[There were some other games on Sunday besides the "Super Bowl." Is this one as impressive? I don't know, it's tough to lip-sync in typing.]

"Canadia" sounds like a dance...like the macarena, but with a canadian beat, and a LOT more "Eh?" (SuprDags)

"Alright, who wants an enema?" (GorGor420)

"Kto dyevoushka ya cmotral c vamou vchera?"
"Ne dyeboushka! SPAM!" (Ender36)

-------B O X-------
O jack O
-------B O X------- (Fire b4267)

::sigh:: National Abuse GCard day is over. (Bloodguilt)

:<) <--------Art
;?( <--------Modern Art (JohnMCS)

Ahhhh! I've tapped into the mind of a rambling introvert! (Bloodguilt)

Ahoj.... Zdravi... Tvuj Pritel, Megan (MurdocMe)

Ak. (Bloodguilt)

Although I don't know if I *can* stop. I think I'm addicted. (Bloodguilt)

Alvin, Simon, Theodore. Du, du, du du du du. Du, du, du du du du. (Calvinbert)
[You actually have the right amount of dues...wow.]

Am I WeIrD ?! (RMockmore)

And just what the hey are you talking about? Or, to be grammatically correct: just about what the hey are you talking? (Bloodguilt)


BYUBOY: I'm looking for love from an LDS lady
Ender36: Joy. Why don't you stop talking to me and find it? (Ender36)

Bloodguilt has to go run a mile and a half and I don't. Nyah. (Khaleth)

Bloodguilt: We were bathing in entrails one night.
Bloodguilt: Warm and squishy.
Ender36: Mmmm.
WeenyWoman: How lovely. In the moonlight I assume
Bloodguilt: Yes, and it was waxing gibbous.
Ender36: Yup.
WeenyWoman: Cool! (Ender36)

Boo hoo!!!! I want my name to show up on the tokens list! I have 6 whole tokens! (394 more & I can get a Monty Python CD-rom!!!!!) But my name hasn't shown up yet. I'm going to go cry. :-( (JamiJR)

Can't you do us all a favor
can't you stop breathing? (MurdocMe)

Clones are people two! (Bloodguilt)

Did you know Victor Hugo wrote in the nude? It's true. (Bloodguilt)

Did you know that tang is a kick in a glass?
I didn't.
May the Tang be with you.

Did you know that when someone asks for "biscuits," they are really asking for Methadone? (Bloodguilt)

Do canadians have baby canadians, or do they spring forth fully grown and ready "Candaia" (SuprDags)

Do you get countless entries of people just babbling away thinking that it will be random so they can their measly tokens and brag to their cyberfriends? What a bunch of dorks (excluding me, I've got unlimited time ha,ha,ha,ha) (JohnMCS)
[Yeah, but Jami thought she had unlimited time, too. ;o)]

Do you get it. (Tewmbj11)

Do you have to count your teeth to be able to say you have 28? (Bloodguilt)

Do you really -need- all those punctuation marks, or is it just a way to inflate your fragile ego? (Ender36)

Does anyone have any spare nintendo games? (Tewmbj11)

Don't make fun of me just because I'm on medication right now. (Ender36)

Don't ying my yang. (Krazyk242)

Eew...Stop slurping and eat like a human being! (Ender36)

Efilnikcufecin ...Efil...nickcuf...ecin... (GorGor420)

Emoticons are tools of the devil. (Khaleth)

F*** you! They're my shoes. I can wear them whenever I want to. (Bloodguilt)

For my next song: meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.... (HardBlue9)
[And, the right amount of meows. You people are unbelieveable.]

