I really want a copy of the song that goes "They're coming to take me away To the funny farm where trees & flowers grow & I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats......" I heard it once, years ago. Someone requested it on the
adio & dedicated it to Saddam Hussian. Ever since then I've had the song stuck in my head & I must hear it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

When my dog, Audrey Rose, was a tiny little puppy I'd let her sleep in my bed because she missed her mom so much she'd cry all night unless she could be close to me. She's curl up on the pillow right next to my head. Now she's two and small even for her
reed (Cocker Spainel). I try to keep her out of the bed but she jumps up in it while I'm asleep & can't kick her out. I sleep in a full size bed which is pretty good size, almost a queen. For such a tiny dog, Audrey sure is a bed & cover hog! I often wa
up sleeping on only 1/4th of the bed, she takes over the other 3/4ths! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

[That's the first law of sleeping with pets. The amount of bed you have is proportional to the decreasing size of the pet, but now exponentially...oh, I forget the rest.]

BEERGUT Loves Janet Reno? I thought I was his one and only. I must not be using my stalking tools effectively. (AIias AKA)

Mother's Little Helper = Prozac (AIias AKA)

Happy Fun Balls also come in pairs. They are commonly known as Ben Wah balls. (AIias AKA)

It must suck being you. (AIias AKA)

[I'm going to pretend this isn't directed at me, but being as paraonoid as I am, I am about this close to telling my mommy on you.]

I like boxing as a sport. Any time two guys can just beat the living hell out of one another, heck, I'm there! (AIias AKA)

I love you, You love me, Barney gave me HIV

He's a big, fat, stupid Purple Dinosaur

Let's kick his fat ass out the door. (AIias AKA)

Cappucino please? (AIias AKA)
[Try a Mocha Java, it's much more fun to say.]

IF I DO NOT GET SOME TOKENS SOON.....My head will spin around, I will spit out green pea soup, I will urinate all over my computer, I will expel aliens from my abdomen. Please...gimme tokens. (AIias AKA)

I can't wait to see the Star Wars movies rereleased. (Kumantes)
[The commericals say, "for a whole generation, Star Wars has only been seen on the small screen." Has it been that long? Or is the movie theater around here just behind on releases?]

Randomness lost... (Kumantes)

I have lost all my randomness (Kumantes)

it is the passing of a legend... (Kumantes)

My hair is brown. Why don't you believe me!? (TManzo)

Who exactally IS The Bold Letter Guy? (SQUEEGY1)
[I don't think there is one.]

Why did the chicken cross the road? Duh, because he felt like it. Why did you want to know anyway? (TManzo)

Double breasted chain mail suits are a big plus (Shaggz69)

Is anyone else online sick of trying to get on America Online. I can try all different access numbers at different times of the day, but all i get is BUSY SIGNAL after BUSY SIGNAL. Sometimes the 1-800 number to get local access numbers is even BUSY! Doe
anyone else have this problem? I want to know what I can do about it!? (TManzo)

[I'm sick of complaining and hearing people complain about it. I'd quit, but then what of the Random Game? Oh, I suppose you'd all like that, huh? Well, tough luck, because I don't know how to quit.]

Thanks for changing the format back. I don't accept new things very well. (BabyLamms)
[Let's hope it lasts. I'm not religious, but everyone let's pray for the format.]

NERF CROTCH BAT!!!!! (BabyLamms)

cuz crotch + bat = lots of fun (BabyLamms)

Here... here's an actual conversation:

Cogby:Ooooohhhh, a dance. Fun?

Sarah44214:sort of

i just broke up with my boyfriend, so i didn't really have no one to dance wit

Cogby:Awwwww.... how sad.

Sarah44214:its cool

i dumped him


SPAM spelled backwards is MAPS!!!!! (CYSDDuff)

Maxi Pads for Dogs? (Sharonhm)

Call me Ishmail. That's because my name is Ishmail. I didn't come up with it. My parents were idiots. That's why my name is Ishmail. Ishmail is a dumb name to have if you are a 60 year old beautician. So just knock it off. (RonaldB124)
[Yeah, I have the same problem. Well, except my name isn't Ishmail.]

