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Recent News

The Band's New Direction
Brett already revealed that they are NOT going to release any single, after finishing the end of the Head Music tour, they'll go straight into the studio again.

Neil's leaving, believe or not?
On the message board of Suede net there're again rumours about Neil's leaving. Some says that he's got a new band with
band mates in Marion, and provide board viewers with a link to so-called track samples and band photo as evidence. Here I just want to say, be cautious to news posted on the message board. Believe only the official news.

Brazillian Highlights
Recently Neil's been to San Paulo, Brazil for his holidays as well as a rest during Christmas, as Brett revealed in the Jo Whiley show. You will be caught up with the news on it as soon as I have more information.

"I didn't collapse."
Neil tells the press about his ME

"I just got the bad end of a buf and it laid me out. Any time that I haven't played it's just been damage limitationreally, looking after my health, and that was what happened in Australia. I had to come home and have a rest to stop it getting any worse."

"I just got the bad end of a bug and it laid me out. Any time that I haven't played it's just been damage limitation really, looking after my health, and that was what happened in Australia. I had to come home and have a rest to stop it getting any worse."
Neil finally tells Melody Maker about his illness and his future. Check out the articles parts (Melody Maker, Nov, 3, 1999) for the whole articles

neilgig01.JPG (6223 bytes)
Suede Live in HK Special

Exclusive Suede Live in HK special. Only in Sci-fi Neil-labies

Neil was collapsed in Australia during the tour which caused a few cancellation of the tour days, for more please click here.

New single, Can't Get Enough, will be released on 1, November. Tracklists are as follows:
Can't Get Enough (Anderson/Codling)
Let Go (Anderson/Codling)
Situations (Anderson/Codling)

Can't Get Enough (Anderson/Codling)
Since You Went Away (Anderson)
Read My Mind (Anderson)

Can't Get Enough (Anderson/Codling)
She's in Fashion (Steve Lironi version)
Everything Will Flow (Rollo Vocal Mix)
Multimedia track: Simon's Can't Get Enough

Suede's new single 'Everything Will Flow' released on two formats on August 23, Here are the tracklists

Everything Will Flow
Weight Of The Word' (A Neil solo song!)

Everything Will Flow
Everything Will Flow Rollo Vocal Mix
She's In fashion original version

Everything Will Flow
Beautiful Ones (live)

--Suede's next single is 'She's In Fashion', will be in stores on June 10. The tracklistings are:

CD1-- She's in Fashion - Bored - Pieces Of My Mind
She's in Fashion - Jubilee - God's Gift
And the cassatte version features the demo version of Down.

--Neil's left or not? Click here for the clue.

--There're rumours in the internet saying that Neil (or Richard) is going to leave the band. But still there's no official statment given by the official unit, either SIS or Nude Records. So Neil fans before you start to cry please be a bit more patiend and wait for the official news first.

--Suede are appearing at London Oxford Street's Virgin Megastore on MAY 2nd to debut songs from their forthcoming album, "Head Music". The louche lotharios will play at 23:00 for an hour and then sign copies of their new album for fans from midnight. From May 3rd for one week only, ALL Virgin Megastores across the country will be renamed "Head Music" stores.

--Cover art and samples of Head Music is posted on the site of Sony Music (Japan) Click here!

-- The band will start their fanclub show from March. The tour dates shown as below
28/4/99 - Oslo, Norway
30/4/99 - Copenhagen, Denmark 

-- fanclub gig, 27/4/99 - Stockholm, Sweden. Ended

-- preview of the album is posted on the NME site

--The cover art is posted in .

--Suede web was over. There are 4 previews from Head Music. Also there're webcam pics tooked during the chat. Go to the official site to have a look.

--Suede's new single-- Electricity will be released on April 12th.

CD1 -- 1. Electricity    2. Popstar   3. Killer
CD2 -- 1. Electricity   2. See that Girl   3. Waterloo
Cassette --1. Electricity   2.Implement Yeah (Demo)

--And their new album--
Head Music and will be released on may 3rd
(All dates are in UK release dates)