Frailty, thy name is woman! (Khaleth)

GCard is a tool of the devil, too...but I think I already said that. (Khaleth)

GCard: Just don't say ":::tongue, tongue:::" A girl in a chat room once said that to me. I felt so licked. (Ender36)

GCard: Must you try my philosophical patience?
Ender36: Didn't know you had any.
GCard: Didn't know there was any doubt.
Ender36: You don't know a lot of things, m'lad. (Ender36)

GCard: There are so many reasons to make fun of you, I wouldn't dream of stopping so low as to resort to medical cracks. (Ender36)

GCard: Yeah, them boys.
GCard: Always spankin' it.
GCard: Jus' spankin' away.
GCard: Day and night.
GCard: Hour after hour.
GCard: Spankin' spankin' spankin'.
GCard: Spankin' spankin' spankin'. (Bloodguilt)

GCard: I sit in the back now, so I can drink root beer undisturbed. (Bloodguilt)

GCard: Only you would so transparently try to mask her lust for crayons. (Ender36)

Gimme tokens! I need proof I have no life! (Khaleth)

Go on, reject me. I dare you. (Khaleth)

Go on, try it. (Tewmbj11)

Guess what? I have fake nails again. They feel so weird. I don't want to wash my hair 'cause then my nails will get stuck in my hair. I'm serious. (Bloodguilt)

Happy 'Abuse GCard Day', everyone! ::tosses confetti:: (Khaleth)

Have the automatic doors at the supermarket ever not acknowledge your presence? Let me tell you, you really feel low when that happens. (WeenyWoman)
[Yeah...it's WeenyWoman. It's about time you showed up.]

Have you ever tried pantomining 'Jack and the Beanstalk' while your stomach hurts so much you can't stand upright? (Khaleth)

He who stands on toilet high on pot (Tilly18891)

Heckle me, baby! (Krazyk242)

Hello, spell this backwards-:
A slut nixes sex in Tulsa (Fire b4267)

Hello, spell this backwards-:
Go hang a salami I am a lasagna hog (Fire b4267)
[Egad a base tone denotes a bad age.]

Hello. My name is Ziggeh. Where do you get tokens again? How? Bubbeh!! (NTGolf 1)

Help! Help! (Bloodguilt)

Hey Darkfont! How many tokens would you give me to stop entering the random game? (Bloodguilt)
[Well, I gave Scorpio and Jami 6 each. Apparently that wasn't enough ;o) ]

Hi (Nyello)

Just kidding (Nyello)

Ha! You cretin! (Nyello)

Gaa-baa (Nyello)

Hitler wasn't all bad. When he was young, he showed a lot of promise as an artist. If only he hadn't lost that watercolor set. (Bloodguilt)

I am Arthur, king of the Britons. Resistance is feudal. (Bloodguilt)

I am Squeegy
hear me roar (SQUEEGY1)

I am a dog. (Tewmbj11)

I can't decide which is better, running a mile and a half or walking three. (Bloodguilt)
[Is there a third choice?]

I don't believe i have said howdy to you yet, bold-print guy. Howdy. How does it feel to be loved be so many? (SuprDags)
[Hello SuprDags. I wouldn't know yet.]

I don't remember much about when I was little. Once some guy made me a peanut butter sandwich. (Bloodguilt)

I feel fortunate that I haven't been anally violated yet by a hermaphroditic homeless person who has neglected to shower in 10 years. (Bloodguilt)

I feel guilty about going, but the excitement outweighs the guilt. (Bloodguilt)

I forgot the rest. (MissScully)

I give up. I'm going to bed. (Industrry)

I guess you could just ask if you were that curious. (Bloodguilt)

I have Mid-Terms all week. I failed precalc and physics, and i belive this qualifies me to be put in charge of AOL's account books. I put the question to you. (SuprDags)
[I make reference to Jami a lot, but ask her, I think she'd certainly agree.]

I have the meaning of life stored away inside my computer, but can't do a thing with it? (Bloodguilt)

I have the same birthday as Joan Baez and Richard Nixon. Lucky me. (Bloodguilt)
[I think I can do better. I have the same birthday as Meatloaf and the annoying Cassidy. Well, maybe I lose, but pity me anyway.]

