Unico-A   magical   Unicorn!

Well, most of ya are probably wondering, What is Unico? Why does Zarla care about this thing called Unico? Well, does anyone remember this adorable unicorn from long ago? His creator has passed away ::sniff:: so now his movies (they have confirmed there are 3, but 4 may be availyable) are VERY hard ta find. I have an incomplete version of da first movie, but other then that, I only have memories.
Anyway, Unico is an ADORABLE little unicorn, whose main powers are too make people happy. But, however, da gods were upset because they weren't making many people happy, and banished Unico to the hill of.. silence or solitude i can't remember. However, the person who was suppossed ta bring him there, Da West Wind, liked Unico (and who wouldn't?) She dropped him off somewhere else. There Unico met Beezle, a little demon. This demon, being shallow, wanted Unico's horn. So they struck a deal, where Unico would trade his horn for Beezle's friendship. Beezle promptly abused his horn, but he gave it back. When Unico wondered why, explained about da demon's code. Then, I think Beezle shoves Unico in a lake. Unico is about ta drown. Beezle jumps in ta save Unico, full knowing that water was fatal to his kind. Unico, realizing that Beezle truly did care about him, changed inta a BIG pretty unicorn, and saved Beezle. Beezle wondered why, and Unico explained it was because some one who loved him was in trouble. Beezle, of course, denied every word. But inside he knew Unico really did love him, and he loved Unico. Unico then grants Beezle's wish and gives him a horn of his own. It was around that time that Da West Wind came back and snatched Unico up, saying that he had ta keep moving or else da gods would find him. He had ta say goodbye ta his new friend. He's ferever wandering da earth because if he stays in one place, he'll be found, so he hasta leave his new friends constantly.
Then he finds Katy, a kitty who wants ta be a witch, and is also that cat above which Unico is hugging. Katy becomes friends with Unico, and together they find an old lady who Katy swears is a witch. Unico knows better of course. Katy says that even tho she found a witch ta learn from, she wants ta be human because a kitty-witch would be silly. But he grants Katy her wish, and turns her inta a human. Katy thinks it's da old lady who does it, not Unico. Soon Katy begins slacking off, and Unico reveals that HE was da one who changed her in da first place. She doesn't believe him, and challenged him ta prove it by changin her back. He does, and then Katy wants ta become human again. But Unico couldnt do it. She was a bad person now. But then da old lady fell inta da river, and Katy dove in ta save her. Unico then found Katy ta be a good person again, and changed her back so she could save the old lady. Katy then is entranced by a baron. She wanders ta his castle under a spell, and Unico tries to dissuade her. She sneaks off when Unico is not looking. She makes it past the traps and comes to the castle...
There she finds Baron DeGhost, who gets her drunk and silly. ^_^ Unico makes his way past da traps ta go rescue her, and has ta fight da Baron, who's really a monster. He does, however, save da day. ^_^o
I'm sorry I can't recall more, it's been ages since I saw that movie...
Da second movie focused around Unico and this girl (Sherry? Cherry?). Unico fergot all about his friends from before and gets assaulted by a cat named Melvin the Magnificat when he enters da new forest. He finds Cherry who takes care of him. Meanwhile, this guy with a flute (Toby! ^_^) is turnin forest critters inta statues and recruits Melvin ta help him. Turns out Toby is workin fer this horrifyingly frightenin guy named Kuruku in order ta get magic ta help his family and stuff. Either way, Unico and Cherry go ta Kuruku's island after Toby and Cherry's parents get turned inta blocks. Once there they get turned inta toys, which Toby knows how ta fix, and he lets them go.
Unico and Cherry refuse ta give up and go searchin fer a way ta defeat Kuruku.They go ta da cave of demons, and da desert, and finally da ends of da earth ta find some way ta defeat him. There they find out that Kuruku was a toy that had been abused and thrown away, and hated humanity for it. So Unico and Cherry come back (with Baby Sphinx in tow) ta try and stop him. In da process everyone gets turned inta block peeps, includin Cherry inna effort ta save Unico's life. Eventually Unico and Kuruku face off, and Unico, despite bein hurt, insists that he wants ta be Kuruku's friend. Kuruku can't live without his hate and dies, and Unico is carried away on another adventure...
I remember Unico clearly, but I didn't know his name until recently. He was only a faint memory from long ago....But now, I am working ta publicise Unico more! I want Unico ta get da recognition he deserves! Unico now!
And That's my 4 cents.


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