I sit here alone at my computer. My animals are mocking me. I don not care, the Red Dragon Inn is cool. I have left the Red Dragon Inn in order to come to Hecklers Online. I stopped going to school. I'm going to get my GED in heckerality. My milk supp
shall not deplete, for I am lactose intolerant. Goat cheese.. to ordinary man- a tasty treat. To me, a night of diherra and screaming. Thank you very much for your time. If I do not get tokens, I shall tear up paper and pretend i'm doing acid. and i
will be all your fault. Oh, by the way, Mrs. Bold Letter man person, I would like your phone number. we cn how you say, do the upside down mambo together?? or, at least give me tok-ens. that is, tokens. or tokens, even. Exit, stage Heckler. Depite the
act that Hecklers Online is full of 'HOs, I cannot score. I won't die a virgin, and I shall sue you for saying so. Thank you.

-Stefan, The greek/french

circus monkey. (Shaggz14)

I'm feeling down, I need a hug. Someone hug me... (Kenderyn)

{{{}}} I'm sure everyone would love do give you a hug.

I HATE ScorpioAsh (Docmoron)

i'm getting a Hecklers online T-Shirt, heh heh anyone jealous?? (Kenderyn)
[Me for one.]

ScorpioAsh IS ANNOYING (Docmoron)

GUESS WHAT???? I got an email from WG mike!!!! Wooohhhoooo!! It won;'t be long before Sean and I are married..... (Kenderyn)

I LOVE ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh ScorpioAsh.

ok? (Docmoron)

this is how stupid i am:

osterage (Docmoron) {Well, if there ever was a screen name that was appropriate...god help me, but I think he was actually trying to spell ostrich }

this was my answer on the "Show Me" game. (Docmoron)

What does one hand clapping sound like? (Nokmar3)

If you had to pick which guy like dolphins best... Hambone or Flippy, You'd probably say "Flippy." But you know what? You're wrong. (Nokmar3)

[Knowing Hambone, he probably like the Rams.]

Have a nice Holiday! (AustnHealy)

If blind people wear sunglasses, why don't deaf people wear earmuffs? (JFreund799)

Why do people drive in parkways, and park in driveways? (JFreund799)

If a peson in a wheelchair ran away, would he be called a "rollaway"? (JFreund799)

There was a gruff man that walked into a bar with an alligator leashed at his side. The man lifted the alligator onto the bar, put his hand in the alligator's mouth, and then repeatedly hit the alligator on the head with a metal pipe. The alligator ha
ly flinched. The man then said, "I will pay $5,000 to anyone else that can do this." Foolishly another man took the bet, put his hand in the alligator's mouth, and hit it on the head with the metal pipe. Almost instantly the alligator tore off the ma
s arm. The alligator's owner then put his leg in the mouth and proceeded to hit it on the head with the metal pipe. Nothing happened. He then said "I will give any man able to do this $10,000." A red kneck took up the offer and promptly had his leg
ewef off after the first whack with the metal pipe on the alligator's head. The alligator's owner then unzipped his pants, pulled out his unit, and inserted it into the alligators mouth, as usual he hit the alligator on the head repeatedly with the pip
again nothing happened. "I will give $15,000 to anyone able to match this action," he stipulated. Merrily a man in tight cut-off jeans pranced up to the bar and said "I can do that, but just don't hit me on the head with that pipe!" (Nokmar3)

[I think Juice maybe be Michael Jackson.]

That thing is pointy, man! (Jankm2)

Sometimes snow really DOES look like powdered sugar. I guess this means that reality is occasionally trite. (WOW, that was deep.) (Calvinbert)

Hi...my friend Sheila is going to post some entries....or maybe not...just don't blame me for whatever gets said for the next few entries...Thank you and Goodnight. (MissScully)

To be or not to be, what a truly stupid and overly quoted question. (Calvinbert)

I like playing pinnochle while moving my toes in green jelly. But only on the weekends. (MissScully)

Shutup! (MissScully)


[You know, I would say that I read the whole thing so that you would follow through and bomb the White House, but somehow I think everyone who is a participent in the Random Game would be named accomplices, and that just wouldn't be right. Besides "Pre
dent Gore" does not have a nice ring to it. Remember that in 2000.]

Okay, if you erase my message again, I'm gonna grab a shovel and a .44 and come after you, Nancy!


(for the 3rd time!)

Lately the Random Game has made me like, sick and stuff. I tried to form a backwoods militia to stop this nonsense, but everybody got lost in the woods and we had to eat this guy that froze and another guy got bit by a rabid squirrel and we had to c
in him to a tree to keep him from chewing his leg off and then it was just me and this guy named Butch and I said "Well, Butch, I guess this little militia to take over the Random Game didn't work!" and he was like "Well, I'm gonna kill you, Mr O." and
was like "Oh yeah? Tell that to my gun!" and I shot him and then I had to eat his liver and then a rescue helicopter found me several days later naked and cold.

the horror...

the horror...