I kind of think I look cross-eyed from a distance, but other
folks don't think so. (Bloodguilt)

I like spoons . . .. . . . . . . .. .. .. . (Nyello)

I love Bacon,
I love pork,
Gee, I wish I had a fork. (SQUEEGY1)

I miss you Horatio. (Bloodguilt)

I randomly thought this random entry up. Please randomly give me tokens. (Krazyk242)

I sure do like to eat food. Food is good. Sometimes, I will eat non-food products. I like food . . . . . (Nyello)

I swear. (Tewmbj11)

I think licking helps to constitute a "right" chat room. (Ender36)

I think she's getting senile. (Ender36)

I think today should be "Magic School Bus" day and everyone should be taken on the magic schoolbus back to there home planets. (Tewmbj11)

I warned ye! Didn't I warn ye? That chalk was forged by *Lucifer* 'imself! (Khaleth)

I was gonna type in all the lyrics to "It's the end of the world as we know it" from memory, but I decided that the Boldface carbon-based-life-form would probably kill me, so I didn't (CortJstr)
[Kill, no never. I don't think I can make out every word, so I'd probably appreciate it. Of course, I wouldn't be able to post it because of copyrights, but I'd never kill you.]

I was just over by the bookstore. Too bad that doesn't count. (Khaleth)

I will get you. See if I don't. (Bloodguilt)

I wonder.... (MurdocMe)

I wrote a song wanna read it. it goes something like this.
Bold Letter lady youre so cool,
Your intelegence makes me look like a fool,
But if I dont get a token.
You can suck on my white a**.
You piece of Monkey sh*t. (Tewmbj11)
[I wonder what the a** word is. It must rhyme with sh*t...]

I'm crazy random guy- give me some tokens (JohnMCS)
[I hate Adam Sandler, that's who you were trying to imitate right? I could tell by your voice.]

I'm going to fall asleep on my keyboard if I don't take a nap. Then everyone will call me 'waffle face'. (Khaleth)

I'm going to name my first child Kibbe Bibbe Bibble Babble Babbee. (Ender36)

I've been sucked by a vampire a time or two, myself. (Ender36)

If I didn't have a microwave I would eat cold cereal and fruit at every meal, so that was an important thing for me to realize. (Bloodguilt)

If you do would please E-Mail me I cant seem to understand. (Tewmbj11)

If you put your eyes right up next to your computer screen why your reading this, you can see a picture of a naked lady. (Tewmbj11)

Is there any way to put Darkfont on my buddy list? I want him to be my buddy. (Bloodguilt)
[Buddies don't follow buddies around while buddies are online.]

It really frightens me when I head into the restroom. [from the mouth of WeenyWoman] (Bloodguilt)

It says that the token count might be updated a 'little slower than usual'. Is that possible? (Nyello)
[Well, SuprDags is doing the counting...no (s)he really isn't, don't email him/her. Do I have to be so damn politically correct?]

J'aime beaucoup Le Jouer de Random. (Krazyk242)

Just a second. There's something stuck in my teeth. (Bloodguilt)


Leave that chair alone. It didn't do anything to you. (Bloodguilt)

Losers can be fun when lit on fire. Unless of course you're the loser. That wouldn't be very fun. [from the mouth of WeenyWoman] (Bloodguilt)

Lunacy! Utter Lunacy! (Krazyk242)

Maybe this is just a cry for help. (Bloodguilt)

Memories like the way we were before. (Tewmbj11)

Meseh: Kitzeln=tickle. it may be indicative of his whole life. (Ender36)

My brother's Sunday School teacher from when he was little is in the Guiness book of World Records. (Bloodguilt)

My buzzes are blinding. Better stay off the crack. (Bloodguilt)

My buzzes are blinding. Better stay off the crack. (GCard)

My country tis' of thee... (MissScully)

My eyes hurt. Ow ow ow. (Ender36)

New...... (Docmoron)

No, really, i'm looking for Mitchel Froom.... seen him? (MurdocMe)

No, we're not paranoid. We're just more aware. (Bloodguilt)

Not only are you guys ruining Christmas for many young kids by hoarding them for your own greed, but you are turning the feeble masses whom you prey upon into
bloodthirsty and relentless animals! (Bloodguilt)

Not really. (Tewmbj11)
[I still don't believe you. Tell me again and this time don't laugh.]

