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Peace, Quiet and an Early Bedtime

by Jennifer Loraine

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Co-authored with Mistress Janice

Andrew stood silently in the corner, awaiting the return of his mother. He wondered just how things became so crazy that his mother changed his status into that of a young child. She had acted so proud of him when the party started. She had told all of his relatives how well he had done in high school and enumerated the honors he'd won with relish. Now he was forced to stand in the corner for his misdeeds like a preschooler. He squirmed and huffed, but to no avail. He quieted as he remembered she had the intercom turned on and remembered her warning. "She wouldn't, would she?", he asked himself.


He heard footsteps and the sound of running water coming from the bathroom and wondered what was going on in his absence. "But what's she in there for?", he asked himself.

He fidgeted peevishly, becoming more irritable as the medication he had taken unknowingly took effect. He drowsily realized that his limbs were starting to feel heavy and lethargic. He wanted to be bright and energetic, instead his eyelids drooped and threatened to close altogether. He remembered the glass of warm milk his mother had given him a half hour before. "It must have been that damn warm milk!", he thought to himself sleepily.

The door swung open and his mother came into the room. Andrew jumped a bit as the door banged on the stop on the wall and she laughed, saying, "Well! Has my naughty boy stayed in his wittel corner as he was told? Now come with me, you need a thorough cleaning. Mommy is going to make sure you're clean from the top of your head to bottom of your toes. She's going to clean you from your insides out too!"

Andrew turned towards his mother Libby and looked at her in horror as he realized the implications of what she had said. His mother was about six inches shorter than he was, but she seemed to tower over him in his imagination. Her firm maternal voice brooked no dispute over what she planned to do with him. She had a will of iron and was always in control of every situation regarding the welfare of her family. Fear clouded his face as he said, "Please Mom, not that! I'm sorry! Please don't ..."

Libby looked down on her son scornfully, saying, "It's too late to apologize, little boy. Your behavior was reprehensible. I gave you a chance at a lesser punishment and you would have none of it. You let your big mouth get you into trouble and you think you can sweet talk your way out of your punishment? I think not!"

Andrew began pleading, "Please Mom! Oh no, don't......"

Libby smiled now and glared at him. "You acted like a spoiled little brat, Andrew. I told you to stop arguing and you ignored me. The second time I told you that I would make you take a timeout and you continued despite what I had told you before about arguing. When you told me that you weren't going to take a timeout and I had to drag you up to your room, you sealed your fate. I think you wanted to see how far you could go before I punished you for your childish behavior. Well, this is your answer, little boy. It won't do any good to beg Mommy for mercy. Mommy is very angry with you!"

She grabbed a hank of his long hair and bent him over to waist height before she dragged him into the large lady's bathroom off of the master bedroom. The pale rose walls of the bathroom were accented by the deeper rose of the marble fixtures and gave the room a distinctly feminine ambiance. The room had the aroma one would expect of a bathroom used exclusively by a woman. The decor was in stark contrast to the other bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Her husband's bathroom had its doorway on the other side of the master bedroom next to the entrance to the spare bedroom and was decorated in deeper reds with the mock velvet fleur de lis accents of the Edwardian period and white woodwork to give the impression of cleanliness. She led him to a stop and let him straighten up while she turned off the tap on the tub. In front of him awaited a pink marble garden tub full of frothy strawberry-scented bubble bath.

Originally the spare bedroom had been planned as a nursery for Libby's next baby, but her husband had died of leukemia before she could realize her dream. All she had left of her husband was his considerable fortune and their two children. Andrew was old enough to go to college and planned to go to Harvard like his father. He had graduated high school early and was taking an extended vacation before starting the long grind through college and graduate school. June was only a year younger, but she had entered school early and gone through at the same time as her older brother. There had always been intense competition between them for their mother's approval. Andrew's extra year of maturity had given him the edge he needed to graduate early. He had gone to summer school to get the additional credits he needed to get his diploma before the rest of his class. Libby had been so proud of him she had agreed to let him take a vacation before he went to college as a reward for all his hard work. June had just graduated and planned to attend Stevens at the same time Andrew went to Harvard.

The two of them had been a handful since the day they were born. Although she knew she would miss taking care of her babies when they went away to college, she thought she would welcome the peace and quiet. They hadn't gotten along with each other since they were little babies. First it was Andrew, the eldest, who had been the troublemaker. He had started acting jealous of his sister since the day he was weaned. And when she had weaned his sister, June, she had started misbehaving too. "Maybe if I had waited and weaned them later, I wouldn't have had this problem," she told herself often. "But it's too later to go back and do anything about it. I'll just have to do the best I can with them the way they are," she would conclude in exasperation.

Libby slapped his hands away and quickly stripped him as if he was a helpless toddler needing a bath. She reached into the linen closet and took out her work apron. With all the servants they had, Andrew hadn't seen her wear it very often since his childhood. She put the strap over her head and tied the strings behind her before she began with him. It was a sign that his mother really meant business. Andrew resolved to give her as little trouble as possible. His mother could be frightening when she was on the warpath. Libby helped him into the garden tub and made him stand quietly while she lathered him completely. The sunken marble tub made him two feet shorter than his mother and put his eyes at a level just below her bosom.

The apron his mother had donned didn't help his self image any either, it reminded him of how she had dressed to give him a bath when he was a child and made him feel like he was little boy again. He tried to hide his male pride, but she slapped his hands away. "No need to cover your little pee-pee, Andrew," she said, "Mommy's seen it many times since you were a baby. There's no point in hiding it from me."

Andrew groaned inwardly as he was made to sit and soak for awhile to allow the bath oils to enter his pores and make his skin silky smooth. He was beginning to reek like a little girl who had spilled a bottle of strawberry perfume on herself. Libby stepped out of the bathroom to get something for his bath, closing the door behind her.

Andrew recalled the incident that had gotten him into trouble. The morning had been very humid and muggy as the summer air lay over the estate like a hot, soggy blanket. The temperature had been expected to climb into the high nineties with no wind to relieve the stifling heat. The all-day party was scheduled to start at ten am. It was a special birthday bruncheon for Andrew's seventeen year old sister June. The presents had been piled on a table in their spacious living room and June had opened them before they ate. After a semi-formal meal with cake, the guests were encouraged to use the spare bedrooms to change into more comfortable clothes and enjoy the amenities of the estate. There was pool to swim in and acres of well manicured gardens provided for civilized strolling with lawns for the occasional game of crochet. For the more athletically inclined, there were exercise facilities and a private nine-hole golf course. The servants had been instructed to be as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. Libby liked to maintain the illusion that she threw her parties with her own efforts and had her servants maintain a low profile while the party was in progress.

They would come out again after the party and pick up the mess that the guests had made. In the meantime, they sat in their rooms and watched TV or played cards together in the pantry. It wouldn't do to be missing if their mistress needed them. No matter what her instructions were.

Andrew and his younger sister were always at odds with each other. They spat and argued constantly, frequently incurring their mother's wrath for their disruptions. June wished she could see her brother humiliated in front of company by his mother for his attitude like she had done when they were little. But he behaved so well that their mother seemed to forget those disciplinary methods that always worked so beautifully when he was a small child. When she was younger, she would do something naughty and see that he got the blame. Her mother would punish him with an early bedtime and she would have the run of the house while he was confined to his bed taking a nap. She dreamed of somehow turning him into a toddler again so that she would be his older sister and could spank him whenever he was naughty or disagreeable. She'd love to be his babysitter and be able to send him to bed early the way her mother used to do, but somehow the opportunity never presented itself. She had to content himself with getting him in trouble as often as she could without getting caught herself. Of course he always retaliated with some infantile practical joke to get even with her, but she always seemed to come out on top. Andrew was simply too nice to do anything really vicious. June on the other hand, had the killer instinct.

The guests arrived early, including Andrew's lovely girlfriend, Monica.

Monica was dark haired and wore a lovely black velvet dress with white lace. Andrew thought she looked like a dream. When June saw what Monica was wearing, she saw her chance to get back at her brother. She had planned to doctor her brother's drink sometime during the party as a "special"

birthday present to herself, but the opportunity to get her brother's girlfriend was too good to pass up. She told her brother to get his girlfriend a glass of punch, saying that their mother expected him to take care of their guests since the servants weren't present. After filling the glass from the punch bowl, Andrew was distracted by an urgent request from one of the adult guests. He set the glass down on the table while he looked for some napkins to clean up a spilled drink. June quietly saddled up next to the punch table and poured a clear, thick oily liquid into the glass before drifting away unnoticed. Andrew returned and retrieved the glass before coming back to the place where his girlfriend was standing. He gave the glass to Monica who eagerly chugged it down. She started retching and gagging immediately and held her throat as if she had been poisoned.

"Aaaaaaaaah! What have you done to me Andrew?....Aaaaah!", she demanded angrily as her stomach tried to regurgitate the drink in self-defense.

Libby came over with several of their relatives and stood in a circle around the beleaguered girl. , One of the gentlemen present bent over and picked up Monica's glass that was laying in the grass by her feet. He was a distant uncle of Andrew's and June's and was a retired physician. He put the glass to his nose and sniffed gingerly. "Hmmm," he said, "I don't think she's been poisoned, although I'm sure it tastes like it. I believe that's castor oil!"

"What?", Monica screamed out in amazed disgust, "Andrew! How could you?"

All eyes were on him as he stood befuddled and wondering how it possibly could have happened.

He looked confused as he babbled, "But I didn't! I'm sure it couldn't have been...Unless it was in the bottom of the glass...But I didn't see anything there...I just left it for a minute...I don't know what happened...Don't look at me like that!...It wasn't me!...All I did was pour the punch!...It couldn't have been me!...I mean I didn't..."

Libby looked at her son disgustedly. "You're always playing pranks on your sister like a naughty little schoolboy, Andrew. Now you're doing it to Monica. You never learn, do you? Aren't you ever going to grow up? What possible reason could you have to make you want to have your poor girlfriend spend most of the day in the lady's room?"

Andrew looked around and saw the cold, angry glares he was getting from the outraged guests. He glanced around for a sympathetic face and saw nothing but condemnation in the angry visages around him. He quailed at his mother, "But I didn't do it! You gotta believe me! It was probably June. Why she...


Libby took charge at this point, saying, "Silence, Andrew! How dare you argue with me front of my friends? I think you need a time-out for your childish behavior. You're acting like a naughty six year old. You'd never know you're eighteen from the way you're behaving. Now apologize to Monica and get yourself upstairs this instant. I want you to take off your clothes and get into bed. I'll be up later to talk to you. In the meantime, I want you to think about the horrible thing you did to your girlfriend while you're lying in bed. NOW MARCH!!!"

Andrew stared at the wall clock, the minute hand had just passed twelve and the hour hand was on eleven. She intended to send him to bed at eleven am.

He refused to be humiliated by being treated like a small child in front of all the guests and he replied, "No way, mom!"

A quick slap from Libby shocked him long enough for her to grab a handful of Andrew's long hair and bend him to her will. He was unceremoniously marched to the stairs amidst the cheering of friends and relatives. "Go to your room and remove all your clothes, then stand in the corner," his mother ordered, "I'll be up shortly! Now march!"

Andrew ran up the stairs fleeing from the jeers of the scandalized guests downstairs. As he removed his clothes and went to the corner, tears of humiliation rolled down his cheeks. He couldn't help but wonder who had done such an evil thing to his girlfriend. She had looked so lovely in her dress. That must have be the reason. Someone must be jealous of his lovely girlfriend.

So he stood there until the door opened and he jumped with a start. His mother came in and said, "I have something to calm you down, young man. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back."

