There weren't too many entries into our impromptu Halloween Random contest...nevertheless, they were all very funny (I guess quality instead of quality is the appropriate saying here...)

Anyway, I've finished eating all of my little brothers' good candy from his pumpkin, but I so nicely left him three really bad Halloween gatherings (lots of them mind you) at the bottom of the pumpkin, as described by our three contest winners...

I would always get those nasty coconut-filled chocolate egg-looking thingies. You know, the ones that were made to look like those cream-filled eggs. The only thing that was good about those was that it was preety easy to trade them off to some unsuspecting kid and make your escape before they caught on...and isn't that what Halloween's all about? (Shortsigh)


I hate when you get an apple in your bag! Nothing annoys me more than that...well, there are other things, but they don't have anything to do with Halloween...anyway, I hate when you go to eat that apple and you bite into something sharp and you start bleeding. Now thats annoying! Especially when you try to scare your younger sister by running towards her, blood spewing from your mouth, and you make like these really scarry faces. But she never seemed amused, particularly because I would usually faint from the loss of blood and my parents would have to rush me to the Emergency Room. See, aren't apples annoying??? (Pretti 0ne)


My most hated Halloween candy was those nasty marshmellow chicks. On Easter, they were disgusting enough, but the little old lady next door liked to buy them on sale (I bet they were a real bargain 6 months out of season) and give them to trick-or-treaters....And I always managed to get the one with a thumb-print on it. (BadOmen79)

Congratulations you three - enjoy your Halloween sugar highs and your free hour of online time from the Random Game