Winners of the Period of Transition-

Jeez, has it already been one week? Do you like me yet? Oh, did I mention it's time for me to award tokens? No? Well, it's seems it is. I want to get as many people on my side right off the bat, because if I ever commit a crime you can be there for me as a character witness. So, lets spread the wealth of tokens around.

First, we are probably all getting a little (little?) sick of trying to sign on to AOL only to get a busy signal. Sometime we get the more personal greeting of "All circuits are busy." But what do we do? Just get mad? JH Probe and Rode Hard deal with the busy lines differently and, apparently, they've actually got online and have then gone on to successfully type about their busy signal experience or, um, other things. In awe, 8 tokens go to each.

Hey!! I want to play this dumb game, but every time I try to get onto AOL, All I get is a busy signal. So I am sending this via my personal link to the Comsat-1 satellite that I built out of old telephone "black boxes". It works pretty well, except that I am not reeally here now, so don't bother even reading this, since it isnt here either, is it? Damn..have to go, its those pesky NASA guys again..They keep trying to cut off my link to........ (Rode Hard)

....back again. As I was saying The guys..... (Rode Hard)

...ok one more t... (Rode Hard)

..damn.... (Rode Hard)

..hey ..they are here...wait don't shoot..Wha UGH.....crash..... (Rode Hard)


I got disconnected, then it took me another 83 tries to get back on. I was happy after that. Sure, I had aged a bit, but I was happy (JH Probe)

I've got a problem...I keep hearing this voice in my head talking about monkeys...monkeys...monkeys...GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD! GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!'ve got to help me...monkeys everywhere... (JH Probe)

I hate it when people type stupid entries like this one! (JH Probe)

All right. Moving right along. Each of the authors submiting the following entries receive 4 tokens for their outstanding efforts.

Outstanding effort in making sure everything, well mostly everything, was spelled correctly:

all I ever wanted was 850 tokens... is that so much to ask, hey! ::hopes go up:: you give random amouts of tokens, right? :: hopes plummit :: but you never would not for me... I'm just an insegnifecant person who can't spell. Waaaaaaaa! (CH Heckler)

Chicken on a car, and the car can't go. That's how you spell Chicago. (Giarc Man)

My philosophy in life is: Never look directly at the word "sgluauai." Did I spell that right? (MitchRK)

Outstanding effort in understanding the Random Game. I can only hope that someday I will understand it as well as them:

Does this game randomly suck, or is sucking the only planning involved, cause if the sucking is planned, what a great suckcess you have. (HUFMEBUNZ)

anyone who can't figure out how to play the random game should be hornswoggled. twice. (TODnCOPPER)

In the meantime a good hornswoggling might be pleasent.

Outstanding effort in nothing at all and/or superbness in wasting their time:

I've always thought that rhutabega and kumquat were funny names to give to those poor little fruits and vegetables. If I were a kumquat I'd probably have a complex about it. Then again, I'd probably not have the self-awareness it takes to have a complex if I were a small citrus fruit. But who's to really say, right? I don't know what goes on in a kumquat's head.... (FINGTONE)

Was the guy who invented Dr.Pepper a doctor...or was he just a mere pepper? And by the way, I HATE Dr. Pepper...isn't it like fermented prune juice or something? I mean, what kind of sick bastard thought this one up? "Yum...prune juice! You know, this would taste even better if it was fermented!" We live in a sick world, people... (MARLEY9089)

Despite more complicated issues, threats are not devised on a totally dispicable basis when frogs are jumping over camels, they are presented when local submersions of devices of distinction present shirts of different sizes to species of beauty. Therefore, I should win the random game. (RedE2Jam)

I was a gruntled employee once. (LMart72)

Anytime I see something screech across a room and latch onto some ones neck....I just have to laugh because....what IS that thing??!! (MutantYoda)

My dog and cat are soo generous to share their fleas with me. (ScorpioAsh)

In case anyone was wondering about what my long, cut off post said (as if), I proceeded to bitch about my problems, then I acted stupid, then I said I loved everybody. (ChrisIzzo)

ok, so since i can't seem to win anywhere else on the HO channel, I will try here. If I don't win here then I will have to throw out my computer. Yes, I believe it now. It IS the computers fault. (MKel25)

My house was really cold one time. I didn't know why, so I called the heating guy and he put in a lot of heaters. Then he left but it didn't work. I finally realized I was missing a wall. (Halicore)

You know that midget on my lawn? Yea well he ran away to munchkin land and he took all my G.I.Joes with him. Bastard. (XxKhAoSxX)

And there you have this week's winners. Congrats to all.