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Psychotronic generators (also called Pavlita generators after the inventor) are small devices said to be capable of drawing biological energy from humans: the energy is accumulated and stored for future use. Once charged with human energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic subject can do, but, according too the inventor, Robert Pavlita, can be charged by individuals possessing no psychic ability.

The concept of man as a source of unusual energy dates back to at least as far as ancient Chinese and Hindu teachings, in which it was called 'vital energy' or 'prana' Between the 18th and 20th centuries it was called various things (animal magnetism, odic force, motor force, n-rays, etheric force, etc.) by rediscoverers of its existence. In contemporary Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology this energy is called bioplasmic or psychotronic energy. The Czechoslovakian rediscovery of biological energy is credited to Robert Pavlita, an inventor and businessman from Prague who began work on his devices over thirty years ago.

Some representative examples of Pavlita generators are shown in figures 3 through 7. No details of their construction have ever been made available to Western observers, possibly because Pavlita eventually plans to seek foreign patents. It has been reported, however, that the devices are fabricated from various metals (steel, bronze, copper, iron, gold) and that their effects are a result of their form.

Geometrical curves used in this device are the GONIF SECTIONS of Pavlita's new geometry.

Figure 3

Kundalbini radiator using GONIF SECTIONS

Figure 4

Kundalbini radiator mounted on exciter electronics

Figure 7

Example of Astral Radionic Device

More info on Radionic Device

- More Radionics!