He did as he was told and walked slowly towards his mother, deeply ashamed to be seen in the nude by his mother. She held the glass to his lips and made him swallow the concoction in the same way that she had used when she gave him medication as a child. He had difficulty keeping up with the flow of milk and rivulets of fluid ran down his chin and dripped off onto his chest the way it had when he was little. It made him feel like he was drooling. Andrew thought his mother made him drink the glass that way just to humiliate him further. If he could have just held his hands out in front of himself to keep his balance, he thought he would have been able to drink the liquid without making a mess. When he tasted the liquid, he wanted to retch. It was warm skim milk. He had always despised milk. Even as a child he had refused to drink it unless his mother forced him to imbibe the stuff. From what his mother had told him, he hadn't liked milk since he had been weaned. "Mom knows I hate milk," he thought, "She must be making me drink this to punish me."

The milk had been laced with a sleeping medication that caused drowsiness and relaxed the muscles, allowing the patient to fall into a quiet and restful sleep. He was marched to the corner of the room and his nose shoved in the angle between the walls before his mother left the room.

Andrew began to put the pieces of the incident together as he sat in the tub amid the sweet smelling foam. "It just has to be June," he thought, "No one else has the balls to do something like that!"

His sister walked in, smiling rather triumphantly. "Monica's in the bathroom downstairs, Andrew, shitting her stupid brains out!", she laughed, "Isn't it amazing what castor oil can do to your digestive system?"

Andrew was appalled. He was right! It had been his sister! He started to answer her crows of victory, but before he had the chance, she disappeared from sight and his mother Libby was looking down on him. Without a word, she took a washcloth from the brass towel rack and picked up the Oil of Olay beauty bathsoap from the marble tray mounted over the far side of the tub and began washing him. He cringed as soapsuds fell down his face as she lathered his face and ears. The soap got in his mouth and he said, "Mom, that shit is getting into my mouth!"

Whap! His head rocked wetly under the blow his mother delivered. "How dare you speak like that in front of your mother? You need to be taught to watch your tongue, young man! June! Get in here immediately!"

His sister bounced in the room and said politely, "Yes, mother? Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Hand me that bar of ivory soap under the sink, will you please, June? Your brother has a filthy mouth. I'm going to clean it out for him," his mother explained.

June got the bar of soap and handed it to her mother. Libby gripped the bar tightly in her hand and grabbed the hair on the back of Andrew's head and wound it around her fist. Then she pulled his head back and ordered, "Open your mouth, Andrew."

Andrew pursed his lips tightly and shook his head as far as his mother's tight grip allowed. His mother smiled grimly and said, "June, would you come over and hold your brother's nose for me? He wants to be difficult."

June came over and gripped his nostrils closed with her thumb and forefinger. Andrew started to raise his hands to remove June's hand from his nose, but was stopped by his mother saying, "Andrew! Put your hands down this instant! Cover yourself! Don't you realize your sister can see your pee-pee?"

He hastily looked down over his cheeks and saw that his mother was right, the suds had parted and the water was clear over his crotch. His sister could see everything! He put his hands down to cover himself as his face turned red from lack of oxygen. The pressure in his lungs grew until he thought he was going to explode. Suddenly he opened his mouth and expelled the waste gases that were forcing him to breathe. His mother immediately put the bar of ivory in his mouth and began working it back and forth across his teeth, pushing the bar down so that small chips and shavings were carved from the bar by the edges of his teeth.

A quiet cough sounded behind the two women and June turned her head to see a pale and wane Monica standing there behind them. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying and her mascara had run in dark lines down her face. Monica looked at June and said weakly, "I was wondering if you could lend me some underwear to wear? I didn't get to the toilet in time and mine are a disgrace. I don't think I'll need to go to the bathroom again until I get home."

"I'd be happy to give you a pair, Monica," June answered, "Just as soon as we're finished here. Why don't you sit over on the toilet and wait until we're done?"

"No, thanks. I'd rather stand if you don't mind. I don't cramp as badly if I stand up. Is that Andrew you have in there? It looks like you're washing his mouth out with soap," she observed.

"It is," his mother answered, "He started swearing at me while I was giving him a bath. Would you like to see?"

She pulled his head around so Monica could see his humiliation clearly.

Foam billowed out of his mouth and ran down his chin. His mother redoubled her grip on his hair and said, "Andrew is sorry for swearing at his Mommy, isn't he?"

She jerked his head up and down in agreement as if he was a puppet. She continued saying, "He's sorry he acted like a naughty little boy and put castor oil in Monica's drink, isn't he?"

Andrew felt his head being nodded in agreement for him by his mother.

"Andrew is going to be a good little boy and do what his mother tells him, isn't he?", his mother demanded.

Tears of humiliation course down his face as his mother let go and rinsed her hands in the bathwater. She turned away from him and went to the medicine cabinet to take some bottles down from the shelf. She took the glass on the bathroom sink and mixed some liquids from the bottles with some water from the tap, then came back to Andrew and handed him the glass.

She said, "Don't rinse your mouth, Andy. Mommy wants you to drink your medicine, suds and all. Or would you like Mommy to take you out of that tub and hold you on her lap while she gives you an enema in front of your girlfriend?"

"I'm not his girlfriend any longer," Monica said in cold rage, "I can take a joke, but putting castor oil in my drink was vicious. Washing his mouth out with soap is fine with me. As far as I'm concerned, you can spank him and dress him in diapers. He's too immature for me."

His mother smiled at Monica's response and said, "Did you hear that, Andy? It looks like you're all alone in the world now. There's no one left but your Mommy to take care of you. Now drink your medicine like a good boy or Mommy will get really angry with you!"

"NOW, ANDY!", his mother demanded.

He drank the vile potion quickly. His stomach roiled when the mixture of the fluid and the ivory suds hit it. It tasted like his mother had combined milk of magnesia and castor oil in the glass with an orange flavored drink.

There was something else in the mixture that tasted medicinal, but he couldn't identify the taste. He gagged as he poured the last swallow down his throat. His mother and sister grinned at his sour expression and Libby explained to his ex-girlfriend as she took the empty glass from his hand, "I just gave Andy as taste of his own medicine. That glass had a mixture of diuretics, milk of magnesia, castor oil, Metamucil and Ducolax in it. I was planning to give him an enema but your presence here gave me another idea to clean him out. I think your statement about diapers must have been prophetic. He's going to need them before the afternoon is out. The suds and everything else in the drink is going to make it impossible for him to keep from pooping his pants. He's going to poop himself for days with that mixture. His little bottom is going to be so sore from pooping that he's going to beg me to put vaseline on him when I change his diapers."

"Now that, I'd like to see," Monica said enthusiastically. The thought of seeing him humiliated made her feel a little better and she couldn't wait to see him helplessly pooping in his diapers.

"And so you shall," agreed his mother. She handed the bar of soap to his daughter and said to June, "Would you hand me that bottle of baby shampoo please, Dear?"

June gave her the bottle of shampoo and she worked it into his hair and washed it thoroughly. She finished rinsing his hair and put the baby conditioner that June handed her on his hair before giving him the final rinse. "There you go, baby! All done! Doesn't Mommy's baby feel better after his bath?"

Andrew blushed hotly at the condescending way his mother was talking to him in front of his girlfriend. After all, he was eighteen years old, not a two year old toddler. His mother turned to June and said, "Honey, would you do me a favor while we get him dried? I need you to get that large box of Daddy's old clothes out from the top of the closet. Do you know the ones that I mean? The ones that Daddy wore when he was so sick before he died.

Take the box to the spare bedroom next to mine and put it on the floor. If you would, get those things out that your Aunt Sally left while she was visiting last month with your baby cousin Tommy. They're in the closet in the spare bedroom. Make up the bed with the sheets you find in there and put Daddy's things in the empty dresser. Make sure you put the waterproof plastic mattress protector on the mattress before you put the sheets on the bed. Then get the baby powder, oil and lotion out of the bathroom and put them on the dresser. Oh, yes and don't forget the vaseline! He's going to need it. I'll be in there in a few minutes to help you."

She turned back to Andrew and said, "Upsydaisy, Baby! Mommy's going to get you dried off and into some clothes before you have an "accident" in the tub. First though, Mommy needs to do something. Just stand right there and Mommy will take care of everything."

Andrew stood reluctantly in front of his mother, trying to turn his back to hide his shriveled genitals from his ex-girlfriend as he stepped backwards from the tub. Libby slapped him on his behind and said, "Turn around, baby boy. You have nothing to hide from anyone. You're only a little boy and baby boys don't have any sense of modesty."

Monica giggled as he turned around and docilely let his mother cover his pubic area with shaving gel and shave his crotch with a disposable razor until it was as smooth as a baby's bottom. She washed the razor out in the tub and smeared his legs and arms with the gel before she shaved them. He didn't have any hair on his chest or she would have shaved that too. After she rinsed the razor again, she coated his upper lip with the gel. "She's going to shave off my mustache," Andrew thought in alarm. He begged his mother in a pleading little boy voice, "Mom, please don't! Pleaaaase! It took me six months to grow my mustache. You know how I look without it."

"I know exactly how you look without your mustache. You look like a little boy and that's exactly how you should look. You're too immature to look like a man. I want everyone to see what a pretty baby face you have," his mother told him.

She quickly removed his budding mustache with a few swipes of the razor and rinsed the razor in the tub again. She inspected her work and nodded approvingly, she had removed all of his facial hair without nicking him.

All the practice she had had shaving her husband's beard while he had been sick hadn't been wasted. His baby face stared back at hers sullenly, making her smile at the look of childish displeasure that was displayed on it. She opened the tub to drain while she dried him with the towels that Monica handed her. He hung his head like a naughty child as she worked the corners of the towel into every crevasse. When she took his scrotum in a fold of the towel and dried it off, he squirmed like a toddler. She slapped him hard on his fanny and said, "Be still, Baby! Do you want Mommy to give you a spanking?"

After she was finished, she laid the towel out on the bathroom mat and ordered, "Sit, Baby! Mommy will be back in a few minutes to take you to your room. In the meantime, I want you to sit there like a good baby until Mommy gets back. Do you understand?"

Libby turned to Monica and asked, "Monica, would you watch him while I get his room ready? It will only take me a few minutes. You have my permission to slap or spank him if he's naughty."

Monica grinned and said, "I'd be happy to look after him for you."

Andrew blanched at the expression of hatred on her face and tried to explain to her, "Monica, believe me, it wasn't me. I know who it must have been. It was...."

Whap! Andrew thought that she almost peeled the skin from his face with the force of her slap. She glared down at him and yelled, "Silence! You'll speak when you're spoken to, Baby, and not a moment before. Put your thumb in your mouth and start sucking before I put you over my knees and give you a spanking that you'll never forget."

Andrew self-consciously put his thumb in his mouth and began to work on it slowly. His ex-girlfriend seemed to tower over him as he sat on the bath mat at her feet. His hairless crotch made him feel like his manhood had been cut away with the dark curly hairs that his mother had taken so easily from him. The cold air on his naked skin made his scrotum wrinkle into a tiny sac and his penis contract into the warmth and security of his lower abdomen. Only an inch of his pride and joy remained visible. The testicles that had dangled so proudly from his pubic region before his bath were drawn up tightly against his body. They didn't look like a man's genitals after what his mother had done to them. They gave the strong impression that somehow a baby's wee-wee had be transplanted onto his body. Suddenly he felt as if he really was a toddler again and his mother was giving him into the care of a particularly forceful babysitter. The sensation of being small was heightened by the by his view of his mother and ex-girlfriend; if he looked straight ahead, all he could see was their upper thighs. When they turned, he noted that his eyes were almost exactly level with the tops of their pubic bones. He estimated that his position on the bathroom floor gave him an effective height of twenty eight inches. Andrew didn't know that he hadn't been that small since he was nine months old.

He looked over the knuckles of his thumb-sucking hand and saw how soft and bare his legs looked without their hair. The delicate odor of strawberries from his legs accentuated the impression of soft vulnerability that his view of them gave him. He had been transformed from a virile college bound graduate to a thumb sucking toddler in the space of an hour. The thought made him cringe under the women's watchful eyes. Libby laughed and said, "It looks like you have him well in hand. I'll be back in a few minutes to get him. In the meantime, Baby, behave yourself or Mommy will SPANK!"

