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Commonly Used Rokugani Words and Expressions

Use of these words and phrases would add to the game but are not required. Use of the suffix sama is important though.


(name)...sama Term of respect for a person of higher rank. Equivalent to Lord, Lady
(name)...san Term of respect for a person of equivalent or lower rank
(name)...chan Term of endearment (close friendship) for women and children
(name)...kun Term of endearment for men
(name)...Sensei Teacher
(name)...Sempai upperclassmen


Chibi...(name) Literally Little (name). Used for children unless insult is meant.


Ohio (Ohio Gozaimasu -polite) Good Morning (literally It's early!)
Konnichi wa Good Day
Konban wa Good Evening
Oyasumi Nasai Good night (I'm going to bed!)
Ja Ne! Good Journey (See ya!) -used amongst friends/peers shortened: Ja!
Doozo Please go ahead... (sit here, try something, etc)
Arigatoo Thank you
Doomo Arigatoo More polite form shortened amongst friends -Doomo
Doomo Arigatoo Gozaimasu you say when the Emperor declares you lower than fly turd.
Doe-it-tashi-mash-tet Your Welcome
Hi-gee-mem-ma-sheet-a It's an honour to meet you (Literally- for the first time)
Hay-key Hay-key Fine Fine!
Minasan Everyone
Hai (Hi) Yes
ie (ee-eh) No
Yadda! No Way!!
Gomen Nasai I'm sorry
Sumimasen Excuse me
Anou... informal Excuse me, used when thinking... ummm...
Daijooba deska? Are you all right?
Daijooba desu I'm all right.
no of

Names & Pronounciation

names consist of Family name first, then personal name.
All the japanese syllabels are found in the extraneous hiragana chart The vowels are only pronounced one way.

a ah
i ee
e eh
o ooo
u as in goo, coo
The only consonant that stands alone is n. All others are paired with vowels.

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