What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Anyways, I figured that this game needs leadership. This name needs responsibility. This game needs a chimpanzee whore. Then I thought "Wait a minute! I'm responsible and a leader! And I know a chimpanzee whore! Her na
is Kiki and she's really nice if you get to know her!"

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. So that is why, I am announcing...MY CANDIDACY FOR PRESIDENT OF THE RANDOM GAME! That's right, Steven, I'm running for Random Game Presidency! Vote for me, good random citizens! Vote for me! Vote for me! Vote for

Uh, thank you.

(Mr Onliner)

[Aw man, you sounded great until you mentioned Kiki.]


Have you ever stapled your head to your keyboard. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Believe me That Hurts. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Push to test


Release to detonate (Wolfenhnd)
[It doesn't work for me. I must need to upgrade again.]

If you make a bunch of enteries & they all get posted do you get a certain amount of tokens for each or do you just get one lump sum? (JamiJR) (JamiJR)
[It's all random, does that answer your question?]


why not peru? (ELYN42)

[Because of El Nino. Sorry, I can't make the ~ over it, and that's why not Peru.]


Um......... (KelKel30)


Thank you! (KelKel30)

You're ruining my life. I"m faling into a deep depp depression. Today I showed my friend the neat HO prizes, namely the Monty Python CD-ROM...and she went out and bought it! She went out and bought it and i'm broke in the real and virtual worlds... (Sc

[Maybe she'll pirate you a copy. Did I just say that?]

Where does nail polish go after it chips off? (ScorpioAsh)

What happens to an idea after you erase it? (ScorpioAsh)

I just accidentally turned off my monitor... it was kinda frightening..everything went black and for a few seconds there I thought i'd just succumbed to SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which really confused me, because i'm not an infant. (Scorpi

The Bubonic Plague is so named because of the swellings the victim grows on their arms, legs, chest, etc, called bubones. The bubones grow and swell and the skin becomes black and purple, and bruised looking, due to the hemmoraging of every bodily organ
ncluding the skin. ...what's for dinner tonite? (ScorpioAsh)

(With a really awful British accent) I'm Hen-er-y the eigth i am, hen-er-y the eigth i am, i am, i got married to the widow next door, she's been married seven times before, and everyone was an hen-er-y.... (ScorpioAsh)

[Ha ha ha! You listen to Herman's Hermits! Ha ha ha! Oh wait, I listen must listen to Herman's Hermits too...]

I don't feel very random today..... I actually feel very structured. Could it be from counting every time I had to dial to get online tonight? 14,001....14,002...14,003...

Sorry, slide out of the chair.

14,125...14,126...14,127 (Morgana166)


oops that was an accident. (ScorpioAsh)

c is for cookie, that's good enough for me, c is for cookie that's good enough for me... (ScorpioAsh)

Police say there is now a second witness in the death of Bill Cosby's son. (ScorpioAsh)

[Yeah, unfortunately that witness was killed.]

I think I'm going to call in Mulder and Scully to investigate the repeated disappearances of the large bucket I have placed (repeatdly, I might add...) under the leaky spots in the ceiling to prevent my own electrocution by a certain copier company.

Do I sound obsessed by this?

Well, now that you mention it, I think that maybe I am... But really! Large blue recycling barrels do not just simply walk away, do they? I mean, where would they go? Is there a halfway house somewhere for recycling barrels? What do they do there?

More importantly, why would mine want to run away?... Granted, I am not using it for it's original/intended purpose, but who really knows that barrels don't get thirsty every so often?... (Morgana166)

A guy walks into a bar and says,"Hey bartender, give me a drink".

The bartender gave him a drink.

After he finished that one, he asked for another, then he finished that one and took a picture out of his pocket, looked at it, and put it back in his pocket. This same thing happened several times, then the bartender asked the man,"Why, after every dri
, do you take that picture out of your pocket, look at it, and then put it back?"

"You see," the man said,"thats a picture of my wife."

"So?" the bartender said

"So, asfter I take every drink I take it out and look at it until she looks good, then I go home." (MajikB69)

hello? (I0m3ga)
[Nobody is home, go away!]


It is too cold for me.

the wind is whipping wildly widdershins round my white-washed windowpane.

heeheehee (Morgana166)
[Alliterations the next door on the right. Yeah, I was going to write an alliteration too, but I'm lame.]

I thought that I just heard someone conversing in my living room. This would be a bad thing as I am home alone.

now where did i put that medication?..... (Morgana166)

the fax macine at my timecard today. Well, it wasn't my REAL timecard... It was a copy of my timecard. So I had to put the copier back together and make another copy...

I'm tellin' ya.... The hard work that I am forced to do. I almost broke out into a sweat today!

Oh, wait....maybe that was just a dream from last night.

I'm so confused....