Twenty minutes later his mother returned and ordered him to stand up. She took one of his hands in hers and said, "Baby is too young to be allowed to wander about without holding his Mommy's hand. Come on, your room is ready for you now."

He started to take his thumb out of his mouth and his mother said, "Who told you to take your thumb out of your mouth, Baby? You just keep it in your mouth if you don't want to get a spanking!"

Andrew turned to go left down the hall and was stopped by his mother say ing, "And just where do you think you're going, Baby? Your room is on the right."

"Buuh muh rum izz down dere," he objected around his thumb.

"That's my eighteen year old boy's room, Baby. That's not your room. Your room is next to Mommy's were she can come and change your dirty dydees when you make a mess in them during the night. Come on, Baby," she said, dragging him down the hall and into the spare bedroom.

When he entered the room, he was appalled by the changes his sister and mother had made in a few minutes in the bedroom. It had been transformed from a Spartan bedroom to a cheerful baby's nursery in the span of just twenty minutes. The neutral blue color of the walls had been changed into a soft baby blue by the mere addition of a few wall decorations of cartoon characters in diapers. The dresser was topped with various baby unguents, oil, and powder oil necessary for diaper changes. A bar of soap with dozens of diaper pins stuck into its surface lay next to the baby powder. June was standing by the dresser and was just finishing the dusting of an old nursery lamp she remembered was in storage in the attic. Andrew vaguely remembered having a lamp like it in his nursery when he was a toddler. In the same box with the lamp she had found some old nursery drapes packed in plastic bags that had graced the windows of their nursery when they were babies. The colors of the patterns were a little more faded than Andrew remembered, but the motif of dancing bears with brightly colored balloons was the same as the one in his memory. The large rocking chair that he had spent so many hours in as a baby was given a special place of honor in the corner. A nursery comforter was ne atly folded and draped over the back of the chair. The twin bed had not been removed, but steel rails had been added to the sides and a sheet with Buster and Babs Bunny cartoons covered the mattress. When he looked at the sheet more closely, he realized that the Buster and Babs were infant versions of the characters; they were wearing diapers! His mother guided him to the side of the bed and let down the safety rail before she helped him in the bed. Then she made him pull his knees to his chest and hold them there while she got something out of the chest of drawers. She put something thick underneath his bottom and he felt the cold, slimy vaseline being worked into the crack of his bottom. Monica moved to the head of the bed and watched his expression closely as his mother invaded the most private recess of his body. He closed his eyes and began to heave in silent sobs as his embarrassment overcame him. Monica brushed his hair from his head as his mother gently pulled his knees free of his hands and straightened his legs out on the bed before powdering his crotch. Monica told him gently, "Don't cry, Baby. Your mommy will have you in your diapers before you know it."

"Diapers?", he wailed and felt a pacifier being forced between his lips to silence his cries. His sister, June had been waiting for him to say something so she could give him the final humiliation. He opened his eyes and looked up into the unforgiving faces of the two young women as his mother pinned three of the cloth diapers that his father wore during the last days of his illness over his hips. A minute later his mother said, "Lift your legs, Honey, so Mommy can put your plastic pants on you."

He lifted his legs obediently and felt the soft, crinkly plastic being pulled up his legs and over his diapers. His mother patted the side of his diapers noisily and said, "There you go, Honey. All snug and safe in your dydees. If you feel like you need to pee-pee or poop just go ahead. Mommy won't get angry. She wants her baby to be happy and content."

His mother sat him up on the bed and maneuvered his legs and feet over the edge before she took a sheet and pinned it tightly around his neck like a cape. She arranged the sheet so it covered his shoulders and arms then made sure the bed was protected before she picked up a plastic cooking bowl from the dresser and put it on top of his head. She took the pair of scissors that had been lying next to the bowl and began to cut his long locks in a line around the bottom of the bowl. Libby smiled as she lopped off the growth of hair that her son had been growing since he was a sophomore in high school. She had told him that she expected him to cut it before he went to college. It simply didn't fit the image she had of him as a dapper, clean-cut, Harvard scholar. She had asked him repeatedly at the beginning of summer to get his hair cut, but he had been resistant to the idea. Libby had decided that the hair must symbolize his independence from her in the same way his mustache had displayed his virility to the world. She had been willing, albeit grudgingly, to let him have his way and let him look as he pleased when he went to college before he had behaved so badly that morn ing. Now she was determined to bring her errant boy back in line. "I've been too easy on him, she told herself, "I let myself be lulled by his earnestness with his studies at school. His behavior towards Monica was abominable. Maybe this will get his attention before he goes too far and does something that can't be forgiven."

As she snipped, the last locks of hair fell from the side of his head and rolled wetly into the folds of the sheet that protected the bed. "The long scraggily strands that he likes make him look so unkept," Libby thought to herself, "The bowl technique will leave enough of his hair so that a competent barber can give him a decent haircut in a month or so. Until then, he'll wear his hair in a style that befits his childish behavior. If he's going to act like a child, then he should look like one as part of his punishment."

A few minutes later she was finished. She took the bowl from his head and made a few adjustments by cutting an errant strand of hair here and there before she pronounced him ready to be dressed. She unpinned the sheet and carefully folded Andrews shorn locks inside. Then she took a hand mirror and gave it to him to inspect her work while she disposed of the last vestiges of his adult appearance.

Andrew groaned when he saw what she had done to his hair. His long locks were gone. Only a short toddler's haircut remained of the manly coiffure he had so carefully cultivated for two years. The mustache that had hidden his baby face was gone too. His appearance had changed from a virile, mustached eighteen year old man to an immature, baby-faced ten year old boy with a toddler's haircut and a softly-colored pacifier in his mouth. He put his hand down to the plastic pants to feel what his mother had dressed him in.

The plastic rustled softly as he pressed his fingers into the fabric beneath the panties. The diapers were bunched up so thickly between his legs that he couldn't feel his genitals at all. He felt like his manhood had been absorbed by the infantile garb. It told all of his self-control to keep from bursting out with a wail and crying in front of the women. Monica smiled at him and gently pushed him back to lay on the bed again. When he looked up, he saw his sister grinning down triumphantly at what he had become.

Andrew rolled on his side away from his sister and pulled his knees to his chest in a fetal position. He closed his eyes and sucked on the pacifier unconsciously while he waited for his next humiliation. His mother left him on the bed while she rummaged through the dresser looking for something. A minute later she returned and made him sit up so she could dress him in the adult-sized blue flannel sleeper that she had modified for her husband years before. Her husband's circulation had gotten so bad in the final days of his illness that his limbs would become ice cold if they weren't constantly covered with something warm. The sleeper had been her solution to the problem. She had gotten a sleeper that was a size too large for him and opened up the seams all the way up the legs to the crotch. Then she had hemmed the edges of the legs and put snaps every six inches in the fabric.

The hems had tightened up the legs so they weren't so baggy on him and the loose fit in the seat had fit over his diapers nicely. It had made her husband look like a little boy when he wore them, but by that time, her husband was too ill to care what he looked like. The pain from his freezing limbs was abated by the warm flannel and that was all that mattered to him at that point in his life. The snaps made it easy for her to change his diapers.

She could have hired a nurse to care for him instead of tending to him herself, but she felt like that would have been like abandoning her sick husband. She was his wife, in sickness and in health and she wanted to care for him until the bitter end, dirty diapers and all. Toward the end, her husband had started regressing emotionally and wanted to be held and read to like a small child. He was too weak to hold a book and he had trouble focusing his eyes. His incontinence and increasing weakness made him completely dependent on Libby for the smallest things. Libby had to feed him and change his diapers like he was a baby. His last words had begged Libby to hold him. He had called her Mommy. She had taken his head to her bosom and held him until he stopped breathing. He had died in her arms. The experience had toughened her and made her determined to take care of her family against all odds.

Libby made Andrew lie down again so she could slip the open legs of the sleeper over his feet and fasten the snaps. When she was finished, she untied her apron and took it off. Libby took a large blue ribbon and fed it through the loop of the pacifier and tied it in a knot before pinning the loop of the ribbon to the breast of his sleeper with a diaper pin. "Come on, Honey. I want you to tell our guests nite-nite before you go to beddybye."

He got up from the bed slowly and trudged between his ex-girlfriend and his mother as they led him down the hall and to the stairs. Andrew could feel the soft diaper bunched up between his legs and realized that his mother must have triple diapered him for them to feel so bulky. There was so much material between his legs that he had to waddle bowlegged like a toddler.

He slipped on one of the carpet covered stairs in his rubber-soled sleeper and had to be grabbed by the women at both sides to keep from falling. The bowlegged gait he was forced to assume made it almost impossible to walk normally. Andrew held onto their hands tightly. If he wasn't careful, he'd fall and his mother might make him crawl on his hands and knees in front of everyone.

When he got down the stairs, his mother gathered everyone around and said, "Andy is very sorry for what he's done and wants to apologize to everyone.

Don't you, Baby?"

He nodded morosely and his mother took his pacifier from his mouth so he could speak. He hung his head low and said in a small voice, "I'm sorry I was so naughty. I'll never do it again."

His mother patted his diapered bottom and said, "I've given him some castor oil just like he gave Monica so he'll know how it feels. Since I can't trust him not to make a mess in his bed while he sleeps, I've put him in diapers. Turn around, Baby. I want everyone to see how you look in your new jammies."

The crowd of adults that gathered around had varying reactions to Andrew's appearance; the men in the group looked at him with disgusted expressions while the women smiled at how childish he looked. The audience wavered for a moment, trying to decide whether it would become a lynch mob or merely pillory him with jeers at his ridiculous appearance. The sleepers he was wearing offered no protection from their wrath. The infantile clothing he was wearing made him feel exposed and vulnerable. The air seemed to sizzle with hostility toward Andrew. His penis withdrew defensively into his pubic bone and his scrotum contracted to protect itself from imminent danger.

Andrew was terrified. Any minute the crowd might turn into an angry mob and tear him to pieces. Andrew felt something warm grow between his legs.

Suddenly he realized what was happening, he was wetting himself in terror! Claire eyed her older cousin and said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Aw...Isn't he sweet? Wittle babykins is all dressed up in his jammies and ready to go nite-nite. Look at how big his bottom looks! His Mommy must have put him in overnight diapers to take his nap. What an adorable video this will make!"

Smiles were raised on scattered faces in the crowd as Claire prepared to tape the moment for posterity. She put the viewer to her eye and triggered the electronic shutter, moving to the front of the crowd to get the best camera angle. Claire planned to play the tape later on the projection TV in the living room later so everyone would get a chance to see Andrew wearing his diapers and jammies.

Andrew felt the excitement of the guests change as Claire raised the video camera and began shooting him from various angles. The presence of the camera turned a potential riot into something between a press conference and a rowdy carnival sideshow. Clarrisa sensed the effect she was having and began playing to her audience. "Smile for the camera, Honey!", Clarrisa said from behind the softly whirring video recorder, "Clair's going to make a movie of you so that everyone can see how sweet you are now! I'll bet you won't don't feel like being naughty in that getup! Poor baby, you probably want to curl up with your ba-ba and take a nap!"

The crowd chuckled at Clair's scathing remarks. The mood of the crowd was shifting, his appearance, empathized by Clair's jibes, convinced them that the little boy who stood before them wasn't a threat to be disposed of, merely a naughty child whose foolish antics should be laughed off as he was put to bed. Andrew sensed the difference and relaxed slightly, it looked like he might survive this experience with his body intact. The terror that he felt only moments before disappeared and was replaced by the realization that all of his relatives and friends had seen him dressed like a toddler.

