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Bill's Drywall and Painting

Sprayed, Textured, and Swirl Ceilings, also Custom Cove Work.

Bill's Drywall does a little bit of most construction, but we specialize in drywall, stucco, ceramic tile, and painting. We do minor plumbing, electrical, rough framing, trim work, floors, and basically all other phases of construction. For drywall and painting, call Bill's Drywall. I've been in the drywall and painting business for 21 years, and have worked for both private home owners and contractors. So if you have a room that needs fixing up, or an addition to your house that needs to be dry walled, call for a free estimate. We use only quality materials and perform quality workmanship, and all work is guaranteed.

We do sprayed, textured, and swirl ceilings. We also do custom cove work. Add a little glitter to your room, a new look, you'd be surprised at what a new ceiling and a little paint will do for a room. All cove work is hand done, we make the pattern by hand. A cove will really give a dining room a different look. We make the coves in any size. So whether you have a ceiling fan, chandelier, or just a regular lighting fixture in your room, we can make the cove the right size to go with the fixture. Also you can have the cove any color that you would like, most people go with just plain white, but we can paint the cove any color that you would like it. We also do step coves around the whole room, in the corner between the walls and ceiling, see a picture of one being made on the picture page.

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If you have any questions about a drywall or plaster repair, just e-mail me and I'll get back to you as soon as

Just remember that if you have a block on your e-mail, I can't reply to your questions. I've recently had a few e-mails come back to me, so if you don't get an answer from me, this is most likely the reason why. I've decided to add a page for e-mail that's been returned to to me, questions that have been answered but could not send back to the person who sent in the question. I've also had some problems with my e-mail getting deleted before I even get to read it, this also might be a reason why I haven't answered some of the questions, but I'll do my best to answer all questions. Thanks!




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