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HIRSCH Bespoke service shows an exclusive assortment of watch bracelets that meets the high requirements of customers and watch lovers. Only the best and high-grade materials are selected and processed under HIRSCH specific quality controls. The designs were created for special watches. A symbiosis of craftsmanship, traditional and new, innovative ideas form the base for this extraordinary collection of watch bracelets. With “bespoke”, additionally exists the possibility to create individual watch bracelets out of a palette of materials and a wide variety of colours.

Worldwide shipping service

Exclusive bespoke watch strap making service. Bracelets made from the very finest materials to fit your watch like the original supplied with it. Indeed Hirsch could well have made the original.

Hirsch Watch Straps and Watch Bands. Top quality watch bracelets.

Kieninger Clocks of Germany

“J.K.A ” collection. Joseph Kieninger (1872-1936), the founder of today's Kieninger Uhrenfabrik GmBH, was known for the high standards he lived by and expected from his personnel and products. In memory of this Kieninger today identifies its clock models with exceptional movement quality and case craftsmanship with the “JKA” gear symbol. This symbol is the promise to our customers for high end , usually polished clock movements from our own shop, standard with second hand, automatic night time shut-off and some models with maintaining power; the very best in case craftsmanship, for wooden cases with fine lacquer or hand rubbed finish and usually bevelled glasses; carefully selected, fine accessories like genuine enamel dials, gold plated decorations and compensation pendulums.

Under the “Premium” - Collection you will find the core of the Kieninger clock line. “Premium” stands for clock cases and accessories of the best craftsmanship tradition and the broad spectrum of mechanical Kieninger cable, chain and key wind driven movements in a variety of different chimes executions and with second hand and automatic night time shut-off.

With the “Classic” - Collection Kieninger introduces classic case and accessory design, solid case craftsmanship in proven quality, chain or key movements of the A- and S-series with Westminster and automatic night time shut-off in an attractive entry level price-range.

Timetips clocks have a long working relationship with Kieninger Germany and can offer both professional advice on their clocks and a comprehensive spares backup. This can involve obtaining spare parts for repair of original movements or a complete replacement movement if that proves to be more cost saving.

Just send us your Kieninger clock enquiries or purchase requirements.

Kieninger, Floor, Wall and Mantel Clocks. Horological Masterpieces.

Jean Pierre and Mount Royal Watches, Pocket Watches and associated articles such as alberts.

Range also includes Masonic  tie clips, watches, pocket watches.

The ranges include precious metal items such sterling silver and 9 carat watches.

Nurses fob watches with quartz movements for improved accuracy. Made with shatterproof casings and in modern colours.

Comprehensive ranges of both Ladies and Gents swiss made watches.

Jean Pierre & Mount Royal Swiss Wristwatches, Pocket Watches and Fob Watches

400 Day Clock Suspension Springs and Tools

400-day Clock Movement Identification Service

400-day or Anniversary clocks as they are sometimes known are quite difficult to order spares for as they have limited identification features and many are without calibre numbers. Timetips clocks offers an identification service to aid with the purchase of the correct suspension spring or complete suspension unit or mainspring.

Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks

Since the beginning of the 19th century HUBERT HERR cuckoo clocks have been made.

Starting in a small workshop, the company, now in its 5th generation, has grown to world renown and is a leading manufacturer of quality cuckoo clocks.


They specialize in the manufacture of the Original Black-Forest Cuckoo clocks and the only factory making movements, cases and carvings. All our clocks are made of solid wood and are guaranteed hand-carved.

All are produced at the company's location in    Triberg / Black-Forest, Germany.

Timetips Clocks has a long association with Hubert Herr Cuckoo clocks and can supply both complete clocks, cuckoo clock movements and spare parts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your cuckoo clock requirements.  

Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks

Clock Spares and Clock Parts

Comprehensive clock spares and parts ordering service. Both new and used items are available. We also stock and refurbish old quartz clock and moving coil movements. We also have a reasonable amount of  French clock spares.

Spares range from Longcase to cuckoo clocks. We will try to find that hard to find spare by researching and searching both suppliers and online resources such a Preloved, Gumtree and eBay.

We have many contacts on the various continents that are both known horological suppliers and repair specialists. We can advise on repairs and also get certain specialised tasks completed for you. Just send us your requirements with as much detail as possible.

