Well, like the seasons change, so must the ages...thus ends the Law And Order Age ends...And like the seasons, the new age upcoming reflects the upcoming change to winter - The Ice Age...

What's the theme of this final batch of winners - as David Bowie might put it, "Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes..." No sense blathering on here - here's how this batch of Random Game winners have dealt with change, like MooGeneric, who decided to change screen identities...(These winners are taken from random entry batches "A (Very) Small & Growing Halloween Tradition" to "The End Of The Law And Order Age")

Exit BoO... (BoO Ignite)


...enter Moo. (MooGeneric)


I'm still me, though. (MooGeneric)

BadOmen79 encountered change when going out for her fast-food dinner one night...

I was in the drive-thru to KFC, ordering their Honey BBQ wings (yummy), and I find out that they've replaced the window with the VITTLEVEYOR. (BadOmen79)

Like the Random Game, CurlyAnnT has been affected greatly by the changing seasons...

It's pretty cold out. It snowed for the first time yesterday and I was pretty upset. This means I can't walk around naked anymore...it's gettin' cold, man. (CurlyAnnT)

And finally, a variation on the change theme - Pretti0ne here wishes there was a change in everyone's "favorite" actor - Erik Estrada...

Ok, now I think I am an intelligent person, but could someone please explain Antagonist Trivia to me. I know that I answer the questions, but why does it start 10 or 15 questions sometimes, or some other number of some other number of questions. I am very very confused...and btw...AGAIN I will ask, could someone please change the celebrity personal person to something other than Erik Estrada???? (Pretti 0ne)

Congratulations MooGeneric, CurlyAnnT, BadOmen79, and Pretti0ne - your experiences with change have won you a free hour from the Random Game. And speaking of changes, you will be the last batch of folks who will win free hours from the Random Game - I'm sure you'll be reading about the changes real soon from Hecklers...don't know how you'll react to them, but believe me ch-ch-ch-ch-changes are on their way...Thank you all for playing and keep sending in your best randomness... :)