Did anyone get Bryant Gumbel's tearful farewell from The Today Show, on tape? I'd like to obtain a copy. I mean *there* is comedy.

Okay, before the entries I have a little justifying of my existence. No, that would be a waste of space. Instead, apologies! Yes, as you will see, some entries have been excluded from this list. The reason is not because I dislike you and have a personal vendetta against you. The reason is that they were cut off by the software, you know like what happened in the last entries. I cut them out, because I don't want to make you look like a fool, "Look that idiot didn't finish his random entry, he'll never receive tokens that way! Oh, that idiot is me!" And, while I'm at it, let me say, "It's not my fault! It's not my fault!!" Okay, better.

[Good news.]

AIias AKA - That's okay..you have all the power...say whatever you want...everyone worships you, anyway. You could be like that Jim Jones guy and make poisoned Kool-Aid and kill everyone. Except, I guess, here it would have to be a virus. Yeah.
[I assume you are talking about Colin Powell?]


Abazar P - And if I wanted to, I could stop, and then come back and do it later.

Abazar P - And it would still be right at the top of the paper. Isn't that great?

Abazar P - Boy, I can't wait to see this random game entries.

Abazar P - Boy, I really could keep this up all day long.

Abazar P - HAHA!

Abazar P - Hey! Now that the random game is alphabetized I can be the first one to get on it every time.
[Well, you're close. I always hating things being alphabetized. In school I was always stuck smack in the middle of the classroom, which meant I always had to look like I was paying attention. Oh I envied those sleepers on the outer rows or in the back.]

Abazar P - Hey, did any of you see the interactive top ten thingy today?

Abazar P - I bet I could do this all day.

Abazar P - I love this! It's like I have a power over all of you! Power is good!

Abazar P - I think I'm going to stop now.

Abazar P - I'm pretty good at babbling - don't you think?

Abazar P - If I told you that I was going to stop, and then did, it wouldn't be very random.
[I just noticed--not only are the names alphabetized, so are the actual entries. So, like you said, Abazar, you could come back and enter later and it'd still be near the top. Well, it appears that is true, but entries also don't go in the logical order. Looks like all those clever people who do one word entries that combine to form a sentence are out of luck. On the upside, it makes the entries appear to be randomly ordered.]

Abazar P - If I wanted to, I bet that I could fill up an entire one of those things with just babbling.

Abazar P - Isn't that great!?

Abazar P - It said that I was going to be a virgin forever.

Abazar P - It would be calculated. And there is no such thing as calculated randomness.

Abazar P - It's going to be all me!

Abazar P - Now the only one that can stop me is that stupid guy that made up the random game. And noone ever reads what he says anyways.
[I figured as much. But at least it makes me looks like I'm doing *something*]

Abazar P - OH! Just kidding!

Abazar P - SUCKERS!!!

Abazar P - What the hell is with that? I didn't even enter that contest! Where do they get off!?

ChrisIzzo - Has anyone seen that video by The Bloodhound Gang? That was cool.

ChrisIzzo - I don't get some of these famous people. Hm...I'm rich, I'm famous, I'll kill myself!
[And what about stars who said they never asked to be famous. They are just "private people in a public business." If they are in a public business aren't they in fact begging for attention to be sent their way?]

ChrisIzzo - I like the new guy that's running the joint, I feel he's more trustworthy and reliable.
[Oh, just wait. It's still only the first week. I have plenty of time to irk you.]

ChrisIzzo - I think that's what he said.

ChrisIzzo - I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm lame, I suck!

ChrisIzzo - In case anyone was wondering about what my long, cut off post said (as if), I proceeded to bitch about my problems, then I acted stupid, then I said I loved everybody.

ChrisIzzo - It's not my fault that you're always wrong...

ChrisIzzo - Just read some old entries, sorry if I called you guy or dude...can I hang with you?
[Me? Why would anyone want to hang out with...oh that's right, I hold the key to tokens. That's alright I don't being used, if it makes me more popular.]

