I decided that 'administer' was also the word for 'get medieval'. (GCard)

Remember those merry-go-rounds that the bigger kids would push around, and you would

fall off and they would trample you to death? I loved that. (GCard)

[When I was young, so much younger than today, I thought those were cool. Of course, I was in 2nd grade then and you had to be in 3rd grade to ride it. In the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade they removed it, therefore my childhood sucked.]

Oh, how sweet. She wants to die in my bras. (GCard)

How come the smurfs could never fit through the bars of the cage Gargamel put them in when there was clearly enough room to walk right through and escape back to the mushroom village. (RKhanna79)

I have a question...after all, Ms. Bold Letter Guy Replacement, you're a girl right? Are there actually decent men out there? I'm ready to bet an insane amount of money that there aren't.....any takers? (Calvinbert)

[I wouldn't take you up on that bet. I'd be a fool to do so. And a fool and his money, oh forget it.]

WWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Calvinbert)

No, really, I'm fine. Besides the ax through the head, I'm fine, honest. (Calvinbert)

Thereslyn: Roses are red, violets are blue, I don't understand the random game, How about you? (TheresLyn)

I finish what i sta (BabyLamms)

I can't believe I got online in one try! Now what do I do? (PaulCrash)

[You got online and you are wasting your time here? That touches me.]

Burbling happily along in the slipstream of life... (KiheBard)

heebeegeebee (Minskiboy)

Fappy Bun Hall (ScorpioAsh)

You ever wonder who those people are that posed for the People Connection icon? That one in the red dress above the first N is cute, but the guy in the lab jacket and the guy in the strait jacket (above the first C) have got to go. That might be Steve
ase wearing the dorky tie. Where do they get these people??? Huh? (PaulCrash)

Why do 80 year old drivers always have their hands on "10 and 2" .......Because that is all they remember about driving rules. (KCHIEFAN)

duck walks into a bar...says, "bartender, give me a beer!"...bartender says, "we don't serve ducks...don't come back or i'll nail your feet to the floor!!"...duck comes back the next day...duck: "bartender...got any nails?"...bartender: "no"...duck: "g
e me a beer!"........ (QUICKCHIC)

[You are a quick chic, last time I heard that joke it went on much longer than that.]

it has come to my attention that......nevermind, i forgot.... (QUICKCHIC)


oh, and this one time, we all got in the car and decided to go find bob... (QUICKCHIC)

If dogs sweat from their tongues, then why do they have armpits? (GavinFrday)

my sister sometimes makes me mad....but i just put the tape back over her mouth.... (QUICKCHIC)

Just why do they call them "18-hour bras"? What happens after 18 hours? My guess is they turn into angry poodles. (GavinFrday)

[There are a lot of recurring themes today. But if I thought everyone was paying attention, I wouldn't have felt the need to say that.]

here i sit...same as ever...try to win tokens...but HAVE i????...never..... (QUICKCHIC)

The walking dead are everywhere. Now I don't speak of zombies in the voodoo sense of the word as they are pretty much exclusive to the bayou and capitol hill. I speak of those people who have had theirminds and souls ripped out by years of the America
education system. People whose souls have been crushed by the harsh reality that is our world. So look out, there may beone stanidng right next to you. You may be one. Beware. Beware. Beware. (EricStov)

Just another randomly stupid entery. (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

I knew it was one of the Prime Numbers of the Zeman Series...I haven't changed. (BitterActr)

Beauty is in the eye of the person who is looking at you strangely with an erection. (BitterActr)
[That was just to good to be said for the first time now, where'd you get it from, huh?]

Once I stuck my finger into an electric socket and then Jack Nance died. (BitterActr)

If you skin puppies, they won't look as cute, but they'll be puppies forever. (BitterActr)

I want a fried pie. I want a fried pie! I WANT A FRIED PIE!! (BitterActr)

Beer Nuts ?...do they go with Meatballs ? (DJ QIX) (DJ QIX)


Friends don't let friends get "Friends" haircuts!!! (LtCmr RJ)


A completely werid day, one fine month, I had an odd expereince.... Nothing happened! (Flexidisk)

If someone claims to be a vegetarian, can they eat Animal Crackers? (CableMunch)

Never pet a burning dog.... (SquiggieT)

The end is near. (Krazyk242)
[Geez, I hope so.]

