by Donna M. Smith


Part 1: Reassignment


Part 2: Marking Time


Part 3: In the Zone


Part 4: Annoying Shadows


Part 5: Suspicions


Part 6: The Walls Have Ears


Part 7: Meditations


Part 8: Disruptive Influence


Part 9: Touch and Go


Part 10: Guided Tour


Part 11: Destiny’s Hand


Part 12: A Little Persuasion


Epilogue: Beginnings

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I apologize to everybody out there who might be disappointed that Kira and Dax didn't appear in the story. I really like these two characters, but I couldn't seem to find a plausible way to throw them into the story without making more complications for myself. I thought that this would be the only The Sentinel/DS9 story I would do, but there are loose ends that could be tied up in another story (what happened on Daknar, what's up with the Orb of Balance, will Theryl share his secret, etc.).