ChrisIzzo - Swell, I go to HO to get a cheap laugh and the the top ten icon tells me I will die a virgin. That makes me feel sooooo good about myself.

ChrisIzzo - We don't need no water let the mother$%@#$% burn, burn mother$%@#$%, burn.
[Jeez, I'm glad I know you're quoting a song.]

ChrisIzzo - Well, now that I have all that out of my system, I feel much better.

ChrisIzzo - Whenever I start feeling like an old fart here, I look at Tocadisco, he's been around since the first folder, I think. Old man! Hahahahahahaha!!! I'm terribly sorry! What came over me?

ChrisIzzo - Yeah, Garbage is okay, but my band is Marilyn Manson, they know how to put on a show.

CortJstr - Dance baby, dance baby! Dance!!!

CortJstr - Just for the record, I sent the dance baby to HO
[Something I find that speaks volumes--oh, I'm going to write something considerably, everyone feel free to skip over me. I watch a late night news program, as is my want. Well, they received the dancing baby screen saver, and showed it on air, over 2 months ago. They said it was circulating it by email throughout their offices. I find it funny that a news department is more on top of things, comically disturbing than a so called humor area. Oh, maybe I should mention the news department is at ABC, given Peter Jennings, I think maybe that would explain it all.

Darkstepss - There once was a girl named Sam, who served herself up like a clam, you could spread her apart, cause she was a tart, but tasted like 6 month old SPAM...

Docmoron - cool

FRTLSS1 - I wish more humans were subject to the laws of natural selection
[Give it time, like a few thousand years, Frtlss.]

Hububu - asses are very lucky, half HOREse half mule!

Industrry - I WONDER Would anyone actually buy a pull-my-finger Elmo???

Industrry - I WONDER Is it true that canibals don't eat clowns b/c they tatse "funny"?

Industrry - I WONDER When cows laugh, does milk come out thier nose?

Industrry - [enter]
[No, you see, typing out "enter" isn't anything, you must *press* enter. Only then will the uncontrollable end to our humanity begin.]

Industrry - [enter]

Industrry - hello
post please

Inywayuwnt - I once had a cat named "dog"! It grew up with an identity crisis!
[Good thing it wasn't named "dog"s palindrome, it would have had a complex for sure.]

Inywayuwnt - In the last thirty years has anyone ever had a day that just seemed like it was going to happen again tomorrow, or is it just me?

Inywayuwnt - Looks like a good day to play twister!

Inywayuwnt - Sometimes I like to get naked - cover myself in crisco - and go sliding down the hallway of my school. The janitor would like to play too, but he doesn't like to get naked!

Inywayuwnt - The last time I was drunk, it lasted for six days and fourteen nights, i fell up a flight of stairs and landed square on my feet! There is no way to do that sober, and if there was, I still bet it would hurt to bad to try!

Inywayuwnt - There is really no time like the present to figure out what can be put off till tomorrow, unless you decide to wait on that also!

JH Probe - I think the new Random Game format looks spiffy...
[No compliments, please! Now that you said that, of course it will have to change again.]

KngDaBomb - Tonight on "The Show that Absolutly Nobody Watches" we are going to babble on. Our first topic is "give me tokens damnit!". We now go to Zudamninsane who is live on locatinon.

Kwakerjak - And there's Uncle Joe he's moving real slow at the junction... Petticoat Junction.

Kwakerjak - It it run by Kate come and be her guest at the junction...

Kwakerjak - There's a little hotel called the Shady Rest at the junction...
[You like TV Land, don't you? You know the next channel my cable company is giving us? The Gardening Channel. I can hardly control my excitement. "And there was much rejoicing" "yay..." : p]

LBoyd30422 - AOL's new pricing is like finding out chocolate isn't fattening after all.

LBoyd30422 - Do Scottsmen wear kilts because zippers scare sheep?

LBoyd30422 - Famous sayings from polititans: Bush: "Read my lips, No New Taxes." Clinton:"Put you're lips on this..or you're fired."

