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the Siberian Beauty


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Meika is a female Siberia Husky, born September 1991 (12 yrs old).  She's a very tiny 42lbs (was 33lb in her younger years) - about as small as a Siberian can come (fully grown).  She was the runt of the family and still is mistaken for a puppy all the time.  My parents raised her but couldn't handle her so I took her a couple of years ago.  She has big brown eyes and is white with grey markings.  She has a little bit of wolf in her background, the rest is Siberian.  She came from a litter from Mountain Mushers breeders in Banff.

Meika loves the outdoors and lives for snow.  Camping a few summers ago  was a whole new adventure for her.  There were squirrels and elk right in the campsight which provided hours of entertainment for her.  Fortunately she missed the bears that crossed through our area.  We recently moved from a dry windy prairie city to a northern city in the middle of the wilderness.  Walks are much more fun for her now that we are right next to a forest insteaf of paved roads between houses.

Her favorite things are running, stealing cat food,eating treats (pigs ears, rawhide, bones, etc.), running, beating up/chasing the cat, running up and down the stairs and around the livingroom at the speed of light, beating the living crap out of stuffed toys, and did I mention running?!  She also developed some bad habits when living with my parents - begging is her biggest downfall.  But she has perfected the art of catching food when thrown to her - grapes and mini marshmallows are her favorites.

My parents use to give her a tiny stuffed toy every year for Christmas as a treat.  When she came to my place, she decided that the two stuffed bears that survived my childhood would suit her just find.  No problem, I don't want them anymore.  But to watch her throttle them is quite a sight - it's like watching a wolf or a pitbull shread a small animal!  She's demolished them, so I bought her some really cheap big stuffed animals on sale after Christmas - the 2.5ft Rudolph and 2ft Teddy get flung around the livingroom with great gusto.  They lasted for years of beatings.

She is also quite the digger.  When she first came I had no lawn, so concrete blocks were a necessity if I didn't want to replace my carpets.  She spent the first while on concrete and then in a link-fenced kennel, but once the sod took, she got out of the kennel and now lays behind her dog house, in the shade on the grass.  The only time she digs now is when she gets a really good bone that's too big and needs to be hidden from pretators or if she hears something and thinks she can dig up a gopher. 

Unfortunately she doesn't get to roam free.  She is also an expert escape artist.  If she gets away there is no use chasing, I just wait for a minimum 2.5 hrs until she gets thirsty and comes home.  Even when she was in the kennel she could jump the fence to attempt to break free.  Fortunately for her she wears a harness and not a collar.  A construction guy in the neighbourhood found her hanging over the kennel fence, dangling from her rope.  He was kind enough to get her down and leave me a note about it - suggesting I shorten her rope!  Yes, a rope and a kennel are overkill, but I knew she could jump a 6ft. high fence.

Meika had to come up with her own attention grabber in July '98 with a dog fight, resulting in a torn ear and stitches.  We went camping in Jasper as soon as the stitches were in - good story to tell all the other tourists when they asked about the mangled ear.  Everyone in Jasper just loved her and had to stop to pet her and ask if they could share their ice cream with her (it's that sucky face she's so good at making).  Needless to say, Meika loved the attention and the ice cream!  She's never had so much fun.  Her ear healed up nicely, with just a minor knick in her pretty little ear, which can be seen in more recent pictures if looking for it. 

In the summer, her favorite thing during walks is to jump in the river and cool down (at least 4 or 5 times).   Plus there is always someone who sees her and has to stop and pet her - what a rough life!! 

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Meika sitting in the cat chair


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Meika and her old dog house



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Meika's first adventures in digging  - snow, dirt, grass - she has no preferences, just that she can dig deep!

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Is this a cute baby or what?!


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Me & Meikie baby at Christmas '91


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Meika back at my parents place

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Meika at Christmas '98 (seconds later the hat was in shreads)

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Meika at the Columbia Ice Fields near Jasper (double click and you might actually be able to see her)

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Meika's old buddy Chloe

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Meika's current buddy Rascal