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Hi there! This is D. Smith. I've always wanted to make an interesting and humorous website and thought it would be fun to lampoon the magazine, "Popular Science." I finally got around to throwing it together. This is my first attempt at web page design, so please be kind. I hope you will enjoy the most talked-about magazine in the nation (well...not really).

DISCLAIMER: This page is in no way affiliated with the magazine, Popular Science.

Unpopular Science: Unbelievable New Technology and Inventions


    Quick Peek at New Gadgets
  1. Featured Story: The Indestructible Dirigible
  2. The New Defense Space Station
  3. Mission to Mars
  4. Latest Automotive Designs
  5. The Mercury Train
  6. The Home Paternity Test
  7. The Stereo of the Future (needs pics)
  8. Top of the Line Photo Imaging
  9. Cloning for Company
  10. Grow N' Glow Super Fertilizer
  11. All Natural Fertilizer (just started)
  12. The Tropical Topical Tan
  13. Weather or Not
  14. Special Thanks and Links

Quick Peek at New Gadgets

The "superbee", a new and improved version of the frisbee, will soon be taking the nation by storm. Its special aerodynamic design allows it to fly longer and further than any other throwing toy. It also makes a bee-like buzzing sound when thrown. Retail Price: $24.99

The revolutionary "nukevac" is expected to be a big hit. This superstrong vacuum cleaner can suck the dirt out of a rug at the subatomic level. Its long-lasting nuclear engine makes the nukevac both energy-efficient and economical. Retail Price: $7899.99

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Updated August 6, 2001
Started March/April, 1999