Hey, it's hump day. Well, over the hump day. Well, Wednesday. And, I think no further introduction is needed.]

It says that all tokens will be awarded on Friday, but it is Saturday and NO TOKENS HAVE BEEN AWARDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please update the Random Game! I have been checking every hour since six o'clock yesterday morning and it is really starting to piss me off! (Nyello)

[Well, this is easy to explain. The rules lie.]

iliketoeatpoopandthelikeandfascilateimaginarywordsinmyheadthataregoodandsometimesiforgethowtouseakeyboardandthat'snotgoodchickensoletsalljustgogetaspankandbreakopenabuttortwoandgetitonbababooi (Nyello)

Oh, no, through some contamination in the Water Melon Seed of Lfe, when Superqueen asexually divided, only his feminine side was captured and now there is a woman in my head and all day I have been making passes at men! [See my entries about my multiple personalities for a little more of an idea of what I am talking about]. (Nyello)

I touched a fish. (Nyello)

Fish was good. (Nyello)

It sure rains a lot on the fish. (Nyello)

I like to touch fish. (Nyello)
I, uh, I would just like to say that, uh, I am not wearing any, uh . . . pants. Hey, what did you expect, huh? Maybe, uh, maybe you would like for me to, uh, do a little dance? Or, maybe, you, uh, would like me to, uh, die my underwear purple? Well, uh, guess what there, uh, fruitcake, I, uh, already did that, so, uh, there! Huh, now, uh, you, uh, perhaps would like me to amuse you? Well, maybe, uh, you were expecting me to, uh, do something rational? This is Nyello your talking to! I, uh, don't DO that crap! (Nyello)

Oh, yeah, and, uh, your head is, uh, purple and, uh, gold? (Nyello)

I went to keyword "Duh" and I got a horoscope for Sagittarius. What is wrong with AOL? (SIM Being)

adfdswhatthehellisthissadfjkl;afd (Z 14 Man)

I just now found out that "Duh" is The HUB's collection of useless stuff. (SIM Being)

[Leave it to AOL...]

ya.... (Yacks 3)

Don't cry for me Argentina the truth is I never left you. All through me wild days, my mad existance. I kept my promise don't keep your distance. You shared my glory, now share my coffin. (SIM Being)

I read that attention Radio Broadcaster Thing and I realized everything I write to you becomes your property and copyrighted by you so that not even I can say it again. Maybe I should stop giving you all of my pathetic crap for free and start giving it to the radio stations for money! (SIM Being)

these are my people! (Krazyk242)

Random Thought of the Day: If you are fat, lose the speedos. (Krazyk242)

Have you noticed that Donald Duck never wears pants, but when he comes out of the shower, he has a towel wrapped arounf him? Why is that? (WeirdMan15)

This is a little stroy I always wonder about: Say you were flying in a spaceship for some "important" thing. Like a cure for some disease or a certian discovery of life or something. Ok, so you were crusin' along and all of a sudden, while you were looking out the window...The entire world blows up under you. What the hell would you do? I mean, come'on, how much of that space ice cream can you eat? (TMBGer)

Gilbert Gottfried: the Martha Raye of his generation. (BStarr13)

sadflkjweroiublskdjfweroiuxbvlskdjfweroiusglskjdfweoriusdflskejrweoib;aso;irw;lb afdsfsdsdfsdf sdf wr ;adoijwer vxkz sd f welrifjsdf sdlfkjwer sdflkja;sq;f.zjfwlkdfjsied,c rf sdflsdjflwkjef sdflkjsefk dada entry (BStarr13)

bl? (Shilorider)

Is it safe? (Krazyk242)

[It hasn't been safe since the invention of the Ginsu.]

Itititititittitititittiitititititititiititititiititiitiitititititifiititititititititititititiitititiit See how warped IT can be? (Wildcat731)

I know how to play (MKabel6051)

the fence is falling....oh lynn...glove me the crater....iced tea...slugs die with salt...cheese becons me....kiss grow farms.....super....supper....dinner.....diner...tomato...tomato.....potato....potato...pot...pan....fry......hmmm.......... (EvilClaws)

Question: Is it or is it not the duty of the HO staff to update a contest when it is due to be updated? I mean, sure, most people who come to HO are low-life looers (myself included), but isn't scum entitled to some updates? C'mon, guys, have a heart. (Nyello)

[Oh come on, two out of seven days is pretty good! It's not Hall of Fame numbers but this isn't exactly Cooperstown.]

