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The Whiteman & Kirk Family History

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The Family History

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Here is the "Cline Connection to the family". Our Ancestors

Since we are still building the site, some information may be better to access than others. Hopefully you will still find it useful and informative.

John Cline

Our Ancestor John Cline, a Revolutionary War soldier, came to Harrison County, Indiana between 1807 and 1810. He was living on the north branch of the Potomac River when he enlisted, thus he was living in either Maryland or present day West Virginia at that time. His whereabouts after the war or his place of marriage are unknown. He was married to Rachel Bennett prior to 1785. He was a farmer and lived in Jackson Township near present day Crandall. In his later years he lived with his son ,Nicholas Cline, in the southern edge of Franklin Township. He died after 1840 and was buried in the Cline Burying Ground in the southern part of Franklin Township. This cemetery no longer exists." This information pertains to our John Cline.

There were a number of Clines living in Ohio County, Virginia, in the 1700s, who were quite possibly related to our John Cline. There was an emigrant by the name of George Cline who came to this country from Germany with a man, believed to be his father, named John Cline.

He arrived in 1770 along with two brothers, named Jacob and John Cline, Jr. George Cline served in the Revolutionary War, and he settled in Pennsylvania, but eventually he moved to Virginia. We are presently unable to make a definite connection, so we can only consider that the brother of George Cline could be our ancestor John's father, or at least a close relative. That could be the case if our information on the birth of our John Cline, that he was born in 1752 in Virginia, is somehow incorrect. George had a son whom he named John, in 1772. Since families tended to use the same names over and again at that time, this could suggest he was related. More research is needed. Our John Cline was supposedly born in Virginia, eighteen years before George came to this country from Germany.

Jacob Cline, born Oct 27, 1772, had nine brothers and sisters, and he and wife Nancy Mills had sixteen children. No wonder there were so many Clines! He was the son of George Cline and Susannah Buck. Jacob died March 13, 1879 in Jericho, Ohio.

From one researcher: "There were four separate Cline Families who came into Harrison County, Indiana in the early 1800s . "A John Cline came to Harrison County about 1819, coming from Toms Brook. Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley. He was married to Mary Ann Armstrong on June 15, 1789 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He Received a land grant for l3R acres in 1796 and lived on this farm until 1819. He was a blacksmith and operated a water powered saw mill. After his arrival in Harrison County he bought a 120 acre farm in Old Scott Township and farmed there until his death in 1835. He was buried on his farm in the Cline Cemetery." This could apply to our John Cline, too, so it is no wonder that many consider this to be our John. But apparently it is not.

"In 1820 or.1821 George K. Cline, a farmer and a lawyer, came into Harrison County on a 209 acre farm in Franklin Township. This farm was obtained by a land grant by Lewis Cline of Augusta County, Virginia. Lewis Cline sold this farm to his son, George K. Cline for one dollar. He was married to Elizabeth Eddleman, on Dec.11 1821 in Harrison County. He was married a second time to Rebecca Anderson on Sept 26, 1837 also in Harrison County. Sometime before 1860 they moved to Howard County, Missouri."

"In 1837 or 1838 another George Cline moved to Harrison County also coming from the Toms Brook area of Shenandoah County, Virglnla (As did the aforementioned John). He was married there, to Mary Ann (Polly) Williams on Feb. 26,1818. They left Virginia in late 1835 and lived briefly in Ohio before coming to Indiana where he was a farmer. He lived in Harrison Township south of Corydon.. He was married a second time to Christina Secrest on Jan.10, 1858 George Cline died in 1868 and was buried in the Williams Cemetery."

None of the four Clines were known to be related, although it is believed that George Cline who came in 1837 could have been a nephew of John Cline of Scott Township.

The John Cline Family


We begin with our ancestor, John Cline. John was a Revolutionary War soldier. He was born in Virginia in 1752, in that part that later became Kentucky. He may have lived in two states at once without ever moving!. Just think, a person claiming to be a "Virginian" in colonial days could become a "Kentuckian" when the boundaries were changed. He died after 1840.

Thousands of Virginia's early settlers arrived in the colony as a result of the headright system. Under this system, anyone who paid his own way (or someone else's way) to Virginia received fifty acres of land. Millions of Virginia's acres were granted to individuals under this system in the 1600s and 1700s. (Approximately 27,000 abstracts of Virginia Land, Marriage and Probate Records)

In Virginia, beginning in 1660, a couple could marry by posting a bond with civil authorities or publishing banns at church. While reporting was required after 1780, marriages were sometimes reported before then.

John and Rachel Cline Family

Daniel Cline

John Cline, Jr.

