Smell-around Stereo

There's just something about going to see a singer or band in person that's hard to describe. There's nothing like it. But what if one can't make it to the concert? What if that favorite group doesn't do concerts? Then a person have to be content with listening to the CD on a stereo. Sure it produces crisp sound, but what about the atmosphere?

Babbett Olfactions and the folks at Pritchard University's prestigious electronics department have come up with the Smell-around Stereo. Instead of just listening to the music, one can feel like the concert is right there. Smell-around Stereo combines technology similar to scratch-n-sniff with a computer program that releases the odors at varying intervals to simulate the experience of being at a live rock show.

The test group had nothing but glowing reports for this stereo. It received such compliments as "This rocks! I could smell the band's B.O., man! I thought I was in the band!" Another test subject said, "What a cool invention. It was like the concert was going on right there in my house. I could even smell the old, warm beer--like the kind my clumsy boyfriend always spilled on me!"

Babbett Olfactions and Pritchard University guarantee unforgetable live concert atmosphere if the listener just closes the eyes and breathes deep. The smell of sweat and pot swirling around the frenzied singers, the slight wiff of lighter fluid as everyone gets ready for that slow love anthem, the special aroma of the cheap perfume of that even cheaper date--memories that can now be made at home.

Not only is the Smell-around Stereo great for concert CD's, it also brings comedy recordings to life. Bask in the heady comedy-club aroma of heavy cigarette smoke and the stinking drunks at the next table while listening to those funny jokes over and over again.

The Smell-around Stereo will be available next month in department and electronic stores across the country. No price has been set as yet, but with the rising cost of concert tickets, it's sure to pay for itself in no time.

"Take" the kids to a concert in the living room and enjoy it together. The Smell-around Stereo is great fun for the whole family. Because this stereo uses real odors, however, it is not recommended for people with hay fever, asthma, emphysema, sinus troubles, glaucoma, hangnails, athlete's foot, piebaldism, sensitive noses or just people who don't like smelly stuff.


Aug., '99