Ever seen a 3 lb. bag of mini marshmallow? I have. (ScorpioAsh)

let's play (Benssn)

What to you call 40 millioniares watching the Superbowl? The Dallas Cowboys (BAngeloff)


in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out

half way there

in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out in-out

AAAHHHHHH!!! Theres the Brain (LONR1)

I have poop. (SGarges)

ok so what now? (Ibagby)

I can't play today, my mommy says i have to go to bed. (ADTYLER)

I feel like crap. (Fire b4267)

Mucus is leaking from every hole in my face-I threw up my intestines just a few minutes ago, every bone in my body had been knawed raw by some gopher from hell, even my fingernails hurt. I have become permanantly attached to a box of Kleenex. My throat has been ground into tiny pieces of pain. I think my nostrils just fell off. And does someone want to tell me why everything I look at is jumping around like it were rabid? My eyeballs are doing the macarena. Tokens might make me feel better. (Fire b4267)

What the hell am I doing playing this dumb game? I should be in bed. I'm dying.

(Fire b4267)


This is a Public Notice. Goat Day is January 31st. Please give this holiday the notice it deserves by sending all of your friends, family, and colleagues a Goat Day Greeting.


[Maybe someone will sacrifice "Goat Boy"]

Who was the second gunman on the grassy knole? (Hububu)

[Charleton Heston.]


00 u (HOCGUY18)

the boubou was wasting his efforts in the sand trap. the epough was about to win. (Hububu)

Do you know what? The phone just rang and it scared the crap out of me. I felt pretty dumb, and I was really mad at the person who was calling because they scared the crap out of me, so I didn't answer the phone. It rang a few more times and then that dumb person hung up. And then, just as I was calm again, the dumb phone rang and scared the crap out of me. (Fire b4267)

Where do I find all the Ho's? I went to keyword and typed in Ho thinking I might get some tonight and all I found is a bunch of mind games. This damn computer is just like my wife, always playing mind games. (LuNaCy469) (LuNaCy469)

[Warning: AOL will attempt to make you its bitch.]

Wow this is totally random ok than who evers reading this check out my website its www.busy.signal@aol.com (BLAKLYTE36)

[I haven't been able to get the web to work in two weeks. What's there? Some embedded midi?]

A polish couple asked their young boy what he wanted for his birthday he said I wanna watch

so they let him........ (BLAKLYTE36)

A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says hey I have a drink named after you...the grasshopper replies really you have a drink named Melvin (BLAKLYTE36)

"The shortest distance between two points is always under construction" Mondays are the potholes in the road of life. Installation Instructions for The Print Shop Deluxe are contained within this booklet. All other information for The Print Shop Deluxe is contained within this packet. (Zambil32)

the random game blows big billygoats sideways. (GavinFrday)

I went to Las Vegas in a $25,000 Cadilac

and I left in a $150,000 bus. (BLAKLYTE36)

It's Saturday. I don't feel like being random. I feel like staying offline so AOL can call so I can chew them out for charging me $293 (I made a mistake the first time I mentioned this) for December when I was on UMLIMITED HOURS then!!!!!!!!!! (JamiJR)

Hello. I'm Naked. I'd just thought I'd let you know that. (LovesOwen)

I think i'm pretty funny but I have no tokens yet can you help me????actually never mind I dont really need a cup holder for my can of beer since i drink Vodka from the bottle. Even though I might like one of those pinball games that you have to offer...Actually I can download them from aol even though the last couple of games I downloaded I got a really bad virus and had to buy another computer which got me kicked out of my apartment cause i had no money left for rent..But maybe you can give me a couple of tokens so I can save up for one of those dandy t-shirts??/oh wait nevermind I don't think they come in xxxxxxl.you see I weigh 800 pounds.. oh well thank you for your time if you want to send me a couple of tokens maybe someday i'll use them when some of the prizes are alcohol or deal-a-meal related thanx. signed the loser (BLAKLYTE36)

Alright Kiddies.. let's sing our goodbye song.. I love you.. you love me... we're a happy (BANG BANG BANG!!) OWWWW!!! Why did that bullet hit me?? (LovesOwen)

YO POOP! (Chris43210)

How long does it last? Can jokes be measured by the tokens in a game? (STB 18)

[Um, this game? When is the last time you saw a joke in here?]