LBoyd30422 - Steve Case molests farm animals, and Bill Gates watches. I'm SICK of my AOL and WIN 95 scewing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[What is it that the Bold Letter Guy used to say to entries like this to save his hide? Oh yes! "Mr. Case, this is LBoyd's opinion only. And it is certainly not mine, I know you prefer only pedigrees." Uh oh, I messed up didn't I?]

LBoyd30422 - Why don't we just rename all of the universities and colleges in this country either the University of NIKE, or REEBOK U.

Lechtor - ARMAGEDDON is coming!!!! REPENT!!!


Lechtor - REPENT!!! REPENT!!! THE MILLENNIUM IS UPON US... ah screw you. I'm going to Denny's.


Litlelucy - i fuond a tooth in my soup! so iput it under my pillow! the tooth fairy must have come while i was sleeping, because it was there was a note under my pillow with the tooth! it said:"you stole my tooth, you rat bastard! i'll be watching

MJohn9690 - what is this @$%^
[I think you mean $h!+. I'll excuse it this one time.]

MKel25 - ok, so since i can't seem to win anywhere else on the HO channel, I will try here. If I don't win here then I will have to throw out my computer. Yes, I believe it now. It IS the computers fault.

MadCat - Let me remind all of you out there that my Yummy little corn nibblets are delicious and nutritious. No matter what anybody else tells you.

MadCat - This has been a public service reminder from the Jolly Green Giant.

Mimevildwf - Here I sit in solemn bliss
Listening to the squirt of piss
Now and then a fart is heard
Followed by a tumbling turd.
(I obviously remember EVERYTHING from 4th grade)
[You messed up, you put your screen name before your entry followed by a hyphen. I fixed it for you. But remember. :o)]

Mimevildwf - I woke up this morning and Bob Dole was lodged in my anus

Mimevildwf - My giant penis is making me upset. I can't find it

Mimevildwf - We, the Unwilling
Led by the Unknowing
Are doing the Impossible
For the Ungrateful.

We Have Done So Much
For So Long
With So Little
We are Now Qualified
To Do Anything
With Nothing

MissScully - I should get tokens for you people putting up my name....lots of tokens.

MissScully - Not that I don't like seeing my name up in public but I'd rather it wasn't connected to...well.....you know.

MissScully - Oh my god!!! Question? Why is my name up there for top ten reasons You'll die a virgin???
[I think that's only for your account. Meaning, it is a personal prank aimed only at you. No one else has any idea what you are talking about, now don't you feel silly?]

MissScully - WHY???!!!!!

MitchRK - Adam: You must hear this all the time, but you really have beautiful hair. Eve: No, oddly enough, you are the first one to tell me that.
[How did you hear that conversation? You aren't the, oh what's their name, oh yes. You are one of the Martin's in Florida with the police scanner intercepting conversations, aren't you? Good thing I never have anything of value to say, or I'd be frightened.]

Mr Pee 2U - those "DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS" really work. I watched football, drank beer all day sunday and didn't get up once. Kept me warm too!!!!!

O42Phantom - Dead cats don't land on their feet. Trust me on this one. . .

O42Phantom - Hey, Babe! Don't you know me from somewhere?

O42Phantom - I never killed anything that didn't die. . .

O42Phantom - I really don't care what kind of day you have, just don't blow snot on me. . .

O42Phantom - What's a good lookin' guy like me doin'alone in a place like this? Can you buy me a drink??

O42Phantom - Word to the wise: Never fart in a conga line. . .

Otakuone - Duck tape is like the force...It has a Dark side and a Light side and it binds all things in the universe together.

Otakuone - Ever get the craving to strip naked, cover yourself in honey, and bury yourself up to your neck in a red ant hill...or is it just me?

Otakuone - This space left blank to save space.
[Very considerate. This space is reserved for my boss.]

RANNIK - "Bilingual! Bilingual, boy you better get down here right now boy! You hear me boy? Bilingual, Bilingual you look at me when I'm talkin' to you, boy!"

