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"Three Words"

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absolom Episode 8ABX18

Title: Three Words

First screened in Australia: May 24, 2001
First screened in the USA: April 8, 2001

Credits: Director: Tony Wharmby
Writers: Chis Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Starring: Guest Stars: Plot:
Mulder`s first meeting with Doggett is far from a cordial one in a tense episode that broadens the scope of the word "conspiracy." It begins with a man hopping a fence and running towards the White House. Tackled by guards, he yells that aliens are taking over the US: then he`s shot, apparently by his own gun. Kersh dismisses the incident as he tells Doggett and Skinner that he wants no more Mulder on the X-Files. But the events prompts action by Absalom, the alledged UFO cultist arrested in Montana during Mulder`s return. It`s Mulder who spots a link between the two, and, with Scully, risks prison to investigate further.
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My Rating: 10/10
A great episode that neatly wraps up the tension and excitement from the past few episodes. The conspiracy is pushed that bit furhter, with evidence that aliens are now roaming the earth in the shape of humans. The Lone Gunmen sequence, while it was basically a rehash of stuff they've done before was thrilling and the Doggett v Mulder confrontation a standout. It seems clear that Chris Carter is preparing for "no Mulder" trying to make him look like the outsider, threatening Doggett for no good reason, and is swinging Doggett into the starring role. It was also nice to see the use of the phrase "Fight The Future".

Where Have I Seen That Face Before?
Ric Sarabia (Marion) has been in the movies "Short Circuit 2", "Where The Heart Is", "Love Her Madly", "Downward Angel" and "To Protect And Serve". Sarabia is a singer, formerly with the bands Rigajiga and Whom and currently with Tastes Like Chicken.

For information on Judson Scott (Absalom) see This Is Not Happening. He also appeared in Dead Alive.

For information on Nelson Lim (Dr Mashita) see Dead Alive.

Gary Bristow (Howard Salt) appeared in an episode of "CSI" that screened on Australian TV a few weeks back. His movie roles include "South Beach Academy", "Tear It Down", "King Cobra" and "Instinct".

For information on Adam Baldwin (Knowle Rohrer) see Per Manum.

Trivia and Research:
The teaser has a crazed census worker who is shot at the White House trying to get to the President to tell him that aliens are coming. He's clutching an in-joke - a CD labelled "Fight the Future".

The title "Vienen" is Spanish for "They Come".

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