The Age of Goodwill

The Age of Goodwill--yeah, I can't say it with a straight face either. Then again, maybe you guys weren't trying to spread goodwill in the last week, in which case I can say, you did an outstanding job.

Let me give this goodwill thing a shot. Singled out here are two of TyleredOne's posts; but for her "Seasons of Wither" thread, she get 30 tokens.

Subject: Re: Seasons of Wither......
From: TyleredOne
You know why diary's always come with two keys?
So you can take one out and hide it for later use before giving it to your daughter for Christmas.........
* * * *
Subject: Re: Seasons of Wither......
From: TyleredOne
Well,today I'm going to the Christmas party at my mom's nursing home......I'm actually shocked that I was invited back,seeing how I went to the halloween party dressed as the Grim Reaper.............

I notice she also did a good job in locating Mr Onliner's missing dots; the following posts also helped out in that cause. And here's where my attempt at goodwill comes in--25 tokens to each of them, just because... Now, if we could only find and trap Mr Onliner.

Subject: Re: Time
From: Astronia
>>And I am not a plagiarist. >>

I've heard THAT before....
* * * *
Subject: Living on the poor side of town.
From: Conade
Actually, I live on the poorly educated side of town. By a school.
I was driving down to Cub Foods the othr day and saw a sign that said "Beenie Babeis." When I got to the store, I picked up a locally published catalog from one of the racks. I paged through it, and found the name "Nancy Ann Raunchy" as the sample name on all of the personalized items (which were quite odd in themselves, for that matter - the catalog said "Free bath soap with any purchase... send this form to (address deleted)... we will deduct $9.95 plus shipping and handling from your credit card... no purchase req'd")
Ah, but I was lucky. I'm wun of them their edumacated folkz.
* * * *
Subject: Re: kat's eye
From: The Kat 4u
my sister is getting stationed in hawaii. she's going to give me her ball python, they don't allow snakes in hawaii. this is a win win situation for me. free lodging in hawaii, and a snake. the bad part is: ball pythons don't get very big, and some of the neighbor's pets were getting on my nerves...
* * * *
Subject: Re: Newstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!
From: SGood42
Just a little tip for you in you plan to continue to finish your last minute Christmas shopping at your local mall: When walking pass the token SANTA'S WORKSHOP and its long line of children and parents its usually not a good idea to yell in a very child like voice, " DADDY DADDY.....I THINK SANTA HAS AN ERECTION!"..They tend to frown upon that for some reason.....

25 tokens to each of the following people as well. Judging from these entries, you could conclude that my gesture is more than just goodwill; it's an outright present. But they did each have sizable threads this week. Yeah, that's right--I give them 25 tokens and they give me eyestrain...seems even to me.

Subject: Re: Uphie's Threads -n- Needles
From: U Phamism
Know what? If this thread was a real thread that was sold in fabric stores it would be a very ugly avacado green/orange/brown/purple space dye.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Brian's attempt at a thread
From: BrianJ718
A kid threw up in the cafeteria yesterday. Man, I hate green eggs and ham.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Sometimes you feel old school.
From: Repeatr621
I won my school's math bee when I was in 5th grade. He died last week.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Zornog's Thread of Amusing and/or Entertaining Thoughts
From: ANT Zornog
Hey, I was looking in my dictionary, and I found this:

Redundent: See Redundent
* * * *
Subject: Re: Sal's Caprice.
From: DrSalina
Deck The Random Game with bloody chainsaws.
Fa la la la la, la la, Llamas.

The next people each get 25 tokens for posting holiday related posts, the first of which maybe only I appreciated.

Subject: Season's Gratings
From: MitchRK
I would like to send everyone here on the RG a personalized Christmas greeting, because I'm too cheap to buy presents for anyone.

Anyway, here goes:

First of all, HO Myrrh: I hope Santa fills your stockings with only good stuff this time. I sure hope you don't mind a little blatant sucking up.

Okay, now, if there's any one of you I've forgotten, I'm really sorry. Maybe I'll get around to you next time.
* * * *
Subject: Re: USAmen's Hard Drive
From: USAmen
Ahhh, Christmas in the city. Nothing quite like it. Standing on a barstool banging on a rusty nail with brass knuckles because no one can find a hammer to hang that dollar store cardboard Santa on the bar room wall. It's special moments like these that really put me in the Christmas spirit.
* * * *
Subject: Chistmas Gifts
From: SHIFT420
Going out to all parents. Once done with all your Christmas shopping most of you begin to wrap all the presents. But be sure not to put gifts under your bed that say "to Billy, from santa" one week before christmas! It is really discouraging when your children find these.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Soup's Kitchen
From: SoupEater
Although I'm not Jewish, my dad's side of my family is. They're not all that Jewish, though. They only go to temple twice a year -- Christmas and Easter.

The next people each get 25 tokens for not posting holiday related posts, the first of which maybe only I appreciated.

Subject: Re: A Random History revised
From: LndonSleep
>>well if they (u) didnt i wouldnt have 2 say it
im shiela n ur not>>

well hit me with a grapefruit and call me a newbie, but i've never met a randomer named 2. anyway, if you're so great why dont you just say it yourself? in english, i mean.
* * * *
Subject: Re: The world
From: MC792
>>If the world were made of brussel sprouts and blue Jello, it'd be really hard to get around.<<

Yeah, but the NRA would find a way to shoot it, Ralph Nader would find it unsafe at any consistency, Roseanne would find a way to eat Africa, Allen Iverson would find a way to have it insult his manhood, Nike would find a way to endorse it, and Speilberg would find a way to shoot a movie feeling guilty about it.
* * * *
Subject: Re: eventually, we're going to run out of subject names...then what?
From: XFoTwenny
I'm thinking of maybe jumping on the bandwagon and using a different screen name to come here and piss everyone off. Maybe I shouldn't announce it first though. much for that idea.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Jl's not-so-random stuff
From: Jlbkwrm
See Dick.
See Dick get AOL.
See Dick log in to AOL.
See Dick discover HO.
See Dick discover The Random Game.
See Dick post.
Post , Dick, post.
See Dick get newbie-bashed.
See Dick win tokens.
See Dick become a reg.
See Dick bash a newbie.
See Dick become a monotonous newbie basher.
See Jamie brutally attack Dick.
See Dick die.
Die, Dick, die.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Snipesville- The Urban Development Project
Well, since Princess Diana died and everyone took up the cost of banning land mines, I'd like to announce that in memory of Chris Farley, I'm taking up the cause of banning Breast Reduction Surgery.

If you've been paying any attention at all this last month, you will have noticed someone missing from the winners file thus far this week. Well, yep, she won again. I guess I lied when I said I'd only give her 15 this week. 25 tokens to Miss Aimee and 25 to Caie Mac for calling it. No one accepted her bet, did they?

Subject: Re: Miss Aimee's underwear drawer
Original From: Miss Aimee
This Reply From: Caie Mac
>>I just got an E-mail from someone named Jennifer856. The subject line said "Why haven't you called." Maybe I should forward her message to Tammy, whose subject line said "My Name's Tammy, wanna talk?" I think they would make a cute couple.>>

Ten bucks says she'll get tokens for this.

Congratulations to the winners and happy holidays to everyone!
By the way, what do you think of the colors? Very festive, eh? Oh, for those
of you celebrating Hanukkah, all I can say is write to Leona Helmsley.
(Okay, that's only a local story, I'll bet...just not with Caie.)