I wish I lived in California. I want to get in on that AOL suit. That's pretty nice of five people suing on behalf of a whole state. If they win they'll probably get a good ten bucks out of the whole thing.

One of the things in their complaint is that they want AOL to improve it's service before advertising to get new customers. If the California Five are successful, maybe they should start by improving the Random Game. First, get rid of me...Second, beg me to come back...Third, get the software that receive the entries to stop cutting entries off or out altogether. I'll make you all a bet that I think the five suing are HunnaGuy, Industrry, McCluck, Morgana166, and SIM Being since those are the ones who had some entries got cut off today. AOL is going to terrorize them until they roll over and cry Uncle.

AIias AKA - >

AIias AKA - um...if I send myself and E-mail chain letter, what happens? Will I still make a lot of money? Because I have no friends.
[I would suppose this depends on the chain letter. Don't most of them require you to send the letter to 10-20 people. I don't think your plan would not work, unless of course, you have 20 separate and distinct personalities.]

Ableigh - On Saturday one of my favorite teachers died from a heart attack at his house. His funeral was today at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Grand Rapids Michigan.

BKadunc - hideous
[Personally, I prefer suck or abominable.]

CivilWar49 - I've been waiting until just this very moment to submit an entry, as I've determined that in the next round of Random Awards, this very submission will be randomly chosen from the crappy remaining selections.

CurlyAnnT - :( No new random entries? WHY??? Is something wrong? Don't you love us anymore? What happened? Where am I? Where is everyone? Huh?
[Aw, Curly, you should know I couldn't grow out of love with you all in just a week! Give me some credit, it will take me at least a month to grow sick of you. If you want a serious reason why there were no Monday Random entries posted, here it is--I didn't get any entries. I thought for a moment you all disliked me and were boycotting the game. Why didn't I get entries? Something didn't work somewhere along the line. Hopefully those entries were included with yesterdays. If not, well, apologies to all--resend them if you want. Of course, I could be toying with you all and just starting a stockpile of entries and one day--BAM! you'll have 10 files new in one day.]

DSzmanda - HELLO

HunnaGuy - Tickle-My-Elmo

Iaphoo - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Iaphoo - i'm hungry

Iaphoo - what to hear a dirty joke? the horse fell in the mud
[Is that the set up or the punchline?]

Industrry - allright, allright... you are getting carried away with this "random" thing. post the msgs already!
[Oh, *that's* what I'm supposed to be doing! Here I was shoving them up my ass.]

Industrry - I WONDER Do kamikaze piolets wear crash helmets?

Industrry - I WONDER how does one know when it is time to have one's bagpipes tuned up?

Industrry - I WONDER why is abrieviation such a long word?

Industrry - I WONDER: if the the bold letter person has forgotten about us?

Industrry - I WONDER: what the hell is random anyway? Is chaos random? Is the plight of mankind and our destiny random? Is one's existance random? are the odds of winning the l
[This game is random in that it has randomly developed a mind of it's own which randomly decides to print a random amount of lines of an entry before randomly deciding to quit and begin to randomly suck.]


Krazyk242 - Today's Random Thought of the Day will be written in Ebonics: Say what? Yo chill homes- I be cool, I be cool.

Liar16 - contriary to what the interactive top ten sez i am not going to die a virgin.

Liar16 - i have rice in my head
[I have chopsticks sticking out of my ears, let's get together.]

MC cluck - "If at first you don't succeed, try second or shortstop" (MC cluck)

MC cluck - Floggings will continue until morale improves (MC cluck)

MC cluck - Sects, sects, sects! Is that all those monks think about? (MC cluck)

MC cluck - Save the whales!(collect the whole set). (MC cluck)

MadCat - Hey What Happened To The Real Bold Letter Guy?
[To be honest, I recall him saying something about winning the lottery and blowing this town. If you're lucky, maybe you will be next]

MadCat - And Stop Putting Those Little [ And ] On Your Comments
[Never! Tar me, feather me, pickle me, I never will!! You can bury me alive, you can submit me to the continuous sound of modems logging on, and I will prevail! ...Maybe I should stand up for a better cause.]

