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Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston, IOM Regatta  2001 - Photo by Terry Doble

The newest yet fastest growing international class is administered by the ISAF-RSD. IOM Class rules are very tight limiting yachts to two channel controls and three - one design rigs. The hull, ballast, draught and construction materials are also limited yet there is still sufficient freedom to allow different hull and fin/rudder shapes to be developed.
Tight rules allow beginners to produce competitive One Metre class yachts, and to keep costs down. Maximum length is 1 metre, mast height is 1.7 metres and weight is 4 kg.

International One Metre Canadian Class Secretary  

Requests for more information on the class in general or on class activities in Canada may be directed to the class secretary Paul Davis. Follow the link for contact information.

The following IOM reference documents are available in PDF format from this site.  Additional documents are available on the ISAF-RSD and IOM-International Class Association  sites.

IOM Class Rules 2002 IOM Measurement Form - Boat 2002
Class Championship Regulations IOM Measurement Form - Rig 2002

"International One Metre Canadian Championships, Kingston, 2000" photo by Brian McNulty


World Championships 2001

The 2001 Worlds were held in Omisalj, Croatia. Canada's Representatives were:

  •  Peter Van Rossem (CAN 99) of Kingston, ON
  •  Richard Stanford (CAN 50) of Kingston, ON
  •  John Kine (CAN 193) of Vancouver, BC
  •  Don Martin of Vancouver was one of the International Judges at the event.

1999 World IOM Championship - Malta

1999 Worlds were held in Malta, during the first week of April. Graham Bantock took the World title back from Craig Smith, who was a close second in the 80 boat fleet.

The 1997 World Championship was held in Wellington, New Zealand.

Continental Championships

Continental championships are held on years between World Championships

  The 2002 European championships were held in Fleetwood, UK on June 1st-7th.    In a fleet of 80 skippers, Martin Roberts prevailed and won the event with a comfortable margin to retain his European title.  Final standings saw 8 GBR skippers in the top 10 position (and all of top 7).  Excellent report can be found on the MYA site:  

The 2000 European Championships were held July 1-9.  Congratulations to Martin Roberts 2000 European IOM Champion.

Graham Bantock and his IKON design topped the 53 boat fleet at the 1998 European Championships.


For upcoming IOM regattas see the  Calendar page

IOM Resources

IOM Compendium  also known as Ducksoup - It breaks down a variety of commercially available IOM designs along with their suppliers. It also lists other "supply-chain oriented" links and information (but is non-commercial itself). 





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