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UPDATED 6/25/03

Ralya's Blind Warrior Page

Wellcome to Ralya's Blind Warrior page. If you read Rifts Atlantis you would see that Blind Warrior's were hosed.

Just an image I thought everybody would like.

Lets Start with some F.A.Q.s
Question: How do you get 30 M.D.C. armor from spandex butt-floss
Answer: Splugorth Magic

Question: Are Blind Warriors bald
Answer: No except for Captain Myrian (bio found in Rifts Mercenaries)

Question: Do Blind Warriors get cybernectic inplants?
Answer: Yes if your one of the smart ones like me. I have an Universal Head Jack and a Multi-Optic Visor (a wrap around pair of mirror shades {sun glasses})

More Q&A later this page is always under constuction.

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