240 Volt Mains Clock Movements

240 Volt ac 50 Hertz Mains Clock Motors UTS DCF 77 Radio Controlled Quartz Movement

UTS Radio Controlled Clock Movements

UTS radio controlled quartz clock movements. These movements receive the 77.0 kHz radio signal from Mainflingen in Germany.

Mainly two different types, standard and high torque, both available in two handshaft lengths.

DCF77 is a German longwave time signal and standard-frequency radio station. It started service as a standard-frequency station on 1 January 1959. In June 1973 date and time information was added.

UTS DCF 77 Radio Controlled Quartz Movement

Wempe Chronometers. German manufacturer of high quality chronometers and clocks with a maritime theme. Founded in 1905.

Wempe Chronometers

Wempe Chronometers Mail: Clock Parts Service

Kieninger Clock Parts and Spares Ordering Service.

Kieninger Clock Parts and Spares Ordering Service. Comprehensive spares backup, send us your requirements or ask for advice on all things Kieninger clock repair.

Kieninger Clock Movements

Kieninger Mechanical Clock Movements

Kieninger Clock Movements, all types we can supply. The range includes mantel, wall and floor clock movements. There are timepiece, striking and triple chimes. Please send us your  requirements for a competitive quote and efficient service. We can also offer advice I you are working on or about to start a clock building project.

Kieninger Clock Movements Kieninger Clock Movements
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Jewellery Section

Timetips is now starting to develop its online store and one of the first major  additions is Jewellery items. We will start with the basics such as findings and then move onto neckchains and costume jewellery.

The jewellery section on Timetips website will be the go to place for ladies that have lost that small part that no longer allow s them to wear their neckchain, earrings, etc.

If you cannot find or see what you want then please contact us with your requirements.

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This is a new service offered by Timetips due to the constant requests we get for battery operated clock movements that are no longer in production. This is mainly due to customer’s wanting to have cherished clocks working again as they have sentimental value that you cannot place a monetary price tag on. We often have repairer’s requesting movements or spares as well.

 So, on this page we will be listing all types of reclaimed or NOS (New Old Stock) battery powered clock movements. They may be quartz or moving coil type operation. All will be in working order and some will be guaranteed and come with as much fixing furniture as we can provide. All will be POA (Price on Application) as it depends on where the movement has to be sent and its rarity.

We are always interested in acquiring new stock, preferably working but also just for spares, with associated hands and fixing nuts, hangers, operating instructions etc. If you have any old battery movements gathering dust please get in touch with as much detail as possible and a few pictures, price required, etc.

Battery Clock Movements - Reclaimed

Battery Operated Clock Movements - Reclaimed

Hechinger Quartz Clock Movements

Spindle lengths

11.0 mm
14.5 mm
17.0 mm
20.1 mm
26.2 mm

Hechinger Quartz Clock Movements

For some movement types and shaft lengths we now substitute UTS movements. These are also excellent quality and are still made in Germany. Fit, form and function are not compromised and quality is equally as good.

Please note that Timetips Clocks do not sell inexpensive quartz clock movements as we are always concerned as to their quality and longevity.

The types of movement available are as follows:

  1. Standard, Eurostyle or Push-Fit in 5 shaft lengths.
  2. 24 Hour.
  3. Reverse or anti-clockwise.
  4. High Torque.
  5. Chiming. Strike and chime.
  6. Pendulum, timepiece, chiming in several handshaft lengths.
  7. Radio Controlled. UTS Standard, Pendulum types.

Mail: Enquiry

German made quality quartz clock movements.

Large range of movements that cover virtually all eventualities.
These are all covered by our comprehensive guarantee that we have decided to extend to a generous three years.

Most movement styles come in a range of handshaft lengths and styles, Eurostyle or Push-Fit, referring to the clock hand fittings.

Eurostyle has a small round nut on the minute shaft to secure the minute hand. Push-Fit is pretty self explanatory as both hands are friction held.

Hechinger Quartz Clock Movements

UTS Quartz Clock Movements

Hechinger Quartz Clock Movements

Synchronous clock motors that require a mains electrical connection. They are basically a motor that is governed by the main frequency of 50 Hertz (cycles per second). They are very compact but powerful units and extremely accurate.

Timetips offer three variants, two standard and one High Torque.  These units are guaranteed for 3 years but normal working life can be up to 20+ years. They do require an element of protection if they are to be used in an outdoor environment. Please request any further advice you may need to make the correct buying decision.

The correct mains supply is essential for successful operation.