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The Galleries

Each "Believe in fairy tale collectible" is a UNIQUE polymer clay SCULPTURE.  
These artistic, one of a kind originals by Darla are hand sculptured, painted and individually designed. No molds are used and each creation is only available once. Each creation comes with a pictured and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The pieces are not only a one of a kind, but they are also a PURE SCULPT. A pure sculpt is a sculpture that has had absolutely no contact with any type of molds, and were completely sculpted by hand, from scratch by the artist, Darla Hilton.  The buyer is guaranteed a 100% hand sculptured piece.

This website is updated frequently with new offerings so please check back regularly.

As you scroll through each gallery you will find prices and a description with each picture. I will ship anywhere in the U.S. Priority Mail or UPS. Actual shipping cost will vary and will be figured at the time of purchase. Insurance is required.
International orders please  contact me for shipping cost.  I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal, Postal Money Order.


Frolic in Fairyland

Homespun Dolls