Webrings, what fun! You can get a lot of people to come to your site, and see many other pages a lot like yours. People all over use webrings to bring fellow um... what ever they are interested in people together.

If you want to join our current webring, then you have come to the right place. Read our instructions below and then proceed onto the next step.

    1. Read through these instructions. We can't emphasize that enough. Please, please, PLEASE read very carefully so you don't run into any problems.

    2. After you have decided that you want to join this really cool ring, then you must read through the rules. If you don't, and your page doesn't match the requirements, you can't be in the ring :(

    3. OK, so you have read through the nit-picking things. Now is the fun part! Fill out the form with the correct information. You may want to check it over one last time to be sure that you have it correct.

    4. A page should show up giving you your information. Keep all of it handy, you do not want to forget any of the things that are on it. You can write them down or print out the page, which ever you choose.

    5. Wait for our reply. We will look over your page and find the frag. If everything looks correct, you will receive an email stating you are now a part of the ring. Don't worry, you'll probably be approved! Unless your site really really sucks... Thanks for reading through this and have a great time with our ring!

You may now proceed to Step one.

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