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The History of Jersey as Told to Me
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  The History of Jersey, Georgia
Ancient History






Recent History

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Ancient History

Jersey was founded in the 1895 and named for a Jersey Bull brought to town by Mr. Josiah Blasingame.  Sherman's Troops marched through Jersey on their way from Atlanta to Savannah.  We have Civil War veterans buried in our town cemetery. 

Jersey was a very bustling place around 1900.  The oldest homes still standing in Jersey date to about that period.  Jersey had its own bank, stores and industries including a cotton gin.  Cotton was the big cash crop.   When Cotton was booming in Georgia, Jersey was booming.  Unfortunately, Jersey is not situated on any State or National roads and the nearest rail access is in Social Circle 7 miles away. 


Currently there are about 150 residents of Jersey.   Many of the people commute to work in other towns close by.  Life in Jersey is pleasant and peaceful.   


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