Did I take my pill yet? (Morgana166)

If this game was truly random, wouldn't we all submit our entries more like this:

I fthi s ga mewa strulyrand om ,w ould n'tw e allsubm i tou r en trie smorelik et his ?

maybe I just need to get out of the house more often.... (Morgana166)

[Please don't give ideas away like that. Oh, it's too late. I can feel the ramifications already.]

What are you doing to me? Argh!

As if I didn't already spend more time than is good for me on line!! Now I sit here and just ramble on in my own precocious, paranoid-delusional, schizophrenic way....

hey, can i get tokens for correct spelling? (Morgana166)
[Yeah, but you have to use words I know how to spell.]

The voice of the Online God speaks to me and says, "Morgana...what the hell are you still doing on-line?"

I wittily answer, "Uhh...I dunno."

He shakes his head at me and booms, "Well get your butt in the shower, cause we're goin' out on the town!"

The expression on my face is one up blissful misery. (We have two stop-lights in my town--how much fun do you rhink I'm gonna have?...)

I bow my head meekly and say, "okay...."

He grins in that happy way of his and disappears in a puff of something that I would rather not go into.

Such is my life..... (Morgana166)

shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel sorry for you.....

shut up!!!!!!!!!!

your a bigot....

shut up!!!!, i'll kill you, i really willl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

connect the dots, lalala, connect the dots, lalala....

i like fishes cause there so delicious, gonna go fishing, gonna go fishing.....

damnet jim, i'm a doctor , not a hacker.....

sunny days, sweeping the clouds away,....

i pledge allegiance to the flag of the us of a....


See you later alligator....


until next time....

chantily lace and a curly face, pony tail hanging down, wiggle in your walk, giggle in your talk, makes the world go round round round......

catch you later tator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever been in an awkward situation? You know you have. Everyone has. Just the other day, I walked from school to this girl's house, and couple of her friends came. Some guys were coming, too, but they were having trouble sneaking out ('cause you
an't walk home without permission. I had permission). Anyway, this one girl was having her (cough) period. So she screaming through the house ('cause she was upstairs in the bathroom), "Can someone run to Medic and get me some tampons???" When no one sa
they would, she starting screaming about how much was coming out. She said a lot of other stuff I probably can't write here. Anyway, it was like 10 degrees and snowing, and they all had dress shoes, so they wanted ME to go. I was like "Hell, no!" So th
said they'd give me 5 bucks. I was about to say "Hells, no!" when I saw that she was handing me a 20 dollar bill to go buy them with. So, I took the money, bought a CD, and walked home. (PodrazaR)

Happy Fun Ball was an old SNL commercial. Jeez, where's the frigging originality in this place? (PodrazaR)
[I think everyone knows that, but it was a good skit and funnier even in text than the current snl or random game. Note: Had this been 20 years ago the mention of snl and the random game in the same breath would have been considered a compliment.]

[To illustrate the amount of originality in this place, which I must admit was a very good idea, it was here that PodrazaR pasted the text to the Happy Fun Ball sketch three times. Yes, I cut something out in an effort to exercise some leadership over
epetition. Forgive me, I have stepped out of line.]

This Random entry is brought to you by Squeezi Cheez! If it's almost cheese but not quite it's Squeezi Cheez! (Krazyk242)

Did anyone see Mars Attacks? I particularly liked the flaming cow stampede. (Krazyk242)

What the hell is this, you ask? Go back and read "How to play The Random Game" if you really want to know.


My Happy Fun Ball can beat up your Happy Fun Ball. (Krazyk242)

It's a krazy, krazy day. (Krazyk242)

Am I annoying you yet? I've very good at that too as well as scaring people. What can I say? I GOTTA BE ME------! I GOTTA BE ME---------! Mawhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

[I don't know about anyone else, but you did just annoy me. Not for being you, but for getting that song in my head.]

Boo (Toasty22)

[Halloween is in October. Come back in a few months.]

poop! (Dave Leu)

Why is it that everytime someone says that they have plans to get ahead in the business world, they always end up with their head up someone elses butt? (LoveFire18)

How often do you post these things anyway? (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

If I send you a really cool picture would you be more likely to post my stuff? How about if I sent you the movie trailer to Interview with the Vampire? That is, if you can open MOV files. Hey, I'm not above a little bribery. (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

not only was oksana bauiil dwi she was also dwso (driving with skates on) (WWWeston)

Assuming a woodchuck could chuck wood, and that the wood was aproximitly 3 feet wide, when will the two trains meet? (GrmReaperX)

have a nice day love life live love love yourself hug your neighbor pet a dog shave a cat skin a goat gut a fish eat a pig fight the power go with your particular supreme being lay an egg probe a chicken dissect an alien know yourself plant a tree feed
fire run like hell!! (CortJstr)

I've seen lots of entries w/ carriage returns in them so why do the directions still say you can't use them? (CortJstr)

[The rules are a joke?]
















































way (CortJstr)

[That's deep, man.]