Not so random brown-nosing: This is the greatest game that ever was! (Spoonzilla)

Nothing says lovin' like bacon fat. (Bloodguilt)

O mighty writer of sarcastic comments...can I have your job when you are dead? (Khaleth)
[Are you talking to me? Sure, but I don't plan on dying anytime soon. And, please don't kill me.]

Often I wonder how those around me would react if I suddenly died. Then I get upset that I won't be around to see what they would actually do. [from the mouth of WeenyWoman] (Bloodguilt)

Oh well the puppies still love me! (Bloodguilt)

Oh, lookie. It's Pringle Boy. (Ender36)

On New Year's Eve, my goal was to eat so many Pixy Stix that I would pee powder. That failed, but I did get to give a couple of drunk guys "Free Celebratory Haircuts." (Bloodguilt)

One day, I was home alone, and I was hungry, So I took out a can of Spam. Boy, it was good. (SQUEEGY1)

One time I was littler than my dog and I used to pretend that he was a horse and i would sit on his back and wait until he bucked me off. (Tewmbj11)

One upon a time I drank beer, twice upon a time I met a queer, thrice upon a time I hit him over the head with my empty beer bottle, (P0TAT0MAN)

Oodly doo? (Bloodguilt)

Pity me. I'm sick. (Khaleth)

Pixy snorting scares me. (Ender36)

Put a hamster in the microwave.Really. Just do it. And don't forget to turnit on. the microwave that is. It doesn't matter if the hamster is turned on or not. (SuprDags)

Queen Alexandra Road is where she said she'd be but was she there to meet me -- no chance. (Khaleth)

[Stand back, Juice is going to let the monkeys out!!]

S is for super
P is for Pan
A is for agile
M is for man

Spam is a healthy food
believe me or not
Spam is the bestest
or though, I have thought. (SQUEEGY1)

SMEGHEAD! (Bloodguilt)


SPAM= SPiced hAM. What's the big deal? (SuprDags)

Save me from the wee turtles! Or GCard, whichever comes first. (Khaleth)

Should we send in more random abuse of GCard? (Khaleth)

Some people act like they just ate too many evil cookies. (Krazyk242)

Spell "I CUP" out loud. (Tewmbj11)

Talk about feeling like a thousand bees are stinging your legs! (Bloodguilt)

Tee hee. Morons are fun. (Bloodguilt)

The Abyss is staring back at me. (Khaleth)

The answer to your questions are 10, the Suez Canal, tuna, and the gloves were in the backyard. I hope that helps. (Calvinbert)
[If the photos are viable, you must find him liable.]

The ape had spoken; there was a burst of laughter and hand-clapping. (Bloodguilt)

The wind is blowing away from us, so we are just now beginning to smell the mushroom cloud of smoke that we have been watching all day. (Bloodguilt)

Then there was another guy who's name was Suckey Egger. It made me wonder what my name meant in other cultures, then I laughed harder. (Bloodguilt)

Think happy thoughts. (Krazyk242)
[Last time I heard that, oh, I don't even want to think about it.]

Think you're too good for me, eh? (Bloodguilt)

Um. There are a bunch of girls with a broom. And hanging on the broomstick is underwear. Underwear of every shape size and color. (Bloodguilt)

Ummm, no wait, I'm sick, I'm definately sick. I don't think I can go to work tomorrow. (Industrry)
[You're mocking me, aren't you? You're against me. Wait, you're all against me!]


