Yume no Sakura ~ Dreams of Cherry Blossoms, Dreams of Samurai: the Characters
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Legal Bowing and Scraping

My sincerest apologies to any original creators of the professional artwork. Much of it is copyrighted by Samurai Showdown, AnimEigo, and other Anime/Manga sources of which I am not aware. Many of the pictures have been changed to better suit the character in question. Although this is not a drastic change, I realize that some artist would prefer their work not be tampered with, or displayed at all. Should you see any of your copyrighted artwork and would like it removed, please just e-mail me.Thank you.

The Characters

Below you shall find some of the many personalities that inhabit the world of Yume no Sakura. To speed things up, I have linked the names of each character to their picture (if one is available). Glory is given as a means of determining the chance of knowing or hearing of the character.

The Samurai of Yumi No Sakura


Character Player Brief Description Rumors Glory
Shiba Kensuro Mike
Attended the Isawa Earth Tensai School, Large blocky man.
? 1.0
Asaka ?? Stacey
Shiba Kensuro's Yojimbo.
Unknown ???
Togashi Hosodo John
An Ize Zumi from the Dragon Clan
Unknown 0.0
Otaku Francis Sam
A towering Blonde Haired, Blue eyed, Otaku battle maiden
An obvious Gaijin, but everyone knows how those Unicorn are...
Hida ??? Dan
A large crab!
Unknown 1.0


Character Player Brief Description Rumors Glory
Otaku Shisoo J
A quiet Otaku Battle Maiden that shadows her lady, Otomo Reiko, about the boundries of Rokugan and sees to her safety.
Otaku Shisoo won first place in the tournament hosted by Otomo Reiko, and thus the privledge of serving as her honor guard. It is whispered that the two knew each other previously. Otaku-san is never far from Otomo-sama and has made her safety the primary thing in her life. She is often seen riding admidst the banners of Otomo Reiko in full battle armor... not that anyone is about to say anything about it.
Kakita Minoru Max
An Emerald Magistrate, and member of the Crane with strong ties to the Unicorn Clan.
Well known for riding a unicorn horse and sitting on dead animal flesh. (saddle) Brings his young son with him everywhere. It is believed that the Otomo arranged for the honorable magistrate to serve as Otomo Reiko's bodyguard and chaperon.
Shosuro Kiyumi Krisna
Shosuro Kiyumi is barely past her gempukku, yet by way of her brother-in-laws merits, she has won a place by Otomo Reiko's side as her courtier. She has been known to be a bit naive and over-exuberant at times, but loyalty is her very core.
A heartbreaker and merciless tease. She has left a trail of would-be suitors behind her as she travels. But oned day her pursuers may catch up with her...
Togashi Kuro Sean
An Ize Zumi charged with guiding Otomo Reiko in Dragon lands.
Unknown 2.5


Character Player Brief Description Rumors Glory
Isawa (Kitsu) Nuriko Hick
Phoenix Fire Tensai, previously of the Lion Clan. Adopted into the Phoenix and given Isawa Miaka to protect.
Currently, he serves as one of the yoriki under the karo of Bayushi Gemu. ?
Daidoji Yoshi Greg
Daidoji Yoshi is the youthful bodyguard assigned to protect Nuriko (and Miaka), a great honor. Daidoji-san seems quite confident in his abilities, and perhaps he should be...
The temples have been calling him the Favored of Suzaku. But who listens to the rumors of old priests anyway...
Shosuro Tobei Paco
Scorpion actor. Tendency to always show up at the right place at the right time. Travels with Isawa Nuriko and Miaka.
Unknown 1.5
Kuni Musashi Kevin
Kuni Musashi is a Kuni witch hunter serving with Isawa Nuriko as yoriki.
Stories have spread in Bayushi Gemu's han of the witch hunter's patience in dealing with the old nag (horse) that was bestowed upon him on leaving crab lands. More prelevant are the rumors that Kuni Musashi is only serving to capture a Maho-Tsuke. Many believed that perhaps Isawa Nuriko had dabbled in the dark arts to gain more power, but now the truth is known. The maho seems to be their dragon companion, Kitsuki Tantei. It is unknown whether Kuni-san is merely bidding his time or giving the Kitsuki magistrate a chance to redeem himself. The latter is possible since Kituski Tantei seems to have mended his ways of late and is fervantly serving at Bayushi Gemu's side in the absence of his fellow yoriki.
Shinjo Biaku Milissa
Shinjo Biaku serves as a shugenja yoriki for Ide Sanshi, karo to Bayushi Gemu.
Some have speculated of the relationship between the two unicorns, though it seems unfounded. Shinjo-san searches for her husband and questions many as to their knowledge of his where abouts. It is believed that Bayushi Gemu is looking into this for her and even used a favor with the Lions to get her a bodyguard for her journey into Isawa lands. Why would a scorpion go so out of his way for a small unicorn shugenja if it was not supported by his karo?
Matsu Die-Hachi Chris
An arrogant Lion Bushi, Matsu Die-hachi has been assigned to protect Shinjo Biaku as repayment of favors to Bayushi Gemu.
His sister was once engaged to Isawa Nuriko, back when Nuriko was Kitsu, and she has not forgotten the insult of him leaving. Die-hachi merely seems to be happy to be out of the castle where his mother is ill, his father is acting Matsu Daimyo, and his sister is running things.

