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Welcome to The Lost Adventures of Ryoga!   Here you will find one of the biggest anime sites created by a diverse group of friends, each in control of thier favorite character from the shows we love, such as Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, and The Slayers.

We plan to offer up-to-date files and news if we here of anything of interest.  Any files or even coustom web graphics may be downloaded without restriction, with the exception that the author requests different.   Due to the shear volume of grahics and files it is nearly impossible to find all owners for all these graphics.  So in that, if you find something that is yours that you do not wish it to be on this sight just ask and I shall add copyright notice or have it removed completely.

We have gathered this files from all over the net and we must give great thanks to all the people who make this site possible!! THANKS!!

Feel Free To Write us!
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This page was last updated on 11/29/98.

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