Joseph Cline

Nancy Cline

Peggy (Margaret) Cline

Bennett Cline

Jesse G. Cline

Polly Cline

John Cline married Rachel Bennett. She was born in 1752 in Virginia. They possibly married in Harrison County, Virginia. They had at least eight children. Daniel, their first child, was born January 22, 1785, so the marriage must have taken place after John's war service. There is also speculation among some researchers that John may have married a number of times, perhaps two or three. This is a possibility since John would have been 33 years of age when Daniel, given here as his firstborn, arrived. He could have been married earlier, but we have no record of that. Further, the 1810 census of Harrison County says that his son John Jr. was born in 1780, while later records say 1795. It was probably 1795. If he was born in 1780, then he would have been born would have been fourteen to eighteen years before John and Rachel's daughter Nancy was born.

The other children of John and Rachel Cline are listed as: John H or G Cline, b 1780 , d 1835 in Harrison County, Indiana.; Peggy (Margaret?) Cline, b 1801 (Twenty years after John H?); Bennett Cline, born in Shelby County, Kentucky in 1804 (or 05 or 06), died in Daviess County, Missouri; Jesse G Cline b 1809 in Indiana, and Polly Cline, born in 1815 in Indiana. We are at the mercy of the census takers for our information.

Our Patriot John Cline served three years in the American Revolution as a soldier under Capt. Stephen Ashby in the Virginia Regiment under Col. James Wood. He enlisted on the North Bank of the Potomac River. His unit took part in at least one major battle, the Battle of Brandywine near Chads Fort in Pennsylvania. Those who are aware of the rigors of war know that all soldiers suffered difficult, at best, times, having no supplies, uniforms, or proper weapons. Young John, in his twenties, was a volunteer to the service of his country. He was 79 years old when he applied for his pension in 1821. This suggests that he was born about 1742.

John Cline, the revolutionary soldier, after serving his country, bought, then sold, 50 acres of land to a John Crandall, who founded the town of Crandall. Many of John's children had land grants in the Eel River area. (Township) of Hendricks County, Indiana.

The children:

John Cline, Jr., son of our Patriot, died prior to 1850 as his widow, Rutha Davis Cline, was enumerated in the 1850 census as his widow. She was with the Jacob Cline family, (her brother and his sister). John and Rutha (Ruthy) were married in Harrison County, Indiana on December 27, 1819. Do you suppose they got engaged on Christmas?

Also mentioned in the probate records of Indiana (index) is a notation that in 1844 a John Cline (possibly John Cline, Jr. or simply another John Cline) was declared a lunatic in 1844 in Hendricks County court.

Another child mentioned for John and Rachel Cline is Joseph Cline, born in Tennessee (?!) about 1797. Joseph died February 21, 1883 in Clark county, Iowa. He was the father of at least 12 children. He married Catherine Herndon. born 1812 in Kentucky, on August 28, 1828, in Shelby County, Kentucky or Montgomery County, Indiana. She died in Hendricks County, Indiana and was the daughter of John T. Herndon.

Joseph and Catherine Herndon Cline Children:

Silas T Cline

Nancy M Cline

Letitia Cline

John Franklin Cline

Elizabeth Cline

Myranda Catherine Cline

Isabel A. Cline

Mary Polly Cline

James B. Cline

Silas Cline was born July 28, 1828 in Hendricks County, Indiana. He married Amanda Jane Ballard. She was born 1831 in Kentucky. Silas died July 16, 1913 in County Home, Jefferson County; Iowa. He was buried in Osceola, Clarke County, Iowa. In the 1850 census he is in the parental home, and in 1870 he is in Clarke Co., Freeman Twp, pg 23. Silas and Amanda married February 20, 1851 in Boone County, Indiana. (sibling information continued later).

The children of Silas and Amanda Jane Cline:

Martha Catherine Cline

Blanche Cline

Lucinda Cline

Fanny Marilda Cline

Marcus Cline.

. Martha Catherine Cline was born in Sept 16, 1856 in Indiana. Martha Catherine Cline married James Anderson Young Feb 15, 1874. She was 18. They were married in Washington Twp, Clarke Co., Iowa. James Young was born Oct 2, 1849 in Braxton County, W VA. Marcus Cline was born in Kansas

The Children of Martha Cline and James Young were:

Elizabeth Young

Ora Emsey Young

Carrie Frances Young

Roy David Young

Charles R. Young

Jesse Bennett Young

Hazel Gertrude Young

Harley Leroy Young

Donald Oliver Young

Elizabeth Young was born Feb 19, 1875 in Osceola, Clark county, Iowa. Ora Emsey Young b. 23 Aug 1877 in Fremont Twp, Clarke Co, IA; Carrie Frances Young b. 7 Jul 1881 in BatavIA, Jefferson Co., IA; Roy David Young b. 19 Jan 1886 in BatavIA, IA Twp, Jefferson Co., BatavIA. IA.; Jesse Bennett Young b. 3 Mar 1892 in Jefferson Co., IA; Hazel Gertrude Young b. 18 Jan 1895; Harley Leroy Young b. 10 Oct 1898 in Jefferson Co., IA; Donald Oliver Young b. 15 Mar 1900 in BatavIA, Jefferson Co., IA; Charles R. Young, b 3 May 1890 in Locust Grove Twp, Jefferson Co., BatavIA, IA