Frequently Occuring Npcs

(player if applicable)
Associated Group Brief Description Rumors Glory
Otomo Reiko
A member of the Imperial family, Otomo Reiko travels with an Emerald Magistrate, Kakita Minoru, a courtier, Shosuro Kiyumi, and a capable honor guard. She is soft spoken and quiet. She seems intent on bringing peace to the clans of Rokugan, perhaps this is why she has such powerful enemies. Good thing she has powerful allies too! She attended the Asahina (Crane) Shugenja School and is now working as a negotiator ... much to the dismay of her daimyo!
Very little seems to be actually known about this quiet Otomo.
Bayushi Gemu Doyoobi
Bayushi Gemu is a minor daimyo of the Scorpion clan. In addition to seeming to be unable to keep help willingly for an extended period of time, he seems quite insane. Yet, the Scorpion do not remove him from power, but instead see that he has all that he needs.
Gemu's insanity is well known. What is not understood is the Scorpion's tolerance of him. 3.5
Ide Sanshi Doyoobi
Ide Sanshi is a pleasant man to see and speak with. He seems to have the patience of ages as he serves as Karo to Bayushi Gemu. A competent shugenja in his own right, he has been seen tutoring Isawa Miaka around Gemu's palace in his spare time.
Rumors are circulating of his relationship with the much younger Shinjo Biaku, especially since Bayushi Gemu sent off a number of scorpions to the site of Shinjo's husband's disappearance and his arranging for a lion bodyguard to serve Shinjo-san.
Mysterious Dragon Girl Minasan
An unknown presence. She has only been seen in dreams, or in a fleeting glance. It is rumored that Shosuro Tobei has some sort of connection to her. She appears to be of the Dragon Clan, it would suit her ways...
Rumors...? Glory?

The Kids...

Shinjo Miaka Doyoobi
Shinjo Miaka is Shinjo Biaku's 5 year old daughter. She is currently staying with her grandmother in Shinjo lands and is already showing signs of following her mother's path.
Rumors hold that the daimyo of the Unicorn clan has recently taken special interest in little Miaka... 1.0
Isawa Miaka Doyoobi
Nuriko's "ward". Little is actually known about her. She's 10 years old and currently studying for the Phoenix Fire Tensai School.
Many have found the magical skills of this young student quite advanced...
Kakita Dojurin Suiyoobi
Kakita Minoru's 4 year old son. He almost never speaks and his eyes hold the very gaze of death.
The attentions of daimyo's now turn to this young boy. 1.0

The Controlled Pcs...

Daidoji Tomokazu
Daidoji Tomakazu is Daidoji Yoshi's sempai by 5 years. He previously served the Empire as the bodyguard to Shosuro Kiyumi, his sister-in-law. Tomakazu-san is a land manager, and recently was pressed to return home to deal with suspicious heimen and bad omens.
Togashi Taki
Stories abound of this Dragon Bushi and his penchant for gambling. Although assigned to protect Otomo Reiko, he has been absent since the group entered Phoenix Lands. One can only speculate who he insulted in the gambling house this time...
Kitsuki Tantei
The rumors abound of the Kitsuki Magistrate. Some claim he was seen walking through Scorpion lands admidst a thunder storm completley unclothed. Others have heard him invoke the name of Fu Leng to bring curses down upon poor hinin. Fortunately, Kuni Musashi seems to have caught the problem before it was too late and Kitsuki Tantei is now seen in (slightly) better light as he works fervantly for Bayushi Gemu to prove himself whilst the other yoriki are away.

The Heimen, Hinin, & Eta

  • Chin...Eta...(Koku)...Doyoobi

  • Umako...Otomo's Heimen servant

  • AJO...Otomo's cook

  • Jubei...Otomo's groom

  • Yamu...(Otomo's) Groom's Boy

  • Nishiko...Otomo's Maidservant

  • Nazoko...Otomo's Eta

  • Tameyoshi...Eta...Getsuyoobi

  • Kinnojo...Eta...Getsuyoobi

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