoti
>>Relationships are built on trust. If You cant trust the other person...why are you with him/her?>>

Because she threatens to beat me if I even think of leaving. Day after day I ask her "Can I leave my cell now?", and she always says no and smacks me with the cattle prod.
* * * *
Subj: Re: Thoughts about my Corner
From: ARTochsen
I've thought about your corner, Abazar. Three more and you'll be a complete square.

Maybe I'm saving everyone else up for the *big* three-O? Nope, just one 30 token winner this week. However, if it makes anyone feel better, there were at least three posts of his that deserved the 30 tokens. I'll bet that is quite comforting to Goo, since he only gets one 30 token prize out of it.
Subj: Re: Leonard's Bowl O' Random Raisins
From: SGood42
>>Why take out the lima beans....why??? Poor lima beans, no one likes them but me and my grandparents>>

Well I looked into this and I called the good people at the Cambell Soup Conpany up and this is how the conversatin went.

Goo:" Hello yes..my name is Goo and I'm with the Random Game..you may have heard of us.....were hip with the soup people"
Cambell: " Hmmmmm No. Can I help you with something?"
Goo: "Well yes..yes you can. See one of our members has complained that you no longer put lima beans in your Alphabet soup..and well frankly were were wondering...why the hell not?"
Cambell:" Well here at the Cambell Soup company we like to give the people what they want so we did a test case and found out that people no longer want the Lima beans so we have replaced the lima beans in our Alphabet soup with crack."
Goo:"Excuse me...but did you say crack?"
Cambell:"Yes crack. For every lima bean we have replaced it with a vial of crack...because we found out thats what the people want"
Goo"where did you do these test studies at?"
Cambell:"Miami and Los Angelos.
Goo"ohhh ok"

(from here on the conversation turned into who could do the best Bob Dole imprerssion so i left all that out)

All right, I don't want to reward what might have been a troubling period in CurlyAnnT's life. . .well, yeah I do. You may not find it as prized as your special conversation with your mother, but 25 tokens to you.
Subj: Re: This'll show that damn Abazar.
From: CurlyAnnT
>>Yes, in TVland mothers and daughters always bond over douche, or tampons. I missed out, my mother and I never bonded over such things.>>

My mom and I bonded over that stuff. One night I was sitting on the couch, watching TV with her. I saw a tampon commercial. I asked her what a tampon was. (Hey, I was young)
She replied with, "You'll understand when you get older."
I said "Okay, mom."
That night, I called my friend, and she told me what a tampon was. Her mom had told her. So I stormed downstairs and yelled at my mom for not telling me these things. I was crying and stuff. She reached out for my hand, and not only discussed tampons with me, but discussed douches, laxatives, P.M.S., sex, men are pigs, abstinence, pregnancy, STD's, crabs, bad gas, acne, yeast infections, diaphragms, condoms, and the pill. I will never forget our little talk. In fact, I had to see a shrink.

Now onto the three 15-token winners. Not much to say about them, so here they are.
Subj: Re: MitchRK's Entries (Who said "suck"?)
From: MitchRK
If I were a hit man and someone asked me what I did for a living, I think it would be funny if I said, "Body piercing."
* * * *
Subj: The Anti-Thread Thread
From: Krazyk242
* * * *
Subj: Things
From: Repeatr621
Anybody ever notice that when you can't think of anything to post, you start to ramble needlessly about how you can't think of anything to post? I mean, if you can't think of anything to post, you shouldn't be here until you can think of something to post. There's nothing more frustrating to reading a post by somebody who has absolutely no idea what to post. I guess I have nothing to post. Hmmm, let me think. Nope, I have nothing ot post about.

We have two winners this week that have Abazar's name in their posts. So, it's only fitting that he show up on this list as well. The two 20 tokens winners this week are Abazar P and KzintiCat (whose first post, you'll see, is a reply to Repeatr's "Things" post).
Subj: Re: Oldstyle, Freestyl, Random Jamdom!!!!
From: Abazar P
Once again the rhythm embraces
I see a sea of smiley faces
But the rhythm - the rhythm, it's draggin me down
The blues are taking over, drag my face through the ground
How can I smile with all this dirt on my face
I try to wipe it off, but more dirt replaces
The me, the me that nobody can see
Cause I am what I am and it's all I can be
But you're laughing, sitting there smiling and chokin'
On the piece of yourself that you call the token.
* * * *
Subj: Re: Things
From: KzintiCat
I have too much respect for you guys to waste your time with sentiments about not having anything to post . I would never presume to post to this hallowed board without a clear idea of what I was trying to convey. It would be both rude and boring to go on concerning my lack of postable material in a format such as this which is invariably filled with helpful and meaningful thoughts from geniuses and near-geniuses. I am in a state of dismay at
the very concept of posting a lengthy missive entailing statements describing my inability to think of anything to say ! That will never happen on my watch !
* * * *
Subj: Re: **Newbie Pride**
From: KzintiCat
Newbies don't travel in prides; lions travel in prides ! What are you--PBS deprived ?

Lastly this week I'd like to say that I'm not sure if Mr Onliner was trying to give us insight into the man behind the NoDot this week. I'm also not sure if I'm attempting to give some insight into myself by giving him 25 tokens this week for the following posts.
Subj: The Mr Onliner Cult
From: Mr Onliner
Hey! No, there really isn't a Mr Onliner Cult, I just want to make it look like there is when people are scrolling through titles in the future. People will say "Good god, they love that boy! Maybe I should send him naked lesbo pictures of me and my galpals..."
* * * *
Subj: Re: Mr Onliner's Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: Mr Onliner
I bet there's a guy named Lol who's getting sick of hearing his own name. Same with a guy named Gotanynakedpics.

Interesting themes in those posts. We may see if there's some intentional purpose behind Mr Onliner's posts as soon as this week. I suppose we'll never know my intentions, unless Mr Onliner receives an attached file from me sometime in the future. Congrats to the winners this week. Each of you is a little closer to the unachievable goal of cashing in your tokens.