This Gilligan Island limerick (my best ever, IMHO) did not make the cut. Let me present it for your critique:

Four out of seven were male
Looking for a piece of tail
Maryann was a prude
Lovey said, "Don't be rude!"
And that's how you make Ginger ail.

Maybe my fellow Hecklers can explain to me how this gem of a limerick was overlooked. Please, please fellow Heckler's I call on you in my time of need for help. I, Biochick, have given my all to Heckler's. I have always been honored to receive my free hours and humbled when my responses did not make the cut. Never before have I ever doubted the wisdom of the HOs. But, I am starting to lose faith. Oh the shame, the shame of it all. (Biochick1)


I just realized that I used the enter key in my last entry. I want to tye it over, I just don't have the heart. (Biochick1)


Y'know, just cause someone can spell, doesn't make him a good speller. Oh wait, I guess it does. (Biochick1)


If my boyfriend was a girl, that would make me a lesbian, wouldn't it? (Biochick1)


If my left breast and right breast switched places do you think anyone would notice? (Biochick1)


My parents call pot "grass." I think it dates them, but I guess it's okay. (Biochick1)


The ones you like don't like you and the ones that like you, you don't like. It's just so damn wrong. (Biochick1)


I guess my dream really is to be a ballerina. (Biochick1)


Just what the heck is the Alt key for, anyway? Alone it doesn't do anything. It's kind of like the Tom Arnold of the keyboard. (Biochick1)


I knew I'd win a prize one of these days. Will I be charged for e-mail while using my free time, 'cause if not I'm gonna send you a barrel of monkies holding more and more and more and more nd more and more entries. -Really the Green Giant, HECKLER X (HECKLER X)



I like to eat hot pickle?

I read the book backward?

?oot drawkcab epyt I

I watch Weather Channel 24/7?

I add vingear to everything I eat?

I never see "Lion King" before?

I sleep on 20 mattresses with a pea under them and I had a worst sleep in my life?

I came from Saturn?

My birthday is Gretuo (13th month) 5, 19--?

I am smartest person in whole world but yet I still like to read my baby sister's books?

I like to sing "99 Bottles on the Wall" in movie theater?

I have this little game called, "Pick Your Nose"?

I drink through my nose?

I have two left feet?

I am going to Olympic and my team is from Hujui Island?

I let my pit bull bite my ass?

I let my rottweiler bite my pit bull's ass?

In my house, it's always 11:45 am?

I like to chew crayons?

I used magic marker as my make-up?

I gave out dyamites to kids last Halloween?

The kids blew up my house last Halloween?

I have a Olympic-size pool in my basement?

I memorized all 26,000 words and their defintions in the dictionary?

I am ex-wife of Bill Clinton?

I won $100,000 in Jeopardy?

I live in floating island?

What do I know? (Sour Soda)


When you're mad take your shoes off and be glad (The other people might not be glad however...) (AmOnFonix)


You know, two years ago I was two years younger than I will be two years from two years ago. (AmOnFonix)


If pros and cons are opposites, then are progress and congress? (AmOnFonix)


You know, if 1 out of every 10 people in this room are crazy, that says a lot.... So in other words, if there were 100 people in this room, 13 or 14 of them would be crazy. (AmOnFonix)