He'd never live this down! He blushed hotly as he felt the eyes of the audience riveted on his absurdly childish outfit. The shame he felt at being forced to wear diapers was overwhelming. The knowledge that in an hour at most he'd be pooping in them as if he was a baby again filled him with despair. If he had been alone, he would have wept.

Claire decided that she needed a bit more action in the scene and yelled, "Who is going to take care of little Andy when he goes to Harvard? He doesn't look like he's ready to change his own dydees. Did you hire a nanny for him to make sure he gets to class without getting lost?"

Libby shook her head and said, "Little Andy won't be going to college this year I'm afraid. He's much too immature to be allowed to go places on his own. I'm afraid he'll have to stay home with Mommy while his sister goes to college. He's not ready for Harvard yet. You have to be potty trained to be a Harvard man! Libby's statement about Harvard men brought howls of laughter from the crowd. Andrew realized that his mother wasn't just trying to entertain the crowd, she really meant it. He would be forced to stay home at her side like a preschooler while his sister left for college in triumph.

Andrew's eyes burned with tears that threatened to start rolling down his face at any minute. He had never been this humiliated in his entire life.

The medication from the milk his mother had given him made him woozy and confused and the laxatives were making his gut bubble and squeak noisily.

And to top it off, he was wet. He wanted to cry.

Claire saw the expression on his face and stopped shooting. If he started crying, her work would be wasted. She didn't want the people who viewed the video to start feeling sorry for him. "Oh, poor baby!", she said, "He looks like he's going to cry. The little baby must be afraid of crowds. I think we should leave the little baby alone with his Mommy. He probably wants to go out and crawl on the lawn with the other babies."

The effect of Clair's statement was magical. Instantly everyone realized how humiliated Andrew must feel. Couples turned towards each other and started drifting away. In a few minutes their were only a few people left to stare at the former college boy. Claire stepped up to Libby to say, "I hope you don't mind me making a video of him. I couldn't resist the opportunity. All I usually get to tape at parties is some child making a fool of himself. This was the chance of a lifetime!"

Libby smiled at Claire and said, "Not at all. Think nothing of it. I want to thank you for talking to the crowd like that. I hadn't realized what an ugly mood they were in. You did exactly the right thing. You really ought to think about going into journalism, you seem to have a flair for handling crowds."

"Thank you, I will. Were you serious about giving him castor oil?" Claire asked.

"Of course I was. That's why I put him in diapers," Libby replied.

Claire grinned and asked, "Is he really wearing diapers under his sleepers? It sure looks like it, but I wasn't sure if you were just trying to humiliate him in front of everyone."

"Oh, he's wearing diapers alright. And plastic pants too! Here! Pat his bottom and feel for yourself. Andrew, turn around so Claire can feel wht you're wearing," ordered his mother.

Andrew turned slowly to present his bottom for his cousin's inspection.

Claire patted his fanny and heard the soft rustle of the plastic pants beneath the flannel sleeper's seat. She grinned again and said, "He sure is. If you'll excuse me, I have several friends who would love to see the video I made. Everyone's heard so much about Andy's achievements at school that I thought they'd like to see what he is really like at home."

Claire gave her cousin Andrew a peek on the cheek and said, "Don't cry about not going to college, Andy. I'm sure you'll be much happier at home with your Mommy. You'll get used to wearing dydees, I promise. In a couple of weeks, you'll forget all about using the potty. Don't worry about what people will think when the see you wearing them. As long as you walk around and look natural, I don't think anyone will notice them. Bye now, I got to run."

Clarrisa ran off to tell her friends about the fantastic tape she had made, leaving Andrew staring down at his crotch in embarrassment. Claire had been lying about people noticing the diapers underneath his sleepers. The triple diaper bulged hugely in both the front and back. It hadn't been necessary for Libby to tell everyone what he was wearing underneath the infant style sleeper. The strategic nature of the bulges made it obvious. Andrew glanced up and saw Clair's back disappearing into the distance. She would make sure that everyone who missed it would hear of his humiliation. He had been right, he would never live this down.

Libby reached into her pocket of her suit and said, "I want to get some punch before I tuck you in for the night, Honey. Mommy wants you to drink the formula in this bottle. Monica, could you take care of him while I get something to drink?"

"Gladly," she answered with a cruel smile. She took the bottle from Libby's hand and forced the nipple between Andrew's lips. The crowd started breaking up as Andrew began to suck on the bottle that Monica held for him, it was obvious that the women had the delinquent well in hand. She told him, "Take your bottle, Baby. I'm going over to talk to some old friends.

You can suck on your bottle while we're talking."

She gripped his hand tightly as she walked over to the group of their friends and acquaintances. Andrew's gut growled threateningly, he knew it wouldn't be long before the laxatives and castor oil would make him have an "accident" in his diapers. They stopped in front of them and Monica said, "Hello, I'd like everyone to meet Baby Andy. We used to know him as Andrew, but he's been very naughty. His Mommy has put him back in dydees until he learns to behave himself."

The young women giggled and the men cast the gazes to the ground in embarrassment for their friend. The bottle in Andrew's mouth complemented his baby face and haircut and made him look like a overgrown toddler.

Suddenly his bowels cut lose and he let a huge fart escape his behind. The women giggled and the men started drifting away to find some other amusement. The shock of seeing their friend so completely under the control of women made them uneasy and made them wonder what their girlfriend's would do to them if they had the same power over them that Monica and Libby seemed to have over Andrew.

A wave of cramps hit Andrew and he dumped a full load of poop in his diaper before he knew it. The remaining men made hasty excuses and departed as soon as the smell from his diaper hit them. He felt warm between his legs and realized that he had wet himself and never felt it. Andrew wanted to cry. Monica patted his behind and asked in a condescending tone, "Did Baby Andy make a poopy in his dydee? It doesn't feel like he made a big poopy. I think we can wait until it's time for you to go nite-nite to tell your Mommy, don't you?"

Monica smiled evilly at him and said, "Why don't you sit in the grass and finish your bottle while I talk with my friends, Baby? The grass is dry and you won't get your sleepers wet. You don't have anything to add to this discussion. This is adult talk."

He sat gingerly on the grass, hoping the mess wouldn't spread all over his bottom when he sat down. Monica smiled at him and then pushed him back to lie on his back on the grass. He could feel the mess in the diaper ooze up warmly between his legs as he rocked back on his buttocks. He lay there and sucked on the nipple as Sandy asked, "Have you decided who you'll be dating, Monica?"

"I haven't decided yet. Fred has asked me out for a date, but I don't know.

He can be such a dork at times. Sam's a possibility, have you seen the way he looked at me when we saw him at the Mall?", Monica replied.

"What about Duncan?", Carol asked.

"Duncan?!", Sandy and Monica chimed in unison.

"Are you out of your mind, Carol? Have you looked at his face? He looks like he was beaten with an acne stick!", Monica said in disgust.

He's so immature!", Sandy added, "He's always yelling some smart remark to try and impress the girls. I've babysat boys who act more mature than he does!"

"As opposed to Andy here?", Carol said in self-defense.

Everyone burst out laughing at the comparison. Carol pointed down to Andy and said, "I wonder who would be stupid enough to date him?"

Monica started to bristle and Carol added hastily, "He's turned into such a big baby now. Before he was alright, you know? He was kind of cute and even though he wasn't an athlete, it must have been kind of neat to date the first person to graduate from our class. But now look at him! He's just a big baby! Who would want to date someone whose diapers had to be changed on a regular basis? It's not like, you know, he was sick or anything. It's like, you know, his mommy turned him into a baby again. What kind of date would he make, you know? I mean, he just stood there and farted right in front of us like he was a baby or something, you know?"

"Yeah...He's too stinky for me to date, that's for sure," Sandy said.

"I don't think his mother is going to let him date anyone soon," Monica said, "Unless, of course, the girl is his babysitter!"

Everyone laughed and Carol said, "Like, I can just see it, you know? His mother will get him all dressed up for a date and then call his girlfriend to tell her he was ready. Then she'll come over to pick him up and there he'd be at the door, wearing something sweet like shortalls or something.

His girlfriend will make him stand while she checked to see if the snaps on his crotch were all fastened before she went out the door with him, you know? And when they left, his mother would give his girlfriend his diaper bag in case he needed to be changed while they were at the movies. At least he wouldn't spill his drink at the movies, you know? Like all he'd be allowed to drink would be baby formula! Wouldn't that be a scream? Can't you just picture it? They go to the movies and he wets his diaper and his girlfriend has to take him to the women's bathroom so she can change his dirty dydees! Wouldn't that be embarrassing?"

"I don't think that baby Andy is going to be going out with anyone except his Mommy," Monica said, "From what I can see, he's going to be out of the running on a permanent basis."

"Yeah," Sandy smirked, "...the only women Andy is going to be seeing for the near future are his babysitters!"

Andrew dropped his bottle in horror when he heard Sandy's prediction. He realized in sick horror that she was probably right, the only girls his mother would let him be near would be his sitters.

The idea made him nauseous and he thought he was going to be sick. His bottle rolled down the small incline and came to a rest in the grass.

"Presuming his mother can find someone who'll take the job," Monica observed.

"Yeah, who would want to babysit someone like him? It's bad enough to have to change diapers on a little baby, but someone as big as him? His mother will never find someone to take care of him," Sandy opined.

A small girl who looked about five years old saw Andrew's bottle and ran to get it for him. She came running back with it in her hand and stood silently to await a lull in the young women's conversation.

"I might," Monica said, "If his mother paid me enough."

"You!", Sandy and Carol said together.

"Of course me! I just said so, didn't I?", Monica exclaimed.

"But he put castor oil in your drink, didn't he?", Sandy asked.

"Exactly!", Monica said with a wicked grin, "What do you think might happen if his mother goes out and leaves him with me as his babysitter?"

"What are you planning to do with him?", Sandy asked eagerly.

"Nothing yet. I'm just considering the possibilities. If you come up with something appropriate, be sure to tell me. I'm open to ideas. All I'm sure of is that it can't be anything that his mother will object to when she finds out. Either that or something that's so humiliating that Andy will be too embarrassed to tell his mommy. Either way, I don't want to queer the deal. I want to have plenty of opportunities to get revenge on him for what he did to me. No one does anything like that to me and gets away with it. I don't care who it is, he or she will have to pay the piper. Boyfriend or no, I'm going to make him suffer!", Monica said vehemently.

The women looked down at Andrew and smiled at the thought of his forthcoming punishment. Monica would come up with something appropriate, they were sure. Little Andy would be crying like a baby when Monica was finished with him. His days of sucking on his baby bottle peacefully while he messed in his diapers were numbered.

The little girl looked up at Monica and said, "Can I give the baby his bottle? He dropped it and it went over there. I ran and got it for him. Can I give it to him, please?"

"What a sweet little girl you are! Of course you may!", Monica replied.

The little girl walked over to Andrew and put the nipple of the bottle in his mouth for him. She held the bottle until he grasped it for himself. The little girl smiled when he took the bottle and said, "That's a goood baby! Drink your ba-ba like a good baby! You look just like my boy dolly!"

Andrew was mortified by the little girl's remarks but continued to suck on the bottle. The formula made his stomach settle a little. It tied itself in knots when he thought about what Monica had said.

"Aww, look at him. Isn't he sweet?", Sandy said, "He doesn't look much like a college boy now, does he?"

Monica laughed and said, "He looks more like he should be going to nursery school instead of college."

"Wouldn't it be something if his mother put him in nursery school?", asked Sandy.

"I don't know where she'd find one that would take a big baby like him,"

Monica answered.

"Well.....A regular commercial nursery wouldn't take him. But there's a woman who lives down the street with me who probably would. She runs a daycare in her house for the neighborhood I live in and looks after a retarded boy who lives down the street from me. I don't think she would mind taking care of Andy. He'd fit right in with the other babies," Sandy said.

Monica laughed and said, "I can just picture him standing there in his dydees with tears running down his face, waving bye-bye at his Mommy as she leaves."

