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Hi, welcome to The Hanson Cinema. The reason I'm starting this website is because Hanson is back (though they were never really gone) with a vengence and I'm guessing that a whole new host of Hanson fans will begin to surf the web for good Hanson sites that don't have the whole 'teeny' setting. That's why I'm trying to make a mature Hanson fan site with all the cool stuff that you'd find on another Hanson site. Enjoy your visit to the Hanson Cinema, and feel free to click around.

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Updated: November 26th, 2000

News:Whoa, have I got some 'splainin' to do. First of all, I apologize for the extrememe lack of updates (I seem to always be saying this, don't I), but I've been quite busy during the holiday season. Let's see...since my last update...I went to Florida for choir, California for Christmas Break, and inbetween all that I've been working furiously to get ready for finals, later on this week. Anyway, whilst out in Cali, we got a new computer, and it's great. I did lose all my stories, which basically means the past chapters were lost in my own personal files, but they're still up here, so it's not a big deal.

Coming Soon: I'm going to do another short story here promptly, and I'm THINKING of starting and Editorials section, much like a rants section. And of course, I will be updating current stories sometime in the near future.

Attention:I forgot to put the link up when I wrote my This Time Around Tour review, but it's up now.

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