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B A S E  A S Y L U M

E L E C T R O • I N D U S T R I A L • D A R K W A V E
A M B I E N T • C R O S S O V E R • E X P E R I M E N T A L

I S S U E  1  :  T R A C K L I S T

01 : NEGATIVE FORMAT : white walls turn red [crimson mix] : 4:44:51
Dark electro-industrial in the vein of older Haujobb.  A previously unrleased remix from the current album, Pathologic Syndrome (CD - Hypnotic Trancez).

02 : GRIDLOCK : halo [rebirth] : 3:19:17
Harsh and cryptic electro from these San Francisco industrialists.  Taken from the debut album, The Synthetic Form (CD - Pendragon].

03 : SHADE FACTORY : dream on [steel version] : 5:00:44
Dark EBM, in the style of :wumpscut: and amGod, from Finland.  An exclusive mix from the forthcoming album, Second Skin (CD - VUZ).

04 : TERMINAL CHOICE : deathwish : 7:38:39
Heavy electro-goth from Germany. Taken from the current album, Khaosgott (CD – Cyberware Productions].

05 : MANHOLE VORTEX : telepathik : 5:48:13
Hypnotizing electro, at times reminiscent of Mentallo & The Fixer’s more melodic moments, although entirely unique. A previously unreleased track. Forthcoming album: Agents of Goldstein (CD – Arts Industria).

06 : SCAR TISSUE : crashtime : 5:54:07
Heavy and brutal melding of electro and Dive styled noise, with creative sampling and addictive rhythms. Taken from the current album, TMOTD (CD – 21st Circuitry).

07 : MARK 13 : stratagem [interrogation mix] : 4:29:60
Layered electronics in the style of Intermix and Plastic Noise Experience. Previously unreleased remix from the debut album, Survival (CD – Linear).

08 : THINE EYES : thieves’ dance [ammendments part 2] : 4:53:35
Eclectic and atmospheric electro, with neo-classical influences. A previously unreleased track. Current album: Christian Sex Loops (CD – Doppler Effect)

09 : CHRIST ANALOGUE : wear : 3:52:07
Melodic industrial driven by electronics and strong programming. Taken from the current album, In Radiant Decay (CD – Reconstriction).

10 : NEUROACTIVE : shapeless [re-shaped] : 4:40:36
Catchy electro-techno. A previously unreleased remix from the current album, Phonic Trace (CD – Cyberware Productions).

11 : SIGNAL TO NOISE : the 12th hour : 2:45:36
Old-school EBM. Taken from the Signal To Noise/Epoch split album, Construction No. 008 (CD – Arts Industria/ VUZ).

12 : CROCODILE SHOP : funeral march [SMP remix] : 5:16:52
Strong electro-EBM with a subtle hip-hop edge. A previously unreleased remix from the album, Beneath (CD – Metropolis).

13 : LUXT : turbulence : 3:32:30
Multi-faceted coldwave with a firm grasp on the electronics. Taken from the current album, Disrepair (CD – 21st Circuitry).

14 : CHAINGUN OPERATE : accelerate [US mix] : 3:57:28
Primal EBM from Finland. A previously unreleased track. Current album: Binary Idol (CD – Cyberware).

15 : MINDLESS FAITH : our way down [electro-purity mix] : 4:07:13
Although normally known for industrial rock, this track is European styled industrial dance, and 100% electronic. A previously unreleased remix taken from the forthcoming album. Current album: The Silence (CD – Alterculture).


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