"And then it would be off to the playpen for him to spend his day playing with nice safe baby toys. I'll bet he wouldn't get in any trouble in a playpen," Sandy rejoined.

"Considering how he acted today, it's the only place I'd trust him. That sounds like a wonderful idea! If you'll give me the phone number of the woman before you leave, I'll be sure Andy's mother gets it. She can put him in a daycare during the day when she's busy and I can come over and babysit him at night. That way Andy will have someone to watch over him every minute of the day. He won't be able to get into any mischief as long as he's treated like a toddler. Poor little Andy," she sneered, "He's going to think that women have eyes in the back of their heads. He'll never be able be with a woman again without wondering if she's going to put her hands down the front of his pants to see if he's wet."

"Or pull the back of his pants open to peek in and see if he's poopy,"

Sandy added.

"I can imagine what his wife would be like if he gets married. Even if his mother gets him potty trained again, his wife will probably put him back in diapers to keep him under control," Monica mused.

"Poor baby!" Sandy chuckled, "He's going to spend the rest of his life in diapers!"

"It's no more than he deserves," said Monica, "Since he acts like a toddler, he should be treated like one. No more practical jokes for this baby! Just a nice safe crib filled with soft animal toys to keep him occupied and out of trouble. The only messes he'll be making will be in his diapers!"

Everyone laughed at the justice of Andrew's fate. Andrew squirmed at their gibes and tried to concentrate on finishing his bottle. The little girl smiled at his efforts and said, "I have to go now. My mommy is calling me.

Bye everybody! Bye-bye, baby!"

He had just finished his last swallow of formula when June came running up with two baby bottles full of formula. She took the empty bottle from his hands and said, "Mommy says you have to drink this right now or you'll get a spanking. She says that she doesn't want you to get dehydrated. She told me to tell you that you shouldn't have any trouble digesting the formula, she made it from cans of goat's milk she found in the pantry. It's supposed to taste just like a real mommy's milk. She knows how much you hate cow's milk and thought you might like the taste better."

Andrew took the bottle from her hand and began to reluctantly suck on the nipple. June watched him for a few minutes and said, "There's something that's not quite right about the way he's drinking from the bottle. I know! He should have his feet in the air while he's sucking. You know the way that little babies hold their bottle and kick their feet while they drink their bottles? That's what he should be doing!"

Monica smiled and said, "You heard your big sister, Andy. Get your legs up in the air like a proper baby or do you want Monica to pull down your dydees and give you a spanking?"

Andrew put his feet in the air and began to move them randomly while he sucked. He was concentrating so hard on looking like a baby that he didn't notice when his bladder suddenly emptied itself into the absorbent confines of his diaper. The stream was soaked up where it struck but the constant movement of his legs caused his penis to flop around. The stream started hitting the upper side of his diaper where the padding was thinnest, soaking the diaper through instantly and leaking through to the plastic pants that covered them. Within minutes his pee had started leaking through the top of the plastic pants at the rear, making a huge dark wet spot on the blue sleepers. He felt the diaper getting hot with pee, but there was nothing he could do about it. The thick diaper seemed to have robbed him of all control over what he did with his bladder. The warm formula filled his stomach and put pressure on his abdomen causing a seemingly endless flow of urine. He hid his face behind the bottle and continued to suck. There was nothing else to do. If he stopped sucking they would discover what he had done immediately when Monica undressed him for his spanking. If he didn't stop he'd continue to wet the diaper until it was soaked. He was trapped.

June waited for Monica to stop talking and then began to show off her birthday present from her archaeologist uncle. He hadn't put it in the pile of presents earlier because he was afraid it might get lost in all the discarded bows and torn wrappings. He had waited until he had found her outside and given her the ring in a quiet avuncular ceremony. It was an ancient Babylonian ring that he had found at a dig. He had told her that rings like this one were described in the cuneiform tablets they had found with it as magical. The ring supposedly gave its owner the powers to call the Babylonian Goddess to transform virgins by making them prematurely old or regressing them into infancy. The ring was reputed to only work in the hands of a woman. It was supposed to be used to protect a woman from rape by a crazed virgin male, although legend intimated that it could be used on women as well. Her uncle had transliterated the Babylonian prayer to the Goddess that caused the transformation to take place and given it to her as a joke. He told her that if a man ever attacked her, she should use the ring to make him unable to present an effective threat. He had laughed when he told her that she better wish that the man become an infant again because he had met too many old men that were dangerous until the day that they died.

The ring was a beautiful example of Babylonian art; it was cast in purest gold, with repeating serpentine designs inscribed on its face. Cuneiform characters were incised into a small tablet-like square on the front that supposedly gave the ring its power. All that was necessary to invoke the Goddess was to rub a woman's tears into the tablet and utter the prayer.

The Goddess would cause the victim to be changed in accordance with the owner's wishes. June was in love with the ring; she had showed it proudly to everyone who would stop and listen to her story of how her uncle gave it to her. She passed the paper with the transliterated prayer around for everyone to see and gravely warned them not to anger the Goddess by uttering the prayer lightly. She told everyone that she would memorize the prayer later in case of emergency. She had just got the present and hadn't had time to memorize it yet. The young women told her that it was a gorgeous ring and after June had given the full bottle to Monica to make Andrew drink when he finished the one he had, she danced off to show someone else her ring.

Andrew made a loud slurping sound as he emptied the second bottle causing Monica to look down at what had made the noise. He had downed the bottle quickly, she noticed. Monica decided that the goats milk must agree with him for him to drink it so greedily. She took the bottle from his hand and told him to sit up so she could burp him. As she moved behind him and started patting him on the back, she noticed the large dark spot on his sleeper at the line were his plastic pants ended. Monica knew exactly what the dark spot implied; she had been her cousins' babysitter when she was younger. She had seen wet spots on toddler's clothing before and knew that his plastic pants had leaked. Andrew belched involuntarily with a loud noise that attracted the surprised attention of a young couple that was just passing by. His face blushed a deep red from embarrassment at the infantine sound effect he had unexpectedly produced. The couple paused for a moment and stared at him then the man said in a whisper that was loud enough for Andrew to hear, "Linda, did you hear that? What's wrong with that boy? If he has that much gas, why doesn't he go to the bathroom to pass it like an adult? Didn't his mother teach him how rude it is to fart in public?"

"Hush, John!", his newlywed wife told him, "Can't you see the bulge underneath those sleepers he's wearing? He's wearing diapers. He must be the boy that that girl Claire must have been talking about. Look at the big wet spot on the back of his sleepers. I'd bet money that his diapers are soaked! He's probably pooped in them too! The poor child can't help himself. Let's get out of here before someone decides to change him. He's going to reek to high heaven when they get his plastic pants off."

John agreed and they began walking away. As they left, Andrew saw the woman pat her tummy and heard her say, "It won't be long until we have someone in our house making noises like that, John. In six months we'll have a baby of our own. Then you'll understand why I insisted that we move off so quickly.

You haven't had the privilege of changing a baby's diaper yet. Once you've done it, you never forget the kind of smell they can produce from their little hineys."

"I think I'll leave that job to you, Dear. After all, you'll be the baby's mother!", smirked John.

"And you'll be the baby's father!", Linda rejoined quickly, "Don't think you're getting out of diaper changes that easily! We'll share them fifty-fifty! If you think that's bad, let me tell you about two a.m.

feedings......" Their voices faded as they walked into the distance.

Andrew sniffled and heaved a tremendous sigh as they passed out of view.

The woman was right, he couldn't help himself. He might as well resign himself to the fact that he was going to be wearing and using diapers until the laxatives wore off. If he was good, maybe in a day or two his mother would let him wear regular underwear again. Until then, he'd just relax and do what he had to do. He squirmed around in the wet diapers and felt the mess on his backside squish around. At least they weren't as cold and clammy as he'd imagined wet diapers would be. They were almost....comfortable. He felt like his crotch was being caressed by a warm damp cloth. He grinned in spite of himself. They weren't uncomfortable at all, even with the mess in them. He relaxed and felt himself peeing in them again. The rush of warm pee felt good against his crotch. The diapers and plastic pants made him feel safe and secure. It didn't matter what he did in them, that was someone else's concern. Babies only peed and pooped in diapers, they didn't have to change them.

Monica glanced around and smiled when she saw what she was looking for.

Several women watching their infants crawl on the grass at their feet while they sat in the shade of some cabanas that had been erected for the party.

She would dump Andy with them. It would afford her an excellent opportunity to humiliate him for what he had done to her and rid her of the task of caring for a superannuated toddler who she had good reason to hate. She excused herself and led Andrew over to the covey of mothers gathered on the lawn. She would ask them if they would look after him while she sought out his mother. Then she would take a leisurely stroll around the estate and see if she could find Libby.

Monica had no trouble convincing the women to look after Andrew. The women were somewhat surprised by the toddler's size, but they were glad to look after Libby's retarded son. At least that was what Monica had led them to believe. They had met Libby through one of her charity works and had never met her son. Andrew was too embarrassed to contradict her version of the story. When the women noticed that he had wet the back of his sleeper, they insisted on removing it on the spot and letting him play on the grass in his diapers. They were sorry that they didn't have any diapers to fit him and told Monica to hurry and find his mother before he developed a bad case of diaper rash. Monica decided to herself that she would make sure it was a long leisurely stroll. She wanted Andrew to suffer for what he had done to her. She gave them Andrew's full bottle of formula and told them that his mother expected him to finish it before she got back. She told them that he had a bad case of diarrhea and that his mother was concerned about his fluid loss. They promised to see that he drank the bottle forthwith. Then she sauntered off to look for Libby. She wasn't in any hurry as she left.

Andrew lay in the grass with his feet in the air sucking on the third bottle in the shade of one of the cabanas. Diapered babies crept around him and cooed happily as they played. The warm air seemed to caress his skin softly as he sucked contentedly on the nipple. One of the mothers nearby was holding her babe in her arms and was softly crooning a lullaby to her infant. The smell of baby powder surrounded him and almost covered the odor from his dirty diaper. He was so comfortable he wanted to groan in pleasure. He couldn't remember ever liking milk as much as this before.

There was something elusive about the favor that made him feel secure and comfortable. His stomach wrapped itself around the milk and sent happy signals back to his brain. He wasn't quite full, but he was beginning to approach satiety. Once he finished the bottle of formula, he would be full.

His mind drifted as the thin, rich formula slid sweetly down his throat and gave him odd images of sucking on women's breasts. Strangely, he felt happy. Despite all the humiliations he had suffered in the past hour, he was content. He sucked on the nipple sleepily and let the sensations return him to the warmth and contentment of infancy. His conscious mind was lulled into the comfortable darkness of oblivion; he slipped into a fugue never noticing the change in his consciousness.

As he drank, he peed again. The pacifier flopped loosely around his neck on its ribbon. The mother who had undressed him had unpinned it from the breast of his sleeper and hung it around his neck. His sleeper lay spread out close to him in the sun airing out and being sterilized by the sun's ultraviolet rays.

The mothers commented that he looked just like one of their own babies. One of the younger women present said it was a shame that he was retarded, Andy looked like such a nice boy. She told the others that she felt sorry for Libby, it must be difficult to take care of a baby that big. The eldest woman said that she would rather take care of a superannuated toddler than deal with a son who was a criminal and that she'd gladly trade her son for Libby's. She explained that her son had joined a gang at school and had gotten mixed up with a driveby shooting. When he was arrested as an accessory to murder, the police had found heroin in his room. They had almost had their house seized by the police as criminal property in a drug case. Her son was now doing time in the penitentiary for murder and possession of heroin. Her son's lawyers had taken her husband and her their life savings to pay for his defense. She told them bitterly that she wished her son had taken a fall in childhood and had never gotten out of diapers rather than grow up to become a drug-using murderer. Everyone become silent at the vehemence of the hurt mother's curse. They looked at Andrew and said how adorable he looked nursing on his bottle and agreed that there were worst things than having to take care of a giant baby who acted as sweet as Andy did.