MadCat - No Offense, EvilClaws But You Cant Spell (:

Milk420 - I love BabyLamms

Milk420 - 8008
[3M TA3]

Milk420 - (.Y.) Boobs!

Milk420 - I do a body good.

MissScully - I still ask..WHY AM I UP THERE FOR THE TOP TEN!!!!!!

MissScully - Don't cry for me Argentina!!

MissScully - Don't cry for me the Random Game!!!
[It seems that there has recently been an influx of exclamation points from Columbia. No, I don't know what I mean by that either. But, looking over all the entries so far, I'm starting to feel sad for the period.]

Olergith1 - i nEverreally.. understad thi.s world? hAha1! I ll' show you pe sKY huMan...oids.. But never fers in the beggining there will Be LiGHt! {S tada} NEVEERR FEEARRR,...I AM HERE!!!!!!
[I H@Ve 2 SAy thAT thiS iS the Mo$T cRe@tivE u$e of LetTeRs, NumBeRs, sOUnDs, SEntEncE StruCTurE, AnD PuNctUAtioN i H@vE sEEn. @ MaSteRPiEce 4 SurE.]

PS8675309 - there once was an orange that fell from a tree...it rolled down to the ground and into the sea...it could not swim nor tred water...because it was an orange.
[It could have been a nectarine or an orangutan]

PaulCrash - Did anyone ever notice that Arsenio's head is shaped like a football?

SIM Being - Ever since you changed the position of the writer's name in the Radom Game archives I've been confused.
[*I* didn't change it, they come to me this way; I think perhaps it's an early April Fool's from the old Bold Letter Guy. If you really want I could change it back to normal manually, just for you. But, it would add about an extra 15 seconds to my work day...]

SIM Being - My message has been sent.
[You're doing better than me, I can't even get my messages open.]

SIM Being - OK

SIM Being - text clipping 1
statement from a Mac user.

SIM Being - Thank you for solving my mystery of the vanishing tokens.

SIM Being - All my neighbors have fences. I think it is a conspiracy.
[I was going to make a pun about "Don't Fence Me In," but I think I'll choose not to.]

SQUEEGY1 - Give me a S
Give me a U
Give me a C
Give me a K

Give me a U
Give me a P
What does that spell? ME

SQUEEGY1 - God, that sucked.

ScorpioAsh - In AP Biology today we played with DNA and fire. I warped a peice of glassware.
[Don't you just love Lab periods? Did you get to burn sugar yet? For some reason that smell turns me on, but I won't know why until I take Psychology.]

ScorpioAsh - Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... What's the story, morning glory? what's the tale, nightengale....Suddenly seymour, is standing beside me... damn show tunes test.

Shortsigh - I am feeling more and more rejected as the days pass...

Shortsigh - This would never have happened when my adorable Clean-up Manwas here.

Tocadisco - i though you were doing good ms darkfont, but now no more updates, what gives?
[How long does the hazing last?]

Tocadisco - Us people are pretty impatient

Zeroloo - Where do hamsters come from?
Hampsterdam?hahaha I love that one
[Where do hamburgers come from? Or is that just too old?]

Zeroloo - And I says to the bitch, hey bitch that's my duck.

Zeroloo - If I could be a penquin I would be an emperor they have those really keen eyelashes going for them.

Zeroloo - What is the name of that tv show, with that actor, and that director, that company produces the show. You know which one I am talking about?
[The Jeffersons? Or maybe the Simpsons? I always get those two shows confused.]

Zillll - Think of this: if the psychic network says no callers under 18 years of age and I happen to be 17 shouldn't they know that before I say anything and hang up on me??
[You think you're pretty smart; you thought you were uncovering that the Psychic Network is the biggest staged thingamajig since Professional Wrestling. Not this time pal. They expected someone clever like yourself to ask just such a question that's why in all the ads they always say, "Just tell them your name and your birthdate..." And, I assume they have some math training to then figure out your age. Now that is clever! However, if you were being deceptive and lying about your age, I don't know what to say.]