Welcome all ya' Randomites...

As you know, the criteria for handing out free hours will be random from award session to award session. For this batch of winners, I refer back to a week or so ago when I was helping out a friend of mine - she had to study for some philosophy midterm or something at the local community college here...she said that the professor had a reputation of giving short and succinct test answers higher marks than longer, more wordy test answers, and since she had a tendency towards the latter, she asked me to help her in cutting down her answers (not that I knew anything about Philosophy, but I tried my best to help her...)

Anyway, in honor of her, we go philosophical as well as short and succinct in giving out these new winners of free hours in the Random Game...(note: these winners cover entries from "Alvin, Theo, & Simon - Fascist Bastards" to "A Crappy Morning To You All")

First of all, Lt RJ's entry reminds me of what my friend sounded like around 3 am in the morning during that night...

Mumblety-Peg! (Lt RJ)


Mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-peg! (Lt RJ)

It looks like mumblety-mumblety-mumblety-peg has translated into a free hour for you, Lt RJ...Congratulations!


Another of what I believe to be a big thing in philosophy is figuring out one's place in the world...But how about the Random Game world? SMAC48 gives his or her very personal philosophy on how he or she relates to the Random Game...

I can't believe you gave free hours for that crap. Not that my crap is any more deserving of a free hour...Well, I am just glad Biochick didn't win. Thanks and enjoy. (SMAC48)

Well, you can still wonder about how the Random Game relates to you, SMAC48, but you'll have a free hour to throw into the mix...Congratulations!


Philosophy also deals with figuring out who one is...listen to this AOL member as he personally dealt with the experience of playing the random game and its effect on his or her persona...

I came, I saw, I typed, I left, I wondered. (PLENTYCOOL)

You came, you saw, you typed, you left, you wondered...wonder no more, you have won a free hour, PLENTYCOOL...Congrats!


Finally, I most certainly hope my friend took to mind BoO Ignite's little bit of logic when she woke up and realized that she had only fifteen minutes to get to her classroom and take her Philosophy midterm...

A booger in the eye is worth two in the nose. (BoO Ignite)

Unfortunately, I think my friend had several boogers in her nose and eye when she rushed into the classroom to take that test of hers...But fortunately for you, BoO, "your" boogers have gotten you a free hour...Congrats!

Thanks for playing the Random Game y'all and keep sending in those entries....