Half an hour later, Monica found Libby. Libby asked Monica where Andy was and she told her that she had left him in the care of the group of mothers.

Libby chuckled when she heard the news. She was sure that he had wet and pooped his diaper by then and she could imagine the response of the mothers to his filthy diaper. She wondered if they had put their hands down the front of his diaper to see if he was wet or pulled the back of his diaper back to see if he had pooped in it. Andrew would have been humiliated if a stranger had treated him like that. She wondered if he was having a good time crawling around the lawn in his diapers with the other babies. Libby wished she had brought her camera outside so she could have gotten a picture of him with the babies. It would make it easier for her to control him if he ever misbehaved again. All she would have to do is drop the photo in his lap and remind him that he wasn't too old to be put back in diapers again.

She decided that she would find them and put her errant son to bed after changing him into a clean diaper. She didn't want to put up with his whimpering all night if he got diaper rash. Besides, it was nearly one o'clock and time for his nap. She wanted him to get on a baby's schedule as soon as possible. She had broken his will fairly quickly by humiliating him, but she knew that if he recovered from the shock of what she had done to him, he could be difficult to handle. Libby wanted to nip any tendency to rebel in the bud as quickly as possible. She got directions from Monica and asked her to meet them in the nursery in ten minutes. Monica agreed so she wouldn't miss the fun of humiliating Andy one final time before he was put to bed.

Libby walked over to the spot where Monica had told her that the mothers were sitting. The cabanas made an effective beacon of baby care for her to spot. She found Andy lying on his back in the grass sucking the last of his bottle under the cabana. His pacifier had nestled itself in the hollow of his throat. The nipple was dry, so he must have been sucking on the bottle since he had arrived. A large yellow stain covered the inside of his plastic pants. It was obvious that he had soaked his diapers thoroughly.

She bent over him to talk to him and saw that his eyes were closed in enjoyment of his bottle. "He must really like the taste of goat's milk,"

she thought to herself, "I wish I had thought of giving him goat's milk when he was a child. I wouldn't have had so many problems getting him to drink his milk if I had done that."

She softly cooed to him, "Andy! Andy, baby! Open your eyes, Honey. It's time to get up. Mommy is going to take you inside now. It's time for your nap. Open your eyes, Honey! It's time to go nite-nite!"

Andy opened his eyes and looked up at his mother in confusion. Suddenly he couldn't remember how old he was. He had a memory of a time when he didn't have to take naps in the afternoon, but that life seemed so hazy to him now. He wore diapers and used them like a baby. He drank from a baby bottle, therefore he must be a baby. Babies took naps in the afternoon, so he must too. Quod erat demonstrandum.

He waved his feet in the air and smiled as he looked up at his mommy. It felt good to have a Mommy. She would change his dirty dydee and tuck him in his crib. Andy was feeling sleepy, the medication had several hours to run and only the excitement had kept him awake. He greeted her with a loud, "Ma-ma!"

Libby was shocked by his infantile greeting. Evidently, Andy's regression had been more complete than she had imagined. She shrugged and bent over to give him a hand getting up, he looked so helpless lying there on his back.

It wouldn't do any good to get upset with him over it. She told herself that she hoped he would be okay in an hour or two, but she secretly wished that she had her baby boy back again to cuddle and pamper. She had felt so complete when he was a baby. Life just wasn't as satisfying without having a little baby to take care of. It was too bad that her husband had died before they were able to have another baby. Having a baby to love and comfort would have made her husband's death easier for her to take. Libby looked on the eminent departure of her children with real regret. She would never have another baby of her own to care for again. The thought made her feel lonely and unneeded. She had become involved with charities to try and distract her from her loneliness, but it wasn't the same as having a laughing babe in her arms. The sight of all the happy babies crawling around the grass made her heartsick. She wanted a baby so badly and all that she had was an immature teenaged boy who had gotten himself put back in diapers for his misdeeds.

He yawned as Libby helped him to his feet, taking the nearly empty bottle from his hand so he wouldn't drop it on the lawn. She slipped it into her pocket as she bent over and folded his still wet sleeper into a loose bundle and carried it in her free hand. The soggy diaper drooped dangerously on his hips, threatening to fall down at any minute. "He must have peed two quarts of urine into the diaper," Libby thought as she helped him waddle to the house. His pacifier bounced on his chest with every step making counterpoint to the loud rustling of his plastic pants. Andy waved at his friends as they passed. He couldn't remember their names but their faces seemed familiar to him. He was a happy toddler and wanted to spread his joy around as widely as possible. He couldn't understand how every male he waved to turned his head away as soon as they saw him. The women didn't act like that, they smiled as he waved and some of them even waved back.

They were pleased that justice had been done and the errant teenager had been put in his place.

A pimply-faced teenaged boy called out as Andrew passed, "What's that I see on the front of his diaper? Is that a yellow stain? It is! Look everybody, the big baby's peed in his diapers!"

The crowd broke out in smiles and there were scattered japes from around the lawn. The pockmarked boy grinned at his ridicule's success and continued, "Look! He pooped in his diaper too!"

Some of the younger members of the audience began cheering boisterously and clapped in approval. Andrew grinned back at their smiles and waved back at the children. His infant subconscious understood dimly that they were clapping for him and was pleased by all the attention it was getting. He grinned at his mother and they passed into the house without incident.

Monica was waiting in the nursery for them when they arrived. Libby smiled at Monica as she entered the room and said, "I'm glad to see that you decided to come. I'm afraid that Andy has made quite a mess in his dydee and I'm going to need all the help I'm can get."

Monica grinned sardonically at Andrew and said, "Did Mommy' little baby make a poopy in his dydee? Don't worry baby, Monica will help your Mommy get you cleaned up and into a nice, comfy dydee."

Andrew looked at her and said with a grave expression, "Caaaa!"

"What?", said Monica, looking confused at Andrew's reaction to her taunt.

"I don't think he understood what you said. Something happened to him while he was outside with those mothers and their babies. I'm not sure, but I believe he thinks he's a baby. At least that's the way he's acting," his mother told her.

Monica looked disappointed as Libby wrestled Andrew up on the bed and got him to lay down. If he had become an infant psychologically, he wouldn't understand anything she said to him. She wasn't going to be able to humiliate him as she'd planned. It looked like it wasn't going to be as much fun as she hoped it would be when she told Libby that she'd help her get him tucked in. "Oh, well," she shrugged to herself mentally, "Maybe this is only a temporary condition and I'll be able to make fun of him later."

Libby looked down at her son and said, "We're going to have to put something under him to keep him from making a mess on the bed when we change him. I think there's a box of plastic lawn and leaf bags in the pantry. Will you watch him for me while I go and get them?"

"Certainly, Libby," Monica agreed. Libby turned and left the room quickly.

His pants were leaky and she didn't have much time before he started making a spots on the sheet. Andrew lay quietly on the bed and played with the tips of his fingers, making tiny infant noises and generally having a good time with himself. Libby returned quickly with the box of lawn and leaf bags in her hand and a plastic lined bathroom can in the other. She put the box on the dresser and set the garbage can she had brought by the bed and began unloading it. She took the wet washcloth from the bathroom that she had hung on the inside edge of the garbage pail and draped it over the foot of the bed. Then she removed a roll of toilet paper she had gotten and laid it on the bed before she went to the dresser and picked up the box of garbage bags. His mother took one out, then returned to were she was standing before she left the room. Andrew was having the time of his life laying on the bed and cooing to himself. His knees were drawn up and he was kicking his legs up idly.

"Lay your legs down and spread them, Honey," Libby told her son.

Andrew ignored her. He lay on his back with his legs in the air, waving them around aimlessly as he had earlier when he was with Monica. Andrew was blowing bubbles with his lips and didn't seem to have heard his mother tell him to put his legs down. Libby said to the young woman, "Could you give me a hand, Monica? He's not going to be of much help."

Monica moved to the side of the bed and prepared herself for the worst. The stench that emanated from his diapers seemed to have filled the room before they even took off his plastic pants. She couldn't imagine what the smell would be like once they got his diapers off. Libby held Andrew by the soles of his feet so Monica could grab them. Monica put her arm under his knees and leaned into him, pulling his legs back to his chest and arching his back. Libby lay the bag flat on the bed and slid the garbage bag under his plastic pants as far as it would go. Then Libby put one hand on either side of the elastic band of his pants and pulled them over his diapers with a single movement. Once she had gotten them up to Monica's arm, she released his waterproof pants and grasped the soles of his feet again so Monica could slip them down to his ankles. Monica slid them the rest of the way down to his feet and the both of them worked them over his feet. "Whew!", said Monica, making a face at the awful smell that had been released by removing his pants, "He sure is stinky."

Monica switched places with Libby and held his feet for her while she unpinned his diapers. When Libby pulled thee diaper down between his legs, Andrew started peeing again. "Watch it!," Monica yelled, "He's going to pee all over you."

Libby hastily threw the loose diaper over his penis and waited until he had emptied himself again. She shook her head and said with a grin, "I should have known. He used to do that all the time when he was a baby. Let's just wait a minute until he finishes peeing."

She waited for a moment and then began again. Monica pushed his feet apart as far as she could so Libby could get a quick look at his mess before she started. He was a mess. The poop had gotten between his legs and smeared itself all over the insides of his legs. Monica was glad that his mother had shaved him before she had put him in diapers. She didn't relish the though of having to clean the mess out of his pubic hair. It was going to be relatively easy to wipe the muck off of his skin, the wet diaper had kept the poop moist and it hadn't been able to dry on him. Libby got the toilet paper on the dresser and began cleaning the parts that she could see. She threw the dirty toilet paper in the garbage can she had brought and continued until his front was clean again. After a few quick wipes with the washcloth, Andrew's crotch was clean again. They rolled Andrew over to his side where Libby could clean his bottom. His mother worked quickly and when she was done, she got the jar of vaseline from the dresser and put a thick coating between his cheeks before she folded the dirty diapers and removed them. Then she went to the dresser and got out three more diapers.

She returned and placed them under his bottom and they rolled him back on top of them. Andrew chortled and cooed adorably as his mother began the process of getting him rediapered. Monica moved to the head of the bed and looked down at her ex-boyfriend.

He looked up at her and smiled so charmingly that she smiled back at him in spite of herself. Then he put his lips together and blew a long, noisy raspberry. Andrew chortled in delight at the sound he made and put his thumb in his mouth and began to suck. Monica felt her heart melting at the sight of the huge infant that lay before her so innocently. Whatever the near-adult Andrew might have done, baby Andy was blameless. A tiny trickle of drool escaped the corner of his mouth and ran down the side of his chin as he avidly worked the muscles of his cheeks. Monica tenderly took a corner of the pillow cover and wiped the drool from his face. He took his thumb out of his mouth and clumsily tried to grasp her hand with a pleasant sounding little coo. A bubble formed on his lips and he was momentarily distracted by the object's shiny iridescence. He rolled his eyes down to watch it and solemnly blew more air into the bubble until it burst. Andrew chuckled happily at his success in manipulating the object, looking just like a eight month baby she had once babysat. It was such a convincing performance that Monica forgot for a moment what he had done and began to fall in love with the baby he had become. When he took her hand and began nursing on her fingers, Monica felt her anger toward him softening into maternal feelings. This wasn't the ex-boyfriend who had played the cruel joke on her, this was an innocent infant! Libby had finished pinning Andrew into his diapers and asked Monica, "Could you lift his legs for me again please, Dear?"

