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Hi and Welcome to my web site

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That's me (in skinner/younger days) and I've created this site for friends and relatives to browse my collection of photos and interests. The photos come up as thumbnails, but you can double click on all of them to get larger versions.

My Links of the Day


Bed Breakfast accommodation in Banff, Alberta, Canada - my Aunt Lois' place  

Bed Breakfast accommodation in Banff, Alberta, Canada - my cousin Kerry's place

Links to Christian/religious sites that I've found on the net

My puppy dog's own web page - part of the Siberian Husky Webring

Todays weather forcast for Canadian cities/regions (look up Wabush for my local weather)

Some of My Interests:

Tv and movies



Restaurants - different foods



Listening/collecting music

Home interior design/painting




If you have any comments, suggestions or find links that aren't working, e-mail me (mention that it is regarding my web page)   here

Last updated Aug 31, 2004 (mom's bday)

(My apologies for the obnoxious popups - they seem to have gotten much worse lately, maybe time to change sites)