YEAH!!!!!! Bold-Letter-Person (to be perfectly PC) insulted me!!!!!! That just makes my millenium!!! (STB 18)

[Actually, that wasn't an insult. It was a compliment, you just don't know me well enough yet.]

YES!!! YES!!!!!!! I've been posted THREE TIMES! OH, bold-letter-person, I LOVE YOU! I DEVOTE MY LIFE TO YOU!!!!!!! (STB 18)

when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie you've got mozerella cheese blocking your vision. crappit! (Fuzzysheep)

I'm going to say something serious. Since I can't think of anyother place I could say this & "get away" with it I'll say it here though HO will probably never post it. By now, if you're not living in a cave, you've heard about the senseless murder of Bill Cosby's son. The cops keep saying "Obviously, the murderer was trying to rob him." Then howcome nothing was taken? Hmmm? You know what I think? I think some no-good piece of white trash was driving along & saw young Mr. Cosby & said to himself, "Hey, I'm going to kill me a {insert flithy, disgusting, use-of-it-should-be-outlawed "N" word here}" then pulled over & shot him just because he was black. Why don't the cops stop to think that this might have been the motive? Humans suck. We kill each other over the stupidest reasons. Skin color, religion, a pair of tennis shoes. Then we let convicted child abusers out to make family orinated films. (Powder) What's wrong with us? Well, I bet HO won't post this but it's something I had to say. I hope they catch Mr. Cosby's killer & he spends his entire life in jail realizing what a butthead he really is. (JamiJR)

[Isn't the first amendment wonderful? And I'll be serious for a minute because you can't stop me, the thing that bothers me about this is: Obviously it's a horrible thing, but people are killed everday. Don't they all deserve the sort of tribute Ennis is getting? Well, all but unborn children, I'll draw the line there. ;o) Okay, next time I get serious you can shoot me; you all have me blessing.]

I have 2 things to say- 1. White supremists (flithy racists!) make me ASHAMED to be white. 2. Today's women's activists make me ashamed to be female. That's all I have to say. (JamiJR)

Everybody- listen to me! People are trying to force Disney to change Pirates of the Carrabian & other rides like The Jungle Cruise cause they're not "pollitically correct". Please help stop this! Find Disney's online site or write to the Disney company and DEMAND that they don't change their rides. Those rides are part of our history! Our heritage! Back then, I'm very sorry, but women were weak & got chased by pirates (along with worse things.) Elephants were hunted for their tusks. We shouldn't try to forget these things by hiding them behind PCness. We should aknowlegde that these things were once true. Take a stand folks! Do not let Disney change the rides! Do not let the PCers win! And especially remind Disney that to put a tray of food in the hand of the pirate who's being chased by the overweight woman is bigotry against overweight people everywhere and should NOT be allowed or tolerated! TAKE A STAND AND SHOW THE PCERS THEY CANNOT ALWAYS HAVE THEIR WAY!!!! (JamiJR)

[Well, if they change it I have a plan. I've got a picture of the objectionable pirate scene. Maybe I can auction it off.]

Does this smell funny to you? (RhodesRen)

How come i always have to wrestle the guys with acne on every exposed portion of their body? (Rover2000)

WHY DID YOU COME TO ME! DID YOU EXPECT ME TO PUT SOMETHING WITTY ON HERE? Give me a mirror, I want to see if I give a Rat's Behind about this game! (DarkseidDP)

Well whoop-de-do and La-de-da, now ask me if I care! (DarkseidDP)


(Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG) (Dark Q OG)

there is no response to "HAHA" or "LoL". so Laugh it up fuzzball...while you still can. (SuprDags)

This looks like a case for whoever can do it!!! (JH Probe)

[Who cares, just give it to Clouseau.]

T or Tea that is the question.(bbetter yet Beer or Whiskey there is no question.BOTH! (MurrayMan2)

One day Bill Clilnton wakes up, and sees someone has pissed in his lawn, spellling "Bill Sucks" in urine in the snow. So, Bill says to one of his aides, "I want a urine and handwriting sample of everyone in the White House..."

So, several days later, the aide comes back. "I've got good news and I've got bad news," he starts, "the good news is that we know who's urine it is: Al Gore's. The bad news is that it was Hillary's handwritting... (GTVT6)