Monica resumed her former position at the bedside and helped Libby put the clean protective pants over his feet. They pulled the pants up his legs until they cleared his knees, then Libby grasped the soles of his feet and lifted so Monica could get her arm beneath his knees. Monica drew his knees up and toward his chest, pausing so Libby could move to the side of the bed opposite her and tug the pants down to his diaper. Then she put her back into it and pushed on his knees until they touched his chest. Libby quickly pulled the pants over the diaper and said, "Hold on to him while I get the elastic tucked around the diaper in back. I can't stop all the leaks, but I want to hold them to a minimum. He's going to have very messy diapers for the next few days and I don't want him to get the mess all over the sheets.

Stale pee is bad enough. Diarrhea is another matter!"

Monica held him while she tucked the elastic in around the diaper in back.

Then Monica released his legs slowly and let them rest on the bed again so Libby could finish tucking in the elastic over the top of the diaper at his front and sides. Libby paused for a moment to catch her breath after she had finished diapering him and wiped the sweat from her brow. She turned to Monica and said, "It was so easy to change him when he was a baby that I never thought it would be such a chore. If he remains this way for long, I'm going to have to get some side snap panties for him. When his father, God rest his soul, was sick, the antineoplastic drugs he was given for the cancer gave him diarrhea so I bought these briefs instead of the side snapped ones. These are much better at containing the mess than the snapped type. His father was able to give me a little help with dressing until nearly the end. When he became too weak to help me, he had lost so much weight that I didn't have any problems lifting him by myself to put him in his briefs. I hope poor Andy doesn't get any younger than this or I might have to consider hiring a nurse to help me. He seems to be regressing more with every minute. When I brought him into the house, he acted like a toddler. Now he's behaving so much like an infant, that I'm not sure he could walk if we took him out of bed. Well, we'll just have to see what develops. Who knows? This might be temporary. He might be fine after his nap. Let's get him tucked in and let him get some sleep. Then I'll get some clean panties for you from June's room. I'm sure she won't mind, she already told you she would be happy to give you a pair. I'd give you one of mine, but I'm afraid they wouldn't fit you. We're about the same height and weight, but I'm broader across the hips than you are. Having two babies does that to your hips, you know."

They got on either side of his bed and drew the comforter up to Andrew's chest. Then the two of them worked their way around his body, tucking in the comforter so that he wouldn't become chilled. Andrew appeared to enjoy the treatment. He snuggled down in the bed comfortably and sucked his thumb amiably until they were finished. Together, Libby and Monica raised the rails on either side of the bed. Once the rail of her side of the bed had clicked into place, Libby moved to the head of the bed and bent over her son. She brushed his short locks from his forehead and gave him a motherly kiss to send him off to sleep. When she finished, Monica kissed him goodnight on his forehead as well. He was such an adorable baby that she couldn't resist the impulse. He shut his eyes immediately and was softly snoring by the time they reached the door and closed it behind them.

Andy had slept for an hour when his sister came in the room to torment him.

She didn't notice that the connecting door to the master bedroom was ajar and Libby was sitting at her dressing table repairing the damage the wind had done to her hair. Monica was standing by Libby's bed trying to get June's panties adjusted so they wouldn't pinch. June's panties were a little too small for her and had become uncomfortable after walking around the estate. June shook her brother awake and said, "Andy? Andy, can you hear me?"

He opened eyes that were filled with hatred for her. He had recovered from his fugue and was in a decidedly foul mood. "What'd want, June? Isn't enough that I'm forced to drink from baby bottles and wear diapers like a baby? Or did you come here to gloat over me?", he asked in a surly tone.

June smiled at his questions, but decided to leave them unanswered. Andrew was right of course, she had come to gloat over his fate. "I just wanted to see how my baby brother was doing," June answered innocently.

"Don't put on that innocent act with me, you bitch!", Andrew said in a low voice, "I know it was you that put the castor oil in Monica's punch. The only thing I can't figure out is why you did it. I can understand why you wanted me to get the blame, but why did you pick Monica as your victim? She's never done anything to you!"

"She's your girlfriend, Silly! Or at least she was your girlfriend. I imagine she's found a new boyfriend by now. I noticed her standing with all your friends earlier. She's probably already picked out a new one already,"

June said with a creamy look of satisfaction at results of her work.

"You fucking bitch!", Andrew swore, "I know the way you think. That isn't the only reason. It probably wasn't the reason at all, come to think of it.

You don't plan out things that deeply. There must be another reason you did it. I believe that you were pleased with the results, but I think you had another reason."

"I can so think deeply!", June yelled, stamping her foot. She grinned evilly and said, "But you're right, there was another reason. You see, I didn't like Monica's dress."

"What? You didn't like her dress? What kind of lame reason is that to poison someone? I always knew you were a simpleton!", Andrew exclaimed.

"I am NOT a simpleton!", she replied angrily. She looked at Andrew's diaper and smiled saying, "I'm not the one who waved to all the people at the party while his Mommy took him to the nursery to get his diaper changed.

You should have seen yourself out there. There you were waddling across the lawn in diapers that were so soggy that they were falling off your hiney.

No one could miss what you had done in them. There were big brown stains in the rear and another big yellow one in front. You were a sight! If that wasn't enough to tell them, you stank! Your dirty dydees positively reeked all over the place. Everyone commented on how stinky you were. But YOU never noticed! You walked across the lawn like you had never heard of toilet training, waving your free hand at everyone you saw and holding on to your Mommy's hand with the other. You looked so sweet with your pacifier hung around your neck. What happened to you out there? Did you enjoy what had happened to you so much that you forgot you're eighteen? If so, your going to love what Mommy has planned for you. She told me that she plans to put you on a diet of baby food. Won't that be nice? All you'll get to eat from now on will be formula and baby food. That will teach you to switch salt for the sugar in the sugar container. It made my coffee taste wretched. You knew mother wouldn't put sugar in her coffee. She only uses Sweet and Low. Why did you do it?"

"I wanted to see the expression on your face when you drank it," Andrew replied honestly, "You never answered my question. Why did you do it?"

"Because her dress was prettier than mine, that's why!", she responded.

"That's it? You gave her castor oil because her dress was prettier? You ARE lame!", he exclaimed.

"She had no right to be prettier looking than me. It was MY birthday party! It was rude of her!", June said defensively.

"Just wait until Mom hears this. You think that I was punished. I'm only going to have to wear these diapers until the laxatives wear off. I'll tell my friends that I was hypnotized and that I wasn't responsible for my actions. Once Monica finds out it was you, she'll forgive me and everything will go back to normal. I'd hate to be in your shoes when Mom finds out.

You may never get out of diapers," he replied.

"And just how is Mother going to find out about it? It won't be you. Mother told me that she plans to make you start talking like an infant. All you'll be allowed to do is gurgle and coo like a baby. She won't let you tell her, because she won't listen," she gloated.

"She'll listen to this," Andrew said in a deadly tone, "She won't like how you've made a fool of her. Like I said, I'd hate to be in your shoes when she finds out."

"You're not going to able to talk to anybody. You're a baby! I'm going to make sure that you can't tell her," she said reaching into her pocket and taking out a piece of paper.

"And just what do you think you're going to do with that?", he taunted her.

"I'm going to pray," she replied and squeezed her eyelids so tightly that her eyes began to water. She wiped her eyes on the back of her hand and rubbed the face of the ring in the wetness on her hand. Then she began chanting syllables of the Babylonian prayer that was printed on the paper.

"Dolt!", Andrew replied derisively.

The room darkened as she spoke the ancient rite asking the assistance of the Babylonian Goddess. Shadows danced around as if the room was being illuminated from several light sources at once. The room filled with blue smoke which gathered over Andrew's bed and coalesced into an impenetrable cobalt-blue fog. The sounds of Andrew's curses came from the cloud and slowly reduced in volume until they were only the soft whimpers of an infant in distress. As the cloud dissipated into a light mist June saw that Andrew had been changed into a baby. She walked over to the bed and began laughing when she saw his reaction to his transmorgification into infancy.

Andrew lay on his back in his hopelessly oversized diapers and plastic pants, shaking his fists impotently at his sister while making angry gurgling noises. She grinned down at him and said, "Now you can tell mother anything you like, Andy. I told you mother wouldn't be able to understand you. There's one thing I forgot to tell anyone about the ring, Andy. It doesn't just make someone younger. It stops them from ever aging. Whoever gets changed, get changed forever. Your never going to be any older, Andy.

You're going to be a little baby forever and ever. Won't that be something, Andy? You going to have to wear diapers for the rest of your life."

Andrew tried as hard as he could to make himself understood. He enunciated his curses as carefully as he could, but all that came out was angry gibberish. His sister had won. He was going to be a baby for the rest of his life. The worst part of it was that his mind was still intact. He would be painfully aware of all the things he had lost in the transformation to babyhood. There would be no girlfriends, no quiet nights on the beach in a woman's arms, no football games, no spicy food, and no beer. The best he could hope for now was to be held in his Mommy's arms while she fed him his bottle and to get his diapers changed when he peed or pooped in them. He screwed up his face and began to wail.

Libby coughed loudly and said, "I think I've heard enough, June."

June jerked and snapped her head around to see her mother standing in the connecting door between the master bedroom and the nursery. Libby walked over to the bed and said, "There, there little one, it'll be alright.

Mommy's sorry for what she did to you. She should have known you were innocent. You'd never played a prank on anyone but June before. If I had thought about it, I would have realized that you loved your girlfriend too much to do anything like that to her."

She looked down at her infant son and saw that the top of the pants was around his chest at armpit level and his legs were still sticking through the leg holes of the plastic pants. He looked like he did when he was nine months old. Libby turned to her daughter and said, "Let's have it, June."

"Have what?", she asked innocently.

"The ring, June. Let me have the ring on your finger," her mother demanded quietly.

"Now, June. Before I come over and rip your finger off your hand," came the voice of Monica from behind June.

June looked behind her and saw that Monica must have been the master bedroom too. Monica started coming for her and she twisted the ring off in panic and threw it at her mother. The paper with the prayer fell out of her pocket and fluttered to the floor unnoticed. "Take it! Take the damn thing, Mother," she said disgustedly.

Her mother caught it in one hand easily and said, "You've been very, very naughty, June. What am I going to do with you? You put castor oil in Monica's drink because she was dressed better than you at the party. What would you do if someone really made you angry? Put rat poison in their food? You're dangerous, June. Too dangerous to be allowed to run around loose. You're ill, June. Do you understand? You're a sociopath. You have no conscience. You stood by and let me humiliate your brother until he broke under the strain and started behaving like a toddler. Instead of coming to his bedside and begging his forgiveness, you chose to stand over him and gloat about your petty victory."

Libby bent down and picked up the paper, then picked up her infant son and held his naked body close to her breast with one hand. She kissed Andrew's forehead and a single tear formed in her eye and rolled down her cheek. She caught it with her finger and rubbed it into the surface of the ring, saying, "This is for Andy, June", and then she began to chant.

June looked incredulous at first, then her expression turned into horror as she saw her mother begin the prayer. She began screaming, "No mother!...Noooo!...Stop!...I'm sorry! I'll be good! Please mommy...."

The fog reappeared quickly, gathering about her feet and hiding them from view. She rushed to her mother's side , hoping to snatch the prayer from her hand. Just as she reached Libby, the short prayer was completed. June fell against her mother in a futile attempt to stave off the fate that awaited her. Libby dropped the paper to the ground as June tried to hug her for protection against the Goddess's wrath. Monica saw a swirl of fog envelop the two of them in a cloud of pure blue before they disappeared from sight.

Within the fog, June was changing rapidly. Her height diminished as if a giant hand were telescoping her body into itself. June felt like she was being lowered into a hole in the floor. She had begun as tall as her mother and in a few seconds, her mother's bosom was at eye level. June's bust seemed to melt against her mother's body, they shrunk from a "D" cup to an "A" in seconds and then flattened into a preadolescent condition. As June's chest diminished, the skin-tight jeans on her legs grew loose and bunched up at the cuffs. Tears of terror ran down June's cheeks as she continued to become younger. Her eyes and mouth opened wide and she screamed soundlessly in hysteria. June's hands slipped helplessly down Libby's sides until she was clutching at her mother's hips instead of her shoulders. Libby looked down at her youthening daughter and put her hand on her head to comfort her. There was nothing she could do for June, June had brought her fate down on herself.

