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Welcome to
Thunder & Steel's
Sister Page

Where the Love and Dreams will continue.

Here you will find stories, poems and songs
that have been passed onto Thunder & Steel
or have been copied with permission.

But we still ask that you get permission
before you copy any of the stories found here.

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No Lovelier gift could life send
than a beautiful rose or a special friend.
Roses are for remembrance, a reminder that each day
someone's thinking of you in a warm and loving way.
A rose can't keep its sweetness in...

it gives and keeps on giving,
And special friends can't help but to
add a special joy to living :)
A Little Bit of sunshine and the bud becomes a rose....
A little bit of kindness and a friendship blooms and grows..

Author Unknown

Thunder would like to dedicate this to:

Stories & Poems

Feel: Written by Kimberlyn **NEW**
Inner Faith: Written by Melody Watt **NEW**
Waiting For Him: Written by Sherry Hall
Stephen's Song: Written by Lady Tenderheart
One Day With You: Written by Megan Schoenherr
Wanting You: Written by Lora Howell
The Night's Fairie Tale: Written by Bette Cone
Tears: Written by Becky Henson
The Old Digger: Written by Les Heath
The Invitation Oriah Mountain Dreamer: Spoken by Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Storms Never Last: Written by Corky Ferguson
A Forgotten Spark: Written by Bette
Now That The Buffalo's Gone: By Buffy Saint-Marie
Don't Laugh At Me:
The Things I Have Seen:
Lone Wolf: Written by Josie
This Little Stream: Written by Panama Chuck
Puppy Love: Written by Corky Ferguson

Things to Pass on to your Friends

YOU ARE MY FRIEND: Pass this on to All your Friends
Speeding: Sent to us By:(\O/) "an angel of Fire,"

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