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Updates on my pets

Well I said that I would try to always keep my pages updated so here I am. One of the pups Bruno fell ill a few days ago. It was scary on how quickly his illness took effect on him. Within four hours of being his lively self he went to being on deaths door. We had come back from going out for a few short hours and my poor Bruno had gone from being his meaty self to skin and bone. He looked aweful and all he would do was look at me while he was laying there as if pleading for me to help, naturally pleading he didn't have to do. So I immediatley phoned our vetinarian and explained the situation, which I may add was difficult because at the same time I was trying to hold back the tears, I explained I thought he wouldn't make it. I was told to bring him in so he could be seen by the vetanarian. We got there and were taken to an examination room, where he was examined for his temp and heart rate. His heart rate was up very high and we were told Bruno had gone into a state of shock and he needed to be put on an IV straight away. He was admitted into the vetinarian hospital and given several tests. Leaving him there to stay was horrible, as I didn't think I would see him alive again, it was horrible going in to say goodbye to him before I left and I couldn't hold the tears back but I did the best I could to hold myself together not knowing if I would see him alive again cause he was so weak. All I could do was stare into space an cry and worry, until that is the vetanarian phoned me later that evening to say he was makeing progress but was still a step by step situation. I was still worried but felt more relieved. The next morning however was wonderful, Bruno was back to his lively ole self, I've never felt so relieved, we couldn't go to pick him up though until 5.30pm that day as the vet still wanted to observe as a precaution. When we did go to collect him it was heaven to see him, one of the nurses brought him out on a leash who he pulled all the way until he got to us, wagging his tail and so excited I had tears in my eyes of sheer happiness to see my Bruno was better. We're all still uncertain what was wrong. At first the vet thought it may have been Corona Virus again but because they've had their shots it would be difficult to determine and highly unlikely, however the vet also thinks there is a possibility it could be Addisons Disease because all symptoms Bruno showed were the same as the last time when Aztec and Shep were ill, it's hereditary and can be treated and in some cases most dogs live a long healthy life. I still have to do some research on Addisons plus we're also waiting to have the tests done on the boys to see if this is the cause or not. Hopefully it won't be Addisons but something else which isn't threatening to their lives. Bruno still has alot of weight to gain back as he lost alot with this illness but each day he's getting stronger. Aztec did start being sick, but he seems to have improved and gotten better by himself. It's scary not knowing now if one of them is sick does it mean should I take them in just incase it's going to be like this time or do I wait and see. It's rapid working illness. Any how I shall keep you posted on how the boys are doing and how the Addisons Test goes.     

Well just when I thought all my pets were doing fine I lost one of my anoles, it was down to the stress of being harrased by one of the males, yes I lost one of my females. Because she was being harrased she stopped feeding properly and was worse than what I originaly thought. So she's gone to pet heaven, god bless her. The other three are all doing fine though and so is my gheko.

My kittens have definatley found their feet 'so to speak'. Apache has come out of his shell more and has become more outgoing than when we first had him, Midnight is even more so, I thought he was crazy enough when we first brought him home, but evidently he had other ideas.
We also introduced the kittens and the boys (puppies) properly about 1 week ago now. They had seen each other before then but we kept them seperate until the kittens settled in and the boys got used to seeing them in the house. Now you ask how did the boys see them, I kept them seperate by putting a baby gate up to seperate the rooms off. The gate has gone now and they all get along quite well, it's still early and they are still getting used to each other properly. Bruno is the worse, as he is the baby or should I say my baby, and he does sometimes get a little jealous if the kittens jump up on my lap, but he hasn't become aggresive with the kittens I just make sure I reasure him and Aztec and Shep that they are still loved and they are my babies too.

Well if anything else new happens I'll let you know. As your aware if you've been to my website before I am always updateing.

Oh and no we haven't had the addisons disease test done just yet but it's  comeing up shortly so keep your fingers crossed that it turns up negative.. thanks.