June's jeans and panties fell down, leaving her diminishing frame covered only by the blouse that had been tightly tied around her bust. Libby reached over June's head and grasped the shapeless blouse by the back of the neck, pulling it over her head and up June's arms. Libby gave a small tug and the blouse was free, causing June's hands to be pulled loose from the security of her mother's body. June fell backwards on her bottom with a dull thump in the heap of clothes at her mother's feet. She tried to clutch at her mother's legs, but Libby stepped back to stay out of her reach. June espied her hands and drew them back to look at them in horror. They weren't her hands anymore, they were the chubby hands of a toddler. June tied to scream in rage at her mother, but all that came out was an enraged infant's jabber. She wailed in frustration as the cloud began to dissipate. Libby tossed June's blouse on the heap of clothes that her daughter sat on, entangling June in its twists and folds.

When the blue mist cleared, a Baby June screamed incontinently on the floor swaddled in her clothes. She drummed her small heels against the wooden floor angrily as she began helplessly peeing all over her sexiest outfit.

Libby looked down on her and said with a mother's smile, "Don't worry about wetting on your clothes, Dear. A little baby pee will wash out easily. I was going to give them to charity anyway. They're much too big for you now.

I'll find something that's more appropriate for you to wear. I didn't like those clothes anyway, they made you look like a common prostitute!"

June yelled in anger at her mother's plans for her wardrobe. "How could she do this to me?", June thought in panic, "What will all my friends say when they see me like this? What will my boyfriends say? Doesn't mother understand what she's done? Doesn't she know that the change is permanent?"

Her mother continued as June screamed her frustration, "June is never going to be naughty again. She's going to be Mommy's sweet little baby girl forever! Mommy will dress her up in the cutest little baby dresses she can find."

June screamed in rage when she realized that her mother had known exactly what she had done. Her mother clucked her tongue and said in the most soothing maternal tones she could manage, "Don't you want to look adorable for your Mommy? You spent hundreds of dollars on outfits to please your boyfriends. Surely you don't mind if Mommy spends a little more on clothes that show off what a pretty little baby you are!"

June screams of rage gave way to tears of frustration as she realized that she was trapped forever in a baby's body. Libby voice dripped with sarcasm as she said, "Poor little girl! At least you've gotten something out of this. Remember all the money you spent on lotions to make your skin baby soft? Well...Now your skin is as soft as a baby's bottom and you won't have to do anything to keep it that way. Mommy will take care of everything.

She'll massage her baby girl's skin with baby lotion every day so Mommy's baby will stay as soft and cuddly as she is right now. Mommy will take her little girl out and buy a whole new wardrobe for her. Won't that be nice? You always enjoyed it when Mommy took you clothes shopping in the past. Now June won't even have to walk around with her Mommy in the Mall.

Mommy will buy a twin stroller so she can sit next to her baby brother while Mommy pushes them all over the Mall. She'll pack a diaper bag with everything her babies need for the trip and put it right behind them on the stroller so it will be ready for emergencies. If you or baby Andy get thirsty there'll be a bottle just waiting for you in the bag. You won't need to tell Mommy that you need to pee-pee or poo-poo, you'll be wearing diapers. If you make a mess in them, Mommy will take you to the little girl's room where they have changing tables for babies. Mommy will change her darling little girl while all the women shoppers look on.

Mommy will take you to that new restaurant at the Mall that you've been asking to go to all week. I'll take you out of your stroller at put you in a high chair so you can eat your lunch. It's too bad you won't be able to eat any of their rich food. Babies shouldn't eat rich adult foods, it's not healthy. I'll put some nice, soft, easy-to-swallow pureed vegetables like carrots, peas and squash in your diaper bag. While they're cooking Mommy's lunch, she'll tie a bib around your neck and spoon feed you and your baby brother your lunch. She'll have the kitchen warm your bottle of formula while you're eating. When you've finished eating, mommy will give you your bottle so she can eat her own lunch. I think I'll have the Fettuccine Alfredo you've been raving about. Then Mommy will take you to the new baby store that just opened up at the Mall. You can sit in your stroller and suck on your pacifier while Mommy goes through the racks and picks out the sweetest, most adorable clothes she can find for you. For sleeping, Mommy will get several sets of soft flannel sleepers for you. Don't worry, everything Mommy will buy will have your comfort in mind. She'll buy you nice cushy baby clothes that won't chafe baby's tender skin. Mommy can't have her baby girl getting rashes, can she? Right now though, Mommy has to find some clothes for you to wear until she can take you shopping. Mommy will find something that's soft, comfortable,......"

Her mother looked at the growing puddle of pee on the jeans underneath June's bottom and finished with a chuckle, "....absorbent and WATERPROOF!"

June started to scream again in outrage but was cut off in mid-yell as a long fart escaped her behind. Andy giggled in his mother's arms and the two women stared down at the tot on the floor in amusement. June was mortified.

Her face blushed a deep crimson and then flushed from involuntary exertion as her muscles began pushing a large mass of poop out of her bottom. She struggled to clench her anal sphincter, but her body betrayed her wishes and continued to expel the soft curds. A moment later, she was sitting in a pile of baby poop, kicking her legs helplessly as pee streamed between her legs into the mess on her clothes, completing their ruin.

Libby couldn't resist one last gibe to punish her errant daughter before she cast her forever into the role of a baby, "See, baby girl? Mommy was right! You do need something absorbent and waterproof! Look at what you've done to your expensive clothes! You made poo-poo and pee-pee all over them! What will all your friends think when Mommy tells them that she had to throw your expensive clothes away because you pooped on them? I'm afraid that Mommy doesn't have any choice. Mommy's going to have to get some nice, thick diapers for her baby girl!"

Libby turned to Monica and said as June's wailing died down to feeble whimpers of despair, "Could you go find one of those mothers and ask them if I could borrow two diapers, Monica? I have two nine month old babies that are going to need something to wear when they go to sleep. I think it's time for little June's nap, she's had a difficult day. Having your seventeenth birthday party is so hard on you when you're only nine months old."

Libby giggled like a schoolgirl over her joke and Monica followed suit.

When Monica's chuckles had died down, she told Libby, "I hope she enjoyed her birthday party. Since she's not going to get any older, it's going to be her last."

Libby looked surprised and said, "I hadn't thought of that!" She looked down at her daughter and said with mock sorrow, "Poor baby! This'll be the last birthday you'll ever have! Don't worry, Honey. Mommy will make sure you get a chance to say goodbye to all your guests before they leave. Mommy will hold you in her arms so they can get a good look at you. Everyone will see what an adorable baby you make. Mommy will even let your boyfriend hold you in his arms one last time before he leaves. Maybe Mommy will let him give you your afternoon bottle. Won't that be nice? Mommy is sure that her baby girl will enjoy that. Just think of it, he'll hold your sweet little body close to his big, manly chest and hold the bottle for you while you nurse on the nipple. You'll feel so secure with his big hand wrapped around your little diapered tush. When you've finished your formula, he'll hold you next to his shoulder and burp you. You'll pass a sweet little baby burp and everyone will laugh at how charming you are as a baby. We'll all have a wonderful time! First though, it's time for Mommy's baby to take her nap so she won't be cranky when Mommy brings her down to say goodbye."

Libby bent down to pat the top of June's head in the patronizing way that mothers have with their small children and said condescendingly, "Happy birthday, June!"

Monica laughed cruelly and Libby found it impossible to keep from joining in with chuckles of her own. She was still furious with what June had done to Monica and Andrew and wanted her to know it.

Finally the mirth subsided and Libby continued more soberly, "It wouldn't hurt for little Andy to get some more sleep too. I'll have the butler send the cook out to get some diapers and baby food after the party." She grinned and added, "I'll have her stock up on goat's milk too. It looks like we're going to need a lot of it."

"Certainly, Libby," Monica replied, "I was wondering....."

"What is it, Honey?", answered Libby distractedly as she put her finger next to Andrew's cheek and stroked it with her fingertip. Andrew immediately turned his head and began to suckle her finger.

Monica looked humble and said, "I was wondering if you'd let me come over and babysit Andy for you. I feel so badly about what happened to him. I know it's not my fault, but I feel badly all the same. I feel like somehow I might make him feel better if I came over and held him the way I used to.

You know, hold his head to my breast and...."

"Let him suckle your titties?", Libby said with a wry grin.

"How did you know that?", Monica said in shock.

"A mother knows these things," she said still grinning, "My son was a virgin, right? He had to be, or the ring wouldn't have worked on him. If I had let June continue the way she was going, it wouldn't have affected her in a month or two. How did you satisfy my virile son if he was still a virgin? The answer was obvious; you had to be into heavy petting. I've always known my son had a thing about women's breasts. I had a terrible time getting him weaned from breastfeeding as a baby. He cried all night for the first few months after I took him off my titties. I saw the way he looked at you whenever you walked by. I have no objection to you coming over to dry nurse my little baby boy. I think the poor thing deserves a little titty after all that's happened to him. Do me a favor, when you ask the mothers for some diapers, ask them if they would like to attend a party I'm giving next week. They won't have to bring anything but themselves. It will be informal and they're welcome to bring their babies. There will be party favors and gifts for everyone who attends. It will be a very small party, I'm only going to invite them and yourself."

Monica was intrigued by the prospect of being invited to such and exclusive party. She asked Libby, "What kind of party will it be?"

Libby laughed and said, "Oh, I thought you would have guessed! It's a baby shower! We're going to welcome my two babies back to their mother's arms after all these years."

"Oh," said Monica, looking nonplused as Libby bent down and picked up June's naked body in her other arm, "I guess I'll go and see about the diapers now."

"Don't forget to invite them to the party," Libby said as she sat down and began unbuttoning her blouse.

"I won't forget," Monica promised as she left the room.

When Monica returned, she found June and Andrew at Libby's breasts contentedly sucking. Monica smiled at the sight of the two of them sitting side-by-side nakedly on their mother's lap. Each of them had a teat clutched in their tiny hands and had their mouths wrapped around Libby's aureoles sucking vigorously. Andrew had told Monica about how he had to fight June for attention from his mother all his life. He had told her that he had always felt that June was trying to steal his mother from him. That was why he had gone to summer school and spent his weekends studying while his classmates were out partying. His mother was so pleased when he won honors at school and had lavished attention on him every time he had come home with a new one. From what Andrew had to ld Monica, the competition had been going on since they were toddlers. It appeared that their transformations had resolved the conflict for them. They were finally able to share their mother's affections.

Libby smiled down at her infant children and brushed the hair from their small brows, saying, "I've always heard that the sons and daughters of the rich think that life is like having a Mommy who is always ready to give them some titty when they want it. I guess that's true for June and Andy. They're never going to be without their Mommy's titty now. At least they seem to be happy. I won't have to worry about being left alone in this big house without my babies. They'll be with me for the rest of their lives."

Monica displayed the diapers to Libby and said, "The mothers said that they'd be delighted to come to your baby shower."

"Thank you, Monica. It's so nice to hear that one has friends. Would you diaper Andy for me while I get June diapered?", Libby asked.

The two women got the babies diapered in short order and tucked them in the makeshift crib at opposite ends. June and Andy yawned adorably as they closed their eyes and fell into the serene slumber of infancy. "I guess I'll need to get some real baby furniture for this room," Libby observed, "At least the house is quiet. I haven't had any peace since the two of them learned how to talk. The two of them have been bickering ever since.

There's nothing that engenders peace and quiet in a household full of squabbling children like an early bedtime."

"Amen," agreed Monica as they closed the door on the sleeping infants, "Amen."



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