I don't have any busy signal problems with AOL because I connect to AOL with a TCP/IP connection. You could have one too, but you are all fooled by AOL, into thinking that setting up the "real" internet is hard. Go to newsgroups, and look up alt.aol.s

I'm pretty sure I can say suc*s, but I'm not sure, and I don't want a TOS violation (RonaldB124)

[You can say "sucks". However, I don't think you can say "AOL sucks" because I, for one, have never seen anyone with an aol account post to alt.aol.sucks. Chickens.]

There was this hot babe on late night tv last night named RuPaul. (RonaldB124)

n sigma (i= initial) of i^2 is equal to (n(n+1))/2 (RonaldB124)

If Nuns live in a Nunnery, Why dont Monks live in a Monkery? (ATTEBERRYM)

The Best Ways to Kill Barney, that horendous puprle dinosaur: Throw him under a lawnmower, chop off his huge purple head, send him to an NYC jail, let him send loving and care to to Timothy McVeigh, send him to a recycling plant and put him in a compact
, have a train run over his head, tape him to the OUTSIDE of the space shuttle (on re-entry, of course), show him what it's like to have a parachute fail 50,000 feet in the air, or you could have him try to persuade Jason he shouldn't kill people. (WJC

I signed on twice tonight without ever getting a busy signal. Twice! Wow.... (MysteDream)

i'm going to submit a demand: alphabetize the damn entries. (by screen name) (TODnCOPPER)
[Do you have any hostages?]

i don't know about all you other people, but i can't find a single key on here that says or ... (TODnCOPPER)

i don't know about all of you other people, but i think that tnt is the most useless channel on tv right now. everything that it shows can be seen somewhere else. (TODnCOPPER)

i don't know about all you other people, but i never read what the bold letter guy/gal posts at the beginning, because it's too long, and it looks like rules. (TODnCOPPER)

[You're not missing anything.]

i don't know about all you other people, but i think that people who spend so much time in the antagonist trivia place that they memorize the answers and dominate the tokens should be punished...not rewarded. (TODnCOPPER)

There are three kinds of people in this world: those who can count and those who can't. (Puck3) (Puck3)

i don't know about all you other people, but my nose itches. (TODnCOPPER)

i don't know about all you other people, but i think that the benny hill show is the funniest thing on tv right now. (and it's NOT on tnt) (TODnCOPPER)

i would like to apologize to everyone for the total lack of quality of entries that i (and everyone else) sent today. (TODnCOPPER)

for all of you people out there who think you're pros at the random game...i'd like to see you try your hand at sorry. (TODnCOPPER)

i think all of my entries from the other day got lost. why me??? (TODnCOPPER)

[Now that you mention it, I think everyone's posts were lost. Yesterday I got 8 posts all addressed to the Angry White Male. So, go complain to him.]

i don't know if i've sent this before, but i think it's damn funny.

--aiming is not hitting--swahili proverb (TODnCOPPER)

i'm going to tell you all about the dream i had last night. it starts off that i'm in the grocery store, playing with this toy airplane that shoots real missiles. i had my fun, and then i left. outside, there was this guy who i knew (but really i don
) and we went over to this car and stole it. next, it was two days later, and we were in a car, and the cops were following us. this guy hands me a twenty dollar bill, and i got mad and started to accuse him of trying to frame me. next thing i know,
m in a bus, and there's a car stopped in front of us. we swerved around it, and we were ok. then we (me and the choir i'm in) all got out (while the bus was still moving) and hung on to the sides. we did this for quite a while, and then we came upon
house. we all decided to go sledding, and on the way down, i saw this guy with a cell phone. that was when i woke up. i'm open to interpretations. (TODnCOPPER)

[JamiJR is the only one with permission to post dreams. Sorry, my hands are tied. And, no, that wasn't my dream last night.]

You know, after reading all these enteries & realizing how many I've made- I feel so sorry for you! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

where does the pope go to the bathroom? in the vatiCAN! (Fragmentg)

NEVER feed your dog sausage late at night or your room will really start to stink! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)