Where Do I See Myself In Life?
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Where do I see myself in life?

Copyright March 3/1997 Kate Kemery

Where can I see the strongest one?
Next to me sitting, looking in my eyes...
Next, by me flickering a little candle on the ice.
The flame is transparent, that you can see though it...
So should my life be mirrored inside of it?

You should not be afraid to face that is in there,
You should be inside to savor what is fair.
But if you go into the savor, you know you would be hurt...
I know the hurting can only tell a lie.

The lie will grow if you don't face the ice of the mirror
The stone the grip, the saying goes,
To face your life and not be frayed of it
Bedazzled yet I am,
That life changes so much for many people,
And it thanks the opera to play for many singles
That we try listening to what is said,
And understood, right ever...

If life shows us harm,
And if life commences when it ends,
That we have lived it to the fullest...
Brightest, even darkest when the sun has blended
Us that we can't see what is in front of us,
That we can't figure out the moon
That shines though the night sky
And up it scents a spell upon it
That we feel that GOD is there watching over us...

The flame will be eternal.