RANNIK - Good morning, Zelda

RANNIK - thou art a fobbing, fat-kidneyed, flax-wench!

Scandel444 - 4 out of 5 dentists say sugarless gum is the way to go ....what does the other 1 say we should do?
[I think he's probably too busy actually doing work to respond to the survey.]

ScorpioAsh - Frere Jacques, Frere Jaques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
[Frere Jacques n'a pas dormi. Il veut Tylenol P.M. Peut-il s'a?]

ScorpioAsh - Hark! how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away!

ScorpioAsh - I keep lookin to see if my name magically appears on the token list. Why doesn't telekinesis work online?!?

ScorpioAsh - I shall now leave my physical body for some astral travel.

ScorpioAsh - I wish i knew how to play the harp.
[I wish I knew how to play craps.]

ScorpioAsh - I'm tiny but i'm tough!

ScorpioAsh - If you get fatter or taller after getting a tatoo, does it stretch out and get ugly and gross and...stretched out?

ScorpioAsh - Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Damn, I wish i was more than a measly munchkin.

ScorpioAsh - Money for nothin and your chicks for free...

ScorpioAsh - My dog and cat are soo generous to share their fleas with me.

ScorpioAsh - New use fror Monty Python movies: i'm watching the holy grail for practice- i must speak with an english accent tomorrow in acting class. you care, alot!
[Why just speak it in acting class. Use it all the time, it will give you character. Of course, you'll have a lot of people pointing and weeping at you, but it'd be worth it.]

ScorpioAsh - No matter what I eat, ,no matter how much I eat, my metabolism burns it away so fast that i haven't the energy to stay awake two hours later. It sucks.

ScorpioAsh - People describe things as being in "random order", but there is really no such thing as random order. Randomness inplies disorder...and hence...!!
[Rush to the Oxymoron folder in the Giggle Box with that before someone else beats you!]

ScorpioAsh - Remember the name... Golddussssst!

ScorpioAsh - Welcome to the Castle Anthrax!

ScorpioAsh - i got 100% on my Show Tunes test.

ScorpioAsh - je me parle
[Don't you have anyone else to talk with you, besides yourself? I'll talk to you if you are that lonely, that is unless you talk to yourself because you are insane, in which case I suggest the twinkies, they are superb tonight.]

ScorpioAsh - pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop pop goes the weasel cause the weasel goes pop

Shilorider - have you ever had a guy yer not really too good of friends with spit chunks of nacho cheese doritos in yer face. it's not a pleasant experience, and not one i really recommend. oh well, i guess it could've been nacho cheese burritos
[No, but I have had a hamster pee on my pants while I was in them. I guess it could have been worse it could have spit chunks of nacho cheese doritos in my face. That would suck because it would mean he was stealing my food without my permission.]

Shilorider - hey, look, everyone, i'm gonna be cool and type the whole "what the hell is this etc." box backwards! yay!

."emehT OH" ot ti liam dna liam-e na ot
never mind, i don't feel like it anymore

Shilorider - i went sledding this weekend, and i popped my friends snow tube on a thorn bush. oops.

Shilorider - ok, i took that one a little too far. but did you ever notice how fun it is to say the names of mexican food? go ahead, shout em' out. EN-CHI-LA-DA! ok, now i'm feeling a little dumb.

Shilorider - or chimichangas. or just plain nachos

Shilorider - or flautas, or tacos, or enchiladas...

Smarty7 - cool.....NOT!!!

Smarty7 - corn sucks, unless its popped with a ton of that artificial butter on it

Smarty7 - don't








Smarty7 - i have no ideas

Smarty7 - spam pizza-the next big food trend
[Would spam pizza also have spam in the crust? Or would that be extra?]

Toasterpig - "How many roads must a man walk down ... before you will call him a cab?"

Tocadisco - You encroach on my rights and i may have to bite.

WolfCry314 - There was a young couple named Kelly, Who had to live belly to belly, Because in they're haste they used library paste which they thought was petroleom jelly!
[And on that note...]