Happiness means kraziness. I am one happy person. (Krazyk242)

He's Not heavy, he's my brother. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Bow to me ye mortals or I shall give ye a thrashing ye shall ne'er forget! (Krazyk242)

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11)(Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Just making sure you knew who to give the tokkens to> (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Como esta usted. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Muy bien, gracias. Y tu?(Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Asi, asi. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

I wish that i had a pony, that woud be way cool man. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

Does anyone know how to get a baseball bat out of a dog's @$$. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

69, he he. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

If I happenend to hit return, would my computer blow up or something. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

[Go back in the random archive and see just what happens when return has been pressed.]

mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsapoiuytrewq. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

( . )( . ) ( ) l____l (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolp. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

plokimjunhybgtvfrcdexswzaq. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

I better a least get 1 token. (Tewmbj11) (Tewmbj11)

If anyone knows what velour flares are, please let me know, it's been bugging me for a few years now, cool. (GBones586)

If you recieve something by truck, it's called a shipment, if you ge it by plane or boat, it's called.....cargo? What the...ohhh, life gives me that funny feeling in my tumms sometimes. (GBones586)

Yordy the Irish puupy drank whiskey all night long. Til he drank so much one night he got a little closer than he should have with the cat next door. (Krazyk242)

Banana is such a funny word. Either that or I'm drunk. (Krazyk242)

[So is ascertain...well, I think so.]

I can't wait till the next posts to see if I finally win something! (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

Don't you hate it when you get stupid songs stuck in your head? ~~Hey good lookin'! What ya got cookin'? How's about cookin' somethin' up with me? I said hey- sweet baby! Don't ya think maybe- we could find us a brand new recipe?! I got a hot rod Ford a
a $2 bill~~ I can't remember the rest. Something about a hill. (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

Three pigs are in a bathtub, and the first pig needs the soap, so he says to the pig in the middle,'Would you pass me the soap?' 'Ok' says the middle pig.The third pig needs the shampoo, so he says to the middle pig'Would you pass me the shampoo?' The m
dle pig's face is turning fiery red, the glinting rage claws at his lips 'LOOK' he says 'WHAT AM I?A CORN CHIP?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?' (Fire b4267)

!!!!!modnar dias uoY (Fire b4267)

Little seed inside the prunie, is it night? Or is it noonie? whatcha doin' prunie? STEWIN'??? (Fire b4267)

I like the restaurant chi chi's!!! (Woody95237)

Random this, random that,

I am feeling rather *&#$*#!!! (Industrry)
[Hmm, what rhymes with that...?]

I can't stand it! Someone get that poor smilely-face guy a nose!!!!!!! Like this- :-) (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

if i see another error message, i'm going "postal" and you are all potential murder victims.... (QUICKCHIC)

there once was this CHIC trying to win tokens....but she didn't, so her heart is now broken...she sat there and waited...never went out, never dated...they found her dead with the gun still a smokin'..... (QUICKCHIC)

ODE TO AOL.....by the hour you took my cash...then at once went to unlimited access...now i'm STILL broke, getting online is a joke...might trade my modem for a couple of axes.... (QUICKCHIC)

EdIsOn HiGh ScHoOl Is ThE bEsT sChOoL, yOu CrAzY fOoL! (ShuckiDuck)

At least somebody loves Janet Reno. (ADTYLER)

[And you're nobody till somebody loves you.]

i told my friend to think of something random: he said, "I don't know" (Iaphoo)

There's something that's really been bothering my lately. With all the plane's that have been going down in the recent years, why hasn't anyone figured out how to fix these things? I've got the answer ! Make the d*mn things outta the stuff they make
e black box out of! Isn't it kinda strange that the plane blows up, and body parts are spewn across the atlantic (or pacific), most of them unrecoverable, but they can ALWAYS find that little black box! It's always in tact! These things are indestruc
ble! Build the planes out of the same materials. (Maggie777)

[You got that idea from a stand-up. Now give it back.]

He must have died while carving it. (ScorpioAsh)

I have of late, but wherefore I know not, lost all my mirth, forgone all custom of exercises, and indeed it goes so heavily with my disposition that this goodly frame the earth seems to me a sterile promontory, this most excellent canapy the air, look y
, this brave o'erhanging firmament, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire, why, it appeareth nothing to me but a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours. What a piece of work is man, how noble in reason, how infinite in faculties, in form an
moving how express and admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprhension how like a god; the beauty of the world,the paragon of animals, and yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me....(Shakespeare homework)(typed that al
from memory!) (Calvinbert)

If your're happy and you know it, stomp your feet ::stomp, stomp:: If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet ::stomp, stomp:: If you're happy and you know it and you surely wann
show it, if you're happy and you know it stomp your feet ::stomp, stomp:: (ScorpioAsh)

[I love the variety of entries. Especially when the two varieties land back to back.]