Continuing with children of Joseph Cline and Catherine Herndon Cline:

Nancy Cline born about 1832; Lettitia Cline born about 1834; John Cline born about 1837 in Hendricks County; Elizabeth Cline born about 1840; Myranda Catherine Cline born about 1844; Mary Cline born July 27, 1845 in Hendricks County and James Cline born Mar 4, 1846, Hendricks County, Indiana.

Catherine Herndon Cline must have died after the birth of James Cline. Joseph Cline, her husband, later married Nancy Mosbarger and they had

Thomas Cline

Ulysses Cline

Margaret Cline. This makes 12.

A will for a John Cline in the Harrison County says his wife was Mary Ann Cline. Unless he remarried after Rachel died, to a lady named Mary Ann Armstrong as suggested by some researchers, this is not our John's will. This Mary Ann and John had nine children, but mentions only a David and Levi by name. Without a copy of the will, this remains speculation. The witnesses to the will give no clue to the answer to the problem Another researcher, Glenn Cline, states that "our" John married a Nancy Mosbarger on March 20, 1853 in Montgomery Co, Indiana. This is the kind of error that drives researchers wild. This is incorrect. Nancy does show up in the family, as the wife of John's son Joseph Cline.

When Americans began to enter the unbroken forests of Indiana, the native Indians were driven back, and often retaliated in bloody ways. As the ax fell in the forest, felling trees for housing, the Indian was faced with the decline of his way of life. The settler had to keep his faithful gun handy to protect himself and his family.

It was difficult even getting to the new homesteads. The travel was long and hard, through swamplands, marshes, rivers and thick forests, where Indians might lurk. Nights were spent in open prairies. The travelers were often weary, and illness was a thing to be truly feared. Some died along the way, especially children and newborn babies. Fortunately, most were in good health and able to make the journey to a new life.

John Cline made the journey, but it appears there was time spent living elsewhere since his children were not all born in Indiana.

Daniel Cline, first child of John and Rachel Cline, was married before 1811 to Elizabeth Crowley, who was born May 14, 1793. They had 15 children, which has contributed greatly to the Cline line. We don't know where Daniel Cline was born. Daniel's birthday was January 22, 1785 . He died at age 47, in 1833.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth Cline:

Levi W Cline;

Nancy Cline;

Lovica Cline;

Cynthia Elizabeth;

Delila Cline;

Martha Cline;

John J. Cline;

William H. Cline;

Sara J. Cline;

Joseph G. Cline;

Absolom Cline;

Robert N. Cline;

Kinzy Veech Cline;

Daniel P. Cline;

Bennett D. Cline

Their Children were Levi W (March 16, 1811), Nancy (April 7, 1812), Lovica (May 10, 1813), Cynthia Elizabeth (June 12, 1814) (she married John B Smith on Feb 11, 1833) Delila (born Oct 29, 1815) , Martha (born Oct 17, 1816) John J. (Nov. 25, 1817), William H (April 8, 1819), Sara J (June 15, 1822), Joseph G (July 5, 1823), Absolom (Dec 17, 1824), Robert N.(August 14, 1826, Kinzy Veech (Oct 22, 1827), Daniel P. (Sept. 6, 1830) and Bennett D. Cline.

The last, Bennett Davis Cline, was born November 4, 1832, in Washington County, Bright, Indiana when Elizabeth would have been only 39 years old! Can you imagine a household with that many children and such young parents? Everyone must have had their own job, and fulfilled their part. This family gave John Cline 15 grandchildren all by themselves. Bennett D. Cline of this line died January 5, 1912 in Little Rock Arkansas. A Bennett Cline was discharged from the army in 1862 for disability. That may be this one.

Levi W Cline, b Mar 15, 1811, married Matilda Herndon Dec 7, 1834 in Montgomery County, Ind. This is the second Herndon marriage in the family at this point.

Nancy Cline, born April 7, 1812, married Harrison Toland. and was living in Johnson County, Indiana in 1850. Lovica married Elijah L. Ferry Sept 7, 1828 in Harrison County. Lovica was born May 10, 1813 so she was 15 years old when she married.