WOW! Eva didn't fall for a white guy. What a surprise! (Bloodguilt)

Want a capital letter? I have a limited-edition number set of K's. (GCard)

Well, that's your answer then. I got cheese on my keyboard. :-( (Bloodguilt)

Were you aware that hamsters can be a lot of fun when milk is added? [from the mouth of WeenyWoman] (Bloodguilt)

What's chesse? (PaulCrash)

Where'd my Homeric Hymns go? (Ender36)

Who is the miserable HO employee who has to read all this crap anyway? (JohnMCS)
[She has no body. Don't try looking for it. You won't find it.]

Why do cucumbers have that oily film on them when you buy them in the grocery store? Are they just naturally lubricated for her pleasure? (AllHorns)

Woo hoo! You used some of my entries! But you didn't give me credit for "My friend Geoff has bl," and I'm pretty sure I wrote a little more than that. Please remedy the situation. (Bloodguilt)
[The situation may be remedied on Wednesday.]

Y'know what? I think all my problems in life can be blamed on SuperFriends. (Ender36)


Yes its me again. If you display another response that looks like a;sljkdfhslakdjfaslkdjf I will be forced to remove HO from my favorite places. (JohnMCS)

York...... (Docmoron)

You keep changing the damn format! How am I supposed to fake entries! (GCard)

You know when Chewbacca growls, he's saying "Who's da Man!" (GCard)

You know... David Hasslehoff is loved in Europe... (MurdocMe)
[Germany, actually, I think.]

a fun thing to do to people is to get up in there face and scream at them until they cry. or punch you. (WARPIG1000)

after reading All those entries, Im just not feeling very random.
Actually, I feel sick. (Industrry)

aliens..... (Docmoron)

and..... (Docmoron)

as your body grows bigger
your mind must flower
it's great to learn

at..... (Docmoron)

away....... (Docmoron)

being...... (Docmoron)

birthday..... (Docmoron)

blue monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Liar16)

day...... (Docmoron)

don't play leapfrog with a unicorn. (JParke7775)

duck duck duck im back (Liar16)

happy..... (Docmoron)

has anyone seen Mitchel Froom? (MurdocMe)

to go, or not to go: that IS the question (Industrry)
[Don't wonder about it too long.]

how come when i go to the prize cellar i never have any tokens???????????? (Liar16)

i (Docmoron)

i find this rather ironic. i got laryngitis at the all-state choir clinic. let me tell you...it sucked. (TODnCOPPER)

i love beer. (AStra10361)

i........ (Docmoron)

in the pilot episode of max headstrom, before he became computerized, he had a pail full of spaghetti-o's, it was a community spaghetti-o bucket, and people would reach in and take a handful. yummmmmmmmmy! (WARPIG1000)

in...... (Docmoron)

independance...... (Docmoron)

keyword : williams
isn't that depressing? (WARPIG1000)

naked..... (Docmoron)

no, really, I'll be ok, don't give it a second thought. (Industrry)

now that govt. scandal prank you have.i told my sister she freaked out screaming where going to jail!then i told her it was a prank and she got super pissed.chased me around awhill but in the end i got the last laugh (PShan89099)

oh, geez, was that new? (MurdocMe)

on....... (Docmoron)

random random readom readm readme read me... (MurdocMe)

save....... (Docmoron)

scare....... (Docmoron)

sing...... (Docmoron)

so..... (Docmoron)

song....... (Docmoron)

square..... (Docmoron)

strangers in the night....doobie doobie doo (Krazyk242)

that...... (Docmoron)

the...... (Docmoron)

the....... (Docmoron)

the....... (Docmoron)

times..... (Docmoron)

to..... (Docmoron)
[ScorpioAsh, it's your perfect chance...get 'im!]

ummmmmm, what am I doing? This sucks. I bet big fans of this contest are gonna kick my ass. (if there is any) ha! bye dumbasses! (Tazcom435)

want..... (Docmoron)

while..... (Docmoron)

world. (Docmoron)

you are still the supreme ruler..i bow to thee mas'r.. (Bloodguilt)
[What a perfect end...]