I feel compelled to turn a cartwheel. (ScorpioAsh)

After all the directions i still don't get it! (Miss Mo675)

Why do they call lemon heads lemon heads because they are big big lemon shaped heads. (Chatknow)

The Stinky Cheese Man is in town and he's pissed! Watch out Madonna cause he can sing too! Watch out Roseanne he ate 5 International Houses Of Pancakes! Watch out Tom Cruise cuz this guy looks better than you do (as if nobody thought that was even re
tely possible)! Watch out Cher this chessy guy is a major slut! Watch out America, he'll be here soon. Try July 4, 1997.

He'll be here and he's bringin a couple friends!

W A T C H O U T A M E R I C A ! !

(Crakerz123) (Crakerz123)

The Randomly Updated Random Game!!! (MissScully)

Please Send Tokens. We are a small organization (very small) collecting all the tokens you can spare!For the price of a cup of coffee you can e-mail at least 30 to 50 tokens a day to my account I mean our organization.
e will make sure need hecklers such as my self will put them to good use. Thank you for your support. (NHilton101)

post! and i dont mean the cereal


[Oh sorry, I feel asleep.]

The Random Game sucks a shared drive, like a CD-ROM, and appears to have a soothing formula... (Sean4jesus)

Kosher food is good, but only with a side of bacon. (Tocadisco)

David Lister is, like, an American hero...like, he is from, like, the Middle East or someplace though...RED DWARF REALLY...um...what was i saying? (Sean4jesus)

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. (Tocadisco)

[This is no coincidence. You are conspiring!!]

Here's a definition:

def*i*ni*tion (noun)

[Middle English diffinicioun, from Middle French definition, from Latin definition-, definitio, from definire]

First appeared 14th Century

1 : an act of determining; specifically : the formal proclamation of a Roman Catholic dogma

2 a : a statement expressing the essential nature of something

b : a statement of the meaning of a word or word group or a sign or symbol

c : a product of defining

3 : the action or process of defining

4 a : the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear

b (1) : clarity of visual presentation : distinctness of outline or detail

(2) : clarity esp. of musical sound in reproduction

c : sharp demarcation of outlines or limits

-- def*i*ni*tion*al (adjective) (Tocadisco)

The wrestling world has spoken, yet i'm not quite sure what they said. (Milk420)

zippy is not currently signed on (Tocadisco)

May I borrow your electric blackhead removal kit? (Sean4jesus)

WARNING: don't annoy me by continuing to play the random game if you have nothing to say, or you shall be assigned a Free Masons' Report immeadatly! (Sean4jesus)

I don't understand why anyone would play this game. (GregP0525)

[Okay everyone, let's beat up Greg, until he gets the meaning!]

Hi!!!!! 8^)~ (Joker15F)

The Black Star rises, and Trimaris should weep, And their sons and daughters to their homes should keep, Black Star sweeping to the vine-swept field, Trimarans: do you wish at this time to yield? (KiheBard)

2 women r on a plane it's about to crash the white woman starts putting on all her jewlery the black woman asks "why r u doing that?" She says when the plane crashes I will sparkel and they will find me quicker...the black women all of a sudden starts t
take all of her clothes off....the white woman asks why r u doing that.....the black woman responds when the plane crashes they will spot the black box! (Dizdvl)

Give me 5 tokens or I will feed Nally's Chili to your dog, lock you both in your bathroom with the power out, and give you a book of matches for light. (P0TAT0MAN)

Frequently updated games make life simple and fun, while sporadically updated games just add to my stress!!! ARGHHHHH! (Industrry)

[Hey, if this wasn't the Random Game, I'd agree.]

you want random? You can't handle Random!


puh lease update this darn thing .

screw random! we want updates! (Industrry)

Hello?............................huh? (Smick Rick)

I'm not going to whine about wanting tokens- somehow I think that's the wrong aproach. So now I'm just going to whine about other stuff until I do get tokens. (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

My grandma on my dad's side once got sent to the princeapal's office for spelling Mississippi M-i-doubleS-i-doubleS-i-doubleP-i. (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

Why does my dog have to have such stinky gas? (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

If I told you I was randomly going insane would you tell me I was crazy? (JamiJR) (JamiJR)

[If you ask polietly. I think that is the real point of this game...to make us *all* insane.]

Seriously, being surrounded by women limits your attractiveness (GCard)

I think plurals should be made by placing an H after the last vowel. (GCard)

Bloodguilt: I'll come see you. So will Megan. Just to use your scanner, of course, but isn't that better

than nothing?

GCard: Hey, yeah. As long as she promises to flirt with me if my roommate's around :)

GCard: For the status thing, y'know.

Bloodguilt: I'm not sure if you could call what she does "flirting."

GCard: Okay, whatever.

GCard: Spanking. Whatever you want to call it.

Bloodguilt: I'll be sure to tell her you want her to spank you. (GCard)

Remember those merry-go-rounds that the bigger kids would push around, and you would fall off and they would trample you to death? I loved that. (GCard)

[Deja vu.]

Oh, how sweet. She wants to die in my bras. (GCard)

[Deja vu, aussi]

Luvin' or Lovin'? You decide. (GCard)

You aren't printing my stuff. I did a whole series of ballots that to my knowledge were ignored. (GCard)

I have eight tokens and I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! Did you give them to me, Drakfont? (GCard)

[Umm, sure, I'll take credit for it.]

Love me. (GCard)

[I don't know whether to hug you or to tell you that you are pathetic. Which would you prefer?]

The people are slugs. Slugs with big ugly heads. (GCard)

I HATE it when a movie is good except for ONE LITTLE THING. Like Daylight. It was SO good except for the script. (GCard)

Can I say penis? (GCard)

Penis penis penis penis. (GCard)

Down with Censorship! Up with Torture! (GCard)

My roommate says peaches are on trees. (GCard)

The Tetris will destroy your life lest you bow to its power. Serve the Tetris! Serve the Tetris! (GCard)

Chuck sold his soul to the Tetris. (GCard)

No, not "sold". "Offered up". (GCard)

How much root beer can you drink before root beer sludge starts to seep from your eyes? I think i'm almost there. (GCard)

Happy Fun Ball. (GCard)

I just heard about this whole Tickle Me Elmo thing. How long has this been going on? (GCard)

I finally kissed somebody again today. It's been way too long. (GCard)

If you reject any entries, then reject this one. I want to see if you ever do. (GCard)

I'm (GCard)

trying (GCard)

to (GCard)

up (GCard)

the (GCard)

chance (GCard)

that (GCard)

I'll (GCard)

be (GCard)

a (GCard)

random (GCard)

winner. (GCard)

I knw people sit and write entry after entry like I'm doing. You can't take them all. (GCard)

[Oh yeah? Watch me.]

What the hell is this, you ask? Go back and read "How to play The Random Game" if you really want to know.

*IMPORTANT* If you type something in the box below, DO NOT use the or key anywhere in it (until I post something saying the Online Host has his head out of his ass and our entry reading software will work properly).

*MORE IMPORTANT* If you want to send a file or an image, attach it to an e-mail and mail it to "HO Theme". (GCard)

[What did you do GCard? Submit some, go away, come back and submit some of the same ones again? Or maybe this time the random software is screwing up on your end. Yeah, that's it. Everyone blame GCard. Hmm, I've noticed today as I go through ent
es that I'm getting increasly more rude.]

You know you're a little...different...when you create private chat channels named things like

'Parsley,' 'Brain Tumor,' 'bathing in entrails,' and 'Jell-O.' (Khaleth)

[This may tell something about me, god I hope not, but I've used "jello" before...but I didn't stay long, people were already there. Maybe it was you.]

I was thinking about the strangest thing I've ever done at the same time as I was talking on

the phone. Eventually I decided that accidentally setting a cookie on fire while talking to my

sister definitely won out. (Khaleth)

You know you're hungry when you go throw snowballs at a guy's window at 4 am because he said online that he had some Pringles. Especially when you wake up his roommate while doing it.


Remember those merry-go-rounds that the bigger kids would push around, and you would fall off and they would trample you to death? I loved that."


[Oh, I'm so confused.]

I'll be sure to tell her you want her to spank you. (Khaleth)

"Sludge. Can't live with it, can't eat it." (Khaleth)

"Seriously, being surrounded by women limits your attractiveness." (Khaleth)

If you eat enough Twinkies, will all the preservatives in them make it so you don't need to be

embalmed when you die? (Khaleth)

Do I care? At this point, doesn't anyone care?