Cynthia Elizabeth Cline, born June 14, 1814, married Malcolm Morris. Delilah Cline, born Oct 29, 1815, married Mitchell Lockhart in Orange, IN on April 12, 1834 (spelled Delia in records).; Martha Cline, born Oct 17, 1816, married a Mr. Main. John J. Cline, born Nov. 25, 1817, married Nancy Byrne. William H. Cline was born April 8, 1819. Sarah J. Cline , born June 15, 1822 married Isaac Toland. (sibling of her sister Nancy's husband?)

Daniel and Elizabeth Cline had a baby a year from 1811 to 1819, then one two years after that! These pioneer women were hardy. But you do wonder about their living circumstances .. sometimes inone room cabins. How did they find privacy in a one or two room cabin?

The second child of John and Rachel Cline, Nancy, was born in 1794 (date uncertain, could have been as late as 1798), in Tennessee. So the family quite possibly lived a time in Tennessee. At this point John Sr. would have been 46. John Cline, Jr., was born in 1795 ... we don't know where.

Their fourth child of John and Rachel Cline, Nicholas Cline, was born in 1799 in North Carolina. He married a woman named Mary and he was a farmer in Franklin Township, Harrison County, Indiana.

The family of Nicholas and Mary Cline: (11 children)

Joseph Cline;

Jesse Cline;

William Cline:

Nicholas Cline, Jr.;

John Cline;

Jonathan Cline;

Julia Ann

Their children were Joseph, born 1824, who married Mary Ann Davis; Jesse Cline, born 1824 (was this a twin?) who married Catherine Beavers June 16, 1846; William, born 1827 who married Martha Toops July 29, 1850, Nicholas Jr., born 1831 who married Julia Ann Davis on July 20, 1856; John, born 1834, Jonathan, born 1836 who married Lucinda Jane ?. Julia Ann, born July 5, 1839 who married J. Victor Gravis or Graves on June 28, 1856. She was 17. Julia died November 15, 1903 in Harrison County. She is buried in St. Anthony's Catholic Churchyard in Lainsville, Indiana.

Nicholas and Mary Cline had two sons born between 1820-25; one son born between 1825-30, and a daughter born between 1820-25. That would make 11 children. We do not have names or more information about them.

The children of Jesse Cline, son of Nicholas Cline and wife Catherine Beavers Cline:

James H Cline;

Mary J Cline;

Caroline E Cline

Jesse W Cline Jr.

Sara F Cline

James H., born 1849; Mary J born 1851; Caroline E, born 1853; Jesse W Jr., born 1855; Sara F. Cline, born 1857.

Catherine Beavers Cline died January 23, 1859 and is buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Floyd county. Her husband, Jesse, remarried on January 27, 1861, to Lavinia Drillet, in Harrison County, Indiana. Other children born to Jesse, and presumably Lavinia, were:

Belle Cline, born 1862;

William J. Cline, born 1866;

Ada Cline, born 1869.

Continuing with the children of John and Rachel Bennett Cline: .

Margaret (Peggy) Cline was born in 1801 or 1802.

The sixth child, Bennett Cline (our ancestor) was born in Kentucky in 1804.

Jesse W Cline, the next child, was born in 1810, and finally Polly Cline was born, in 1815, in Indiana. John Sr. was 63 when his last child was born. Since John was 79 when he applied for his military pension, he lived until the youngest child was at least sixteen. If he did indeed live until 1840, as one researcher has said, then his youngest would have been thirty, and he would have been pushing ninety-eight or so. It would be interesting to know.

Jesse Cline married Manervy West, born in 1811 in Kent. They married August 14, 1834 in Montgomery County. Jesse was a farmer. In 1860 they lived in Putnam County, Missouri Then they lived in Iowa from 1843 to 1855, in Monroe or Appanoose Counties.

Children of Jesse and Manervy Cline:

Martha (1842);

Simon (1844);

Jesse (1846);

Silas (1851)

Isaac (1853);

Minerva (1855).

In the 1820 census, John Cline, SR, had two grandchildren living with him- Mary and Silas Cline, both age 6 years. It isn't clear who these children are. His son Joseph Cline had a son Silas and a daughter Mary, but their birth years don't meet these.

We do not know if John Cline was one of those pioneers who worked his way from east to west with his family, surviving all the trials those travelers did. If he did make the trip during the early settlement, he would have had to build his home from materials found at the homestead. Perhaps there were no roads leading to the area. We don't know how or when he traveled, but we do know he moved from his birthplace to Indiana.

John and his family eventually moved to Harrison County, Indiana, and by the 1820 enumeration John Cline, Sr., Daniel Cline, and John Cline Jr. were named in consecutive households.. In 1827 John purchased 80 acres (W 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec 29 Twp 2R4), which is where Corydon Junction was later established.6 In 1829 John Cline Sr. purchased part of the SW 1/4 Sec 24 Twp 2R4, which is near present day Crandal, Indiana.

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