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Jersey, Georgia - Southern Small Town Life
Art by James Dean ] The History of Jersey as Told to Me ] Jersey Homemakers Society ]


Welcome to Jersey, Georgia

Jersey is a small town located in Walton County with a population of approximately 150 .  Jersey is named for a Jersey Bull.  For more information on the History of Jersey check out the history of Jersey as told to me.

We have a Mayor, Ronnie Thompson and  a Town Council.  The town council meets the first Monday  of every month at 7:00 pm in the Jersey Community Building.  The Community building was recently renovated and looks quite lovely thanks to Ronnie and his wife Charlotte.  The Community building also serves as the polling center, a meeting place for the Jersey Homemakers Society, and is available for parties.  Charlotte Thompson keeps the availability calendar for the Jersey Community Building.

In addition to several chuches, two convience stores, a dentist, post office, automobile repair shops, and a resturant,  Jersey has its own local artist James Dean.  At the turn of the centry Jersey thrived on a cotton based economy.  Many of the homes in Jersey were built during this time giving Jersey a nice friendly look. 


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