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These are the good songs

see what songs Neil's written/co-writen so far--

Neil-written songs

Co-written songs

Digging A Hole
--from single Lazy CD2 (1997)

--from single Electricity CD2 (1999)

Elephant Man
--from the album Head Music (1999)

Weight of the World
--from single Everything Will Flow CD1 (1999)

Starcrazy (Anderson/Codling)
The Chemistry Between Us (Anderson/Codling)
-- from the album Coming Up(1996)

Duchess (Anderson/Codling)
--from single Filmstar(1997)

Electricity (Anderson/Codling/Oakes)
Can't Get Enough (Anderson/Codling)
She's in Fashion (Anderson/Codling)
He's Gone (Anderson/Codling)
--from the album Head Music (1999)

Jubilee (Anderson/Codling)
--from single She's in Fashion CD2

Crackhead (Suede)
--from single Everything Will Flow CD2 (1999)

Let Go (Anderson/Codling)
Situations (Anderson/Codling)

--from single Can't Get Enough CD1 (1999)