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Adroit Deviant
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Adroit Deviant: 
Age: 21
Height: 5'5
Weight: 118
Hair: Long,Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Light-Skin
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Black, Native American Indian, German


Turn Ons:
5. An ice-breaker. If we're hanging out, I dont like sitting there thinking "Well, here I am" and youre thinking "Yep, there you are". I like a person who puts some effort into making sure we have a good time. The way I do. Im particularly fond of laughing together.
4. Out-Casts who decided to take on that role.Not because they cant fit in with others, but because they see no reason to blend in with people so differnt from themselves.
3. Educated people. You can be artisticly aware, spiritually enlightened, emotionally connected, or whatever. As long as you know what youre doing and your good at what you do. Sure tell me of you're experiance, but more importantly show me that you've learned something.
2. Fine men who smell handsome and are well groomed. The only thing sexier is if Im in love with the man and he knows how to treat me.
1. A Partner in Crime - There doesnt necessarily have to be a misdeed comitted, but a right handman at my side...I would be theirs and they would be mine.


Here is a list of some
of her favorite artists:
-Jay Z
-Big Pun

Here are a few of
her favorite comedians:
-John Leguizamo
-Chris Rock
-Lewis Black
-Bernie Mac
-David Chappel

Here is a list of some
of her favorite movies: 
- The Usual Suspects
- Romeo and Juliet
- The Messenger
- The Last Dragon
- Girl Interrupted 
- Dragon