Howdy Randomeers! As you well know, we we're just subjected to one of the most thrilling elections in...quite......some..............time ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....

Okay, so it wasn't exactly exciting...but, as we well know by now, we're going to be force-fed 4 more years of Clinton-Brand Waffles, Bob Dole is doing the hip (David Letterman) and not-so-hip (Saturday Night Live) late-night circuit, and Ross Perot is, well, still Ross Perot.

Anyway, let's get any hints of politics out of the Random Game area and purge them out until the next Presidential hoo-hah gets organized in the year 2000. Anyway, ADTYLER here expresses his view of what law and order means in America today:


Okay, I must confess to everyone - I am not named nor have I ever been related to anyone named Truman in my life (at least, not that I know of anyway)...But since HO Truman seems to be a popular fellow, and Harry S Truman was the name of a president, why don't we use Sillygrl98's ode to Truman to honor Harry S and all other past Presidents Of The United States Of America (she's lump, she's lump, she's in my head...oops, sorry wrong Presidents there...Oh, millions of peaches, peaches for me, millions of...okay, I'll stop singing already...)

hey, Truman, if i told you you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?? (Sillygrl98)

Everyone knows about Bill Clinton's love of fast food...Lord knows I wouldn't want to have him sticking his fat ass in my face and I don't imagine you'd want that either...Let's put in this willing substitute...SupRMeGgin!

Do you think i'm fat? (sticking her butt in HO Truman's face) (SupRMeGgin)

I think if Bob Dole followed Shortsigh's lead here, I think he might've actually won the elections in November...

Death to Barney! Who's with me? (Shortsigh)

And Rick R 96 probably went along with Ross Perot, who promised folks that he'd get rid of the IRS if he was elected president...

No rules, no schedules, no time limits....This sounds just like the IRS. (Rick R 96)

Congratulations ADTYLER, Sillygrl98, SupRMeGgin, Shortsigh, and Rick R 96 - you are the winners of some politically-based free hours from the Random Game! And now, hold your smiley faces over your hearts as we sing a very patriotic random song...Oh random is like spacious skies, like waves of random grain, like random mountains majesty (Okay, I get the hint - all singing will cease as of now!)

Finally, as you well know, AOL's going to a flat rate in December. I've heard lots of talk from online and offline friends about what would happen to AOL once this happens...This hint of potential AOL Armageddon is supplied here by Croaker34, which may spell the end of the Random Game as we know it...

New pricing? Unlimited hours? So without any need to win hours, there's no need to try to submit any clever entries, and there will probably be more than 70,000 entries from the same person that many of us won't read. (Croaker34)

Well, before the Random Game (or for that matter, AOL) goes crashing, I'd just better award Croaker34 with a free hour of AOL time. Congratulations Croaker!

Keep sending in those waves of randomness, folks, and thanks for playing The Random Game.

(P.S. These batch of winners cover entries from "Leaning Severely To Avoid Crashing" through "Dante's